Poll: Best Unrestricted Free Agent Point Guard

Among unrestricted free agents this offseason, point guard is easily the deepest position. Stephen Curry, Kyle Lowry, George Hill, Jeff Teague, Jrue Holiday, and Derrick Rose headline this group. Deron Williams, Darren Collison, and Patty Mills are also unrestricted free agents. In all, there are 28 unrestricted free agent point guards this offseason.

Two-time MVP Curry has scarcely been mentioned as an unrestricted free agent because most take for granted that he will return to the Warriors to dominate the NBA with the likes of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green for years to come.

Probably the second best player in this group, Lowry, will be coming off a breakout season, but he is 31 years old, has a long history of playoff struggles, and the Raptors would need to offer him a 5-year max contract. Still, Lowry and DeMar DeRozan combine for one of the most lethal backcourts in the league, and it is difficult to imagine Toronto not laying out the red carpet for its star point guard’s return.

After seven seasons with the Hawks, Teague played in all 82 games for the Pacers, averaging 15.3 PPG, 7.8 APG, and 1.2 SPG.

Although limited to 49 games due to injury in his first campaign with the Jazz, Hill averaged a career-high 16.9 PPG to go with an impressive slash line of .477/.403/.801.

Holiday shot a career-high 45.4% from the floor for the Pelicans, posting 15.4 PPG, 7.3 APG, and 1.5 SPG.

Rose, a former MVP, averaged 18.0 PPG and 4.4 APG, while shooting a stellar 47.1% in 64 games in his first season with the Knicks.

Without further ado, here’s today’s poll question: Beyond Curry and Lowry, who among this group would be most helpful for a team to sign and suit up as their starting point guard next season? Don’t limit yourself to a click of a button. Do you believe someone in the group is better than each of the available options? Are we underrating someone’s potential? Let us know in the comment section below. We look forward to your insight!


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21 thoughts on “Poll: Best Unrestricted Free Agent Point Guard

  1. Z-A

    Your best ability is your availability and that’s Mr Teague. Cant count on Rose or Holiday.

  2. Z-A

    If Collison is cheap id be interested as a 6ers fan. I think Patty will cost too much for what hed be on this team. Lowry is too old. True n Rose are too injured. Hill is coming off injury. Teague is nice but too expensive. Collison is the goldy lox of PGs value wise imo.

    • ColoredPaper

      Yeah, I’d say Chris Paul as well. He is a UFA this summer right??? Curry’s great and all, but CP is the Point God!

      • formerlyz

        I guess he isn’t listed b/c of his option? But he’s clearly opting out. I’d have him #1

        • Joshua Fischman

          That’s correct. Chris Paul only becomes an unrestricted FA if he opts out, which he hasn’t done yet. Of course CP3 is better than all of the guys listed in this poll (Holiday, Hill, Teague, Rose).

  3. raz427

    Best offensive PG is Steph. Best defensive is Hill. I’d take Lowry on the Bulls though.

  4. formerlyz

    Of the listed names, Holliday, Hill, and Derrick Rose are all injury prone. When healthy, I guess it’d be Holliday, Hill, Rose, Teague. While Teague is more efficient than Rose and is a better shooter, Rose is a better defender, and is more explosive, and can take guys off the dribble and finish at the rim better. He also is better at end of clock situations

    • hopper15

      Maybe he’s not in your bizzaro world. But in reality Lowry doesn’t come close to Steph Curry.

      • formerlyz

        If lowry hadn’t been injured, he’d have finished with a better season than curry this year, but ya, he isn’t better than Curry. He isn’t egregiously far off though if you discount last year. Still, he is older, isnt in nearly as great of shape, and has had more injuries, and is also more of an iso player, where Curry can play better without the ball and in a team setting

        • hopper15

          Lowry is never going to come close to having a 50/40/90 season let alone win a scoring title and multiple league MVP’s like Steph.

            • hopper15

              Don’t compare them. I mean at all.

              Steph’s numbers took a dip to incorporate KD this season. That’s only reason Lowry’s percentages were close to Steph.

              • formerlyz

                Lowry led all East guards in TS% and was leading the east in RPM before his injury….

                Again. I’m agreeing. I’m just saying that they’re a little more comparable if you take away last year. Steph still has the obvious edge though, and has had more big seasons, as well as a higher efficiency rating

  5. showty

    as a pacers fan…I would love to resign Jeff Teague… but cp3 is that dude u want running ur team clearly the best pg available this year

    • Knicks Fan

      Smart. Hill has experience with pop and is a nice consolation prize for the Spurs if CP3 heads elsewhere.

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