And-Ones: Russell, Fultz, Chriss

Eleven-time NBA champion Bill Russell will be honored with the NBA’s first ever Lifetime Achievement Award, an Associated Press report states. The Hall of Fame center will be presented with the award during the NBA’s award show on June 26.

With five NBA MVPs to his name, the Celtics Hall of Famer is a living legend with an endless resume of historic achievements. Not only has Russell remained a visible representative of the Boston franchise and league in general’s sustained success, he lays claim to the title of being the first player to win an NBA title, an NCAA crown and an Olympic gold medal.

Per the Associated Press, Russell was also the first African American to coach a team in one of the major professional sports leagues.

Across 13 NBA seasons as a player, Russell averaged 15.1 points, 22.5 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game.

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7 thoughts on “And-Ones: Russell, Fultz, Chriss

  1. mchaney317

    Imagine someone averaging 22.5 rebounds a game over the course of an entire career nowadays…that blows my mind no matter what era it happened in

    • taquinas16

      They played a lot faster of a pace back then. It would be like averaging 17 rebounds this day in age. Still awesome though.

      • GuruGray

        Good comment. The pace of play thing is legit. Same goes for the the Big O’s triple double season. The pace of play and mpg for key players was a lot higher back in the day. Still super impressive and Russell has been and still is an extremely important part of the league.

    • Z-A

      Well…. it’s like rebounding versus Villanova. Everyone he played against was shorter for the most part. Mikan also 6’10” was done by the time Russell came into the league.

      In the game 7 vs the Lakers where he had 30 points and 40 rebounds. 1 guy was over 6’8. And Ray Felix who was that guy, was at the end of his career literally, last game played and a terrible rebounder. He was a great rebounder no doubt, but look at all the RPG leaders, Wilt is the only 7fter grabbing boards from that time.

      • spence01

        Wilt, Nate Thurmond, Walt Bellamy were more formidable than any competition today.

        • HotSauce

          All I can picture is the Greek freak sending scoop layups into the 12th row.

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