Jimmer Fredette Exploring NBA Return

As he nears the end of a successful season in China, former NBA lottery pick Jimmer Fredette is “starting to engage” NBA teams about a possible return stateside, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (via Twitter). As Wojnarowski notes, Fredette is currently playing for the Shanghai Sharks in the Chinese Basketball Association’s playoffs.

Fredette, 28, has enjoyed an MVP season in China, averaging an eye-popping 37.4 PPG for Shanghai to go along with 7.9 RPG and 4.3 APG. His play helped the Sharks earn a 30-8 record this season, and he’s currently looking to lead the team to a spot in the CBA semi-finals.

Fredette’s first stint in the NBA, which consisted of 235 total regular season games for the Kings, Bulls, Pelicans, and Knicks, was a bit of a disappointment, given his college résumé. A former 10th overall pick out of BYU, Fredette averaged just 6.0 PPG in his NBA career, but he didn’t lose his shooting touch, making more than 38% of his total long-distance attempts.

Coming off his performance in China, Fredette may draw interest from NBA teams looking to add one more shooter before the postseason. Fredette told Les Carpenter of The Vertical back in January that, while he was enjoying his time in China, he would likely explore a return to the NBA if an opportunity arose.

Obviously, I’m from the USA and the NBA is the greatest league in the world, and if I have the opportunity to play in the NBA that’s where I would love to play,” Fredette said at the time.

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8 thoughts on “Jimmer Fredette Exploring NBA Return

  1. Ralow

    The CBA league might be the worst “pro” league on the planet. Fredette is averaging 37.4 ppg but isn’t even leading the league!! That honor goes to Erick McCollum at 37.5. Marshon Brooks (of Nets fame) is averaging 36 ppg. It’s basically the YMCA league with former pros. Even NAIA basketball is better quality.

    BTW, Maciej Lampe (remember him fellow Knicks fans??) is averaging 24 and 13 in the CBA.

  2. GuruGray

    He should just stay in China where he can be Starbury. Does anyone actually think he can play?

    • Fredette is at best a spot up shooter who cant shoot. He’s too slow to get past his man and that hurts him on defense as well.

      He doesn’t have incredible playmaking skills like other slow point guards Chauncey Billups Andre Miller etc, and those guys were very strong, which fredette isn’t.

      He still shoots like he’s in 10th Grade with his left elbow out in no man’s land and not helping him square up to face the basket properly to give him the best chance at success. Good shooters usually square up nicely and their shots are either a little short or a little long. Jimmer shots are long short left right all over the place. With his lack of speed he’s gotta be a spot on shooter like Kerr, Paxson, BJ Armstrong ( giving away my age.)

    • Jesse Schee

      Of course he can’t play. Hitting 35 footers and winning the D League 3 PT shootout and breaking the all star scoring record. He really sucks. And winning the NCAA POY must mean he sucks also, if only he wasn’t one of the top 5 shooters on the planet

      • Jesse Schee

        He was also leading the NBA in 3 PT % the year the Kings decided to cut him. Brilliant management. Just shows how different players paths can be in sports based on who drafts them…

  3. Branden

    The hate is certainly real in this comment section… although it would never happen even with Doc’s position secured through the life of his current contract, I could certainly see Jimmer being groomed to take over the mantle of 6th man for Jamal Crawford. In no way shape or form are they the same class of player, but in spurts and with time, Jimmer could provide some offense off the bench for a Clipper squad with no depth at the guard position.

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