Lakers Confident They Can Sign Paul George?

The Lakers landed the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s lottery and it brought speculation that the team could send it to Indiana for Paul George. However, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (video link) hears that George would prefer the Lakers to keep their assets since it would allow them to be a better team come next summer when George can be a free agent.

Wojnarowski added that the Lakers are confident that they can sign George and the team is being encouraged not to make a trade for him. It’s unclear exactly who is feeding Los Angeles this information, but it sounds as if someone from George’s camp reached out to the team.

George did not make an All-NBA team this season, meaning he is not eligible for the new designated player extension. He could earn that super max deal with the Pacers should he make an All-NBA team next year, something that would give Indiana an advantage in keeping him on the squad. The awards aren’t announced until after the season, which would leave the team with less than two months to negotiate a new deal since George is likely to opt out of his current deal next July.

New team president Kevin Pritchard may not want to wait and risk losing the organization’s best player for nothing, so a trade with the Lakers or another team remains a possibility. The franchise still has the ability to offer George more years and money than any rival team, though the advantage isn’t as significant as it would be with the designated player extension as an option.

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30 thoughts on “Lakers Confident They Can Sign Paul George?

  1. D-NBA

    I dont understand wtf the Lakers are doing honestly.My question is whats happening to Ingram if George comes over? Cause Ingram wasnt drafted to come off the bench

      • George does not play PF (if you meant that was his natural position) and he has always been reluctant to play there. He’s not big enough (ala LeBron, KD, Green) to expect to play down low against natural low post bigs.

    • SuperSinker

      You change your plans if someone like Paul George wants to come play for you. George can guard multiple positions, he can play off the ball, he’s one of the best players in the world.

    • SD Speak For Myself

      Who does pg think he is? Don’t trade for me…don’t give up assets…Pacers will send him to philly…he deserves those fans. Or Toronto…better yet…Sacramento! Get rid of the choker. And screw the fakers at the same time. Trade to clippers. Do a facial on earvin johnson!

    • Dretorade

      George and Ingram are the wings, SG and SF. And the goal isn’t so you understand and approve of moves haha

    • OvO_Reed2

      You don’t deny a player like PG-13 if he wants to come. The Lakers are a “win now” franchise that is not trying to take time to rebuild. If George wants to be a Laker, you take him and figure out whether or not you want to keep Ingram.

      George is now, Ingram is the future. You know what you are getting with George. You are still waiting to see what Ingram pans out to be.

  2. deano

    I agree. Trade Ingram, 28th pick and TiMo for George. No loss on the salary cap.

    • Senioreditor

      Seriously???? No way you trade Ingram for anything less than Butler.

    • frankgrimes

      Ingram can play the 2 George can play the 4. Why sell off any of the young guys if they can out right sign PG13 when he’s a free agent? You think the lakers don’t need multiple talented wings?!? Golden State has Iggy, Thompson, and Durant. The lakers need to sit on their young talent. It is pointless to load for a run now with the Warriors and Cavs being who they are. They should just keep adding assets, developing the young guys and worry about the fit later.

    • RenoChris

      You don’t trade anything for a guy who will sign with you in a year. You let your young guys play and get value and you sign George as a free agent and then trade whoever you want to add pieces to compliment him

  3. frankgrimes

    Trading Ingram now is crazy talk?!? He’s younger than half the guys coming out in this years draft. When he puts on weight he will be a really good player.

  4. formerlyz

    I can’t remember a bigger tampering situation than this lol…

    But ya. makes no sense for the Lakers to trade for PG unless they get some kind of amazing deal. Hopefully for them, Ingram develops next year at the 3/4, as do their other young giys, and they’re good enough to entice PG plus someone else, with whatever cap room they’d have. Still, I have a hard time saying the Lakers are the only team with a chance to grab him in free agency, assuming he leaves Indiana

  5. padam

    Think of what the Lakers could really sign if they didn’t sign Moz and Deng.

  6. Supercollider

    Pacers won’t get much for George now. He becomes a one-year rental before bolting to the Lakers. Value just dropped through the floor.

  7. There is no guarantee George leaves. I agree its likely but he’s never explicity come out and said he is playing in LA next year no matter what. The Lakers, even with George (via free agency), are still another year or two from being a serious contender. If George is serious about being a winner then Portland, Houston, San Antonio (and if they find a way to squeeze him into their cap), and the Clippers (assuming CP3 and one of Griffin/Jordan are still there) are all more competitive destinations right away than the Clippers would be. I agree his value is low since he is likely to walk, but holding on to the belief that he will walk and definitely sign with the Lakers is not a smart move.

    • formerlyz

      I know you’re a Pacers fan, and it would probably be really painful, but I’m hoping the Heat somehow fit him in, if he leaves

      • Honestly, if he were to leave I would love if he went anywhere else besides LA (and maybe GS/Cleveland since it would just be unfair at that point). But mainly LA because then you get to see all the salty fans complain. As I said above, its no guarantee he signs with the Lakers, let alone goes to LA. Not that I can blame them, but fully believing that George is already a lock to go to the Lakers is just being greedy (and a bit spoiled).

        • formerlyz

          Ya it’s pretty entitled to assume, but those are Lakers/Yankee fans for you lol. I honestly didn’t think he’d leave at all until slightly recently, where I give it more of a chance of happening, but still am not sold until it happens. I guess I would say that’s how I usually feel about these things though, so I won’t be shocked if he leaves, depending on what the Pacers do this offseason

  8. bowserhound

    Best situation is to let another boring/development year play out and sign him free of charge. Even if LA gets him this year for a really great deal, the Lakers aren’t going to the playoffs. After next year, LA will have a stack of assets, 2 semi-expiring contracts and PG13. Stretch provision Deng and fill that spot with some younger talent.

  9. KCelts

    It’ll be funny when Paul George calls out Lonzo Ball for not passing back to him for the final shot in a game lol.

    • Chris

      Have you watched Lonzo play at all? He’s a pass first point guard. If he’s open I’d want him taking the shot but I think he’d make the best basketball decision. Personally I’m with the trade above: Ingram, #28, and Moz for PG13. I don’t see Ingram ever being KD. He’d be lucky to be Rudy Gay but I see him being Tayshaun Prince. I think we can afford to let that go. Now if he’s the next Ice Man or Durant, whoops

  10. Wllmcasey

    If we’re talking trades I offer number 2 pick and randle and Clarkson for Anthony Davis and then sign George next season we would be in good shape and heard rumors Westbrook wants to come to lakers

  11. Magic already said that the lakers will be waiting for 2018 free agency. Let’s draft
    Zo and try and get some shooters and see what happens .

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