Marcin Gortat May Seek Trade From Wizards

Wizards center Marcin Gortat plans to talk to his agent this summer to determine “if this is the right fit,” tweets Candace Buckner of The Washington Post.

Gortat claims he “did more sacrificing” than anyone and was underappreciated in his role with the team (Twitter link). He is also angry that Washington signed backup Ian Mahinmi to a longer contract than his last summer, saying, “I know how this business works.” (Twitter link)

Gortat still has two seasons and more than $26MM left on his current deal with the Wizards. This isn’t the first time he has been unhappy with his situation in Washington, as he frequently clashed with former coach Randy Wittman.

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17 thoughts on “Marcin Gortat May Seek Trade From Wizards

    • acarneglia

      Gortat to BOS for a first. Idk what picks BOS has but not the BKN pick this year

      • Connorsoxfan

        I could see that happening. If he makes 13 mil they could fit him and Jimmy Butler into cap space. Actually they’d have to send out about 500k I think, but Chicago would get players anyway, and then they could pick up a couple role players in FA and be set. Boston could send their pick in ’18, or the Clippers pick in ’19, and maybe if WSH liked Mickey or Jackson they kick in one of them since they would likely be waived anyway.

    • mikedickinson

      Nope. He slows the game down. Horrible fit in Boston. The Celtics need an athletic big, not this big goof.

      • Joesvape247

        Horford for Gortat? Horford in all seriousness was the missing piece the Wiz needed! Could have taken Cleveland with Horford in the lineup. Porter, Morris, and Ian are all solid rebounders. Ian is not as bad as he played in the BOS series. His first 5 games as a Wiz after being injured everyone was like WTF! We seriously paid this guy that much. Still should have never signed him at all but he is definitely a solid Center and can start. But not the right fit for Wiz, neither of them are! But if you get rid of Gortat and your the Wiz better have a plan on who the hell is going to set the screens he does one of the best in the league at setting screens.

      • Joesvape247

        Horford for Gortat! Jk Horford is a dummy though! Him Beal and Wall are a Big three!! Legitimate big three Porter can come in and make them Big four on some nights. But really instead of getting swept by Cavs with Boston could of been a contender in Washington.

  1. Jerry Handy

    Who wants him he is nothing cannot take care of nothing if he was any good he would be playing

  2. formerlyz

    He was god awful for them last night, and during the series. And that’s against a team he should dominate, to be honest. Kelly Olynyc should never score 26 points in any game that isn’t 4 years ago in college, and for the Celtics to be able to get away with him defensively is unacceptable. Gortat is necessary for them, so hopefully they figure things out, but he has been a complainer for most of his career. At least it’s not only on him though. Scott Brooks proved once again that he is a bad coach. He has gone from ruining OKC chances to taking Washington out of any shot at the ECF lol. His use of rotations are notoriously a joke

      • formerlyz

        True, but his usage of them made no sense. For good reason, they barely saw time in game 7, but then he brings them into a tight game at th end of the 3rd quarter? And then when boston goes on a massive run, e just sits around and doesn’t make the obvious decision to go away from those guys? And he doesn’t even play his best bench player, Oubre, who could have given them some more length and athleticism to compete on those energy plays with Smart and Jaylen Brown? Dude improved slightly since OKC, but still a bad coach

  3. jaymann

    He was under appreciated because he didn’t perform. He and Mahanmi= a lousy center

  4. I’m sure the Wizards didn’t appreciate his decline in defense. 1.3 Blocks to .8 Blocks – that’s almost a 40% drop-off.

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