Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler To Timberwolves

JUNE 22, 8:58pm: The trade is now official, with commissioner Adam Silver announcing it during the TV broadcast of tonight’s draft. The Wolves used the No. 16 pick on Creighton’s Justin Patton to complete the deal.

6:44pm: The Timberwolves are set to acquire Bulls forward Jimmy Butler, with K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune tweeting that the two sides have reached an agreement in principle on a Butler deal.Jimmy Butler vertical

According to Johnson (via Twitter), the Bulls will receive Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and the No. 7 overall pick. The Wolves will also receive the No. 16 selection from Chicago. Marc Stein of ESPN.com (via Twitter) first reported that a deal was close.

The deal reunites Butler with Tom Thibodeau, his former coach in Chicago, who now serves as coach and president of basketball operations in Minnesota. Butler has been an All-Star the past three seasons and averaged 23.9 points and 6.2 rebounds with the Bulls this year.

The Timberwolves are taking on much more salary in the deal than they are unloading. They had about $24MM in available cap room after waiving Nikola Pekovic on Tuesday and receiving cap relief for his remaining salary.

Butler has three seasons left on the $95MM deal he signed with the Bulls in 2015. He is due to make nearly $18.7MM next year and more than $19.8MM in both 2018/19 and 2019/20. He also has a 5% trade bonus in his contract, tweets Bobby Marks of The Vertical, giving him an extra $1.8MM over the next three seasons.

In return, the Bulls will receive LaVine, a promising 22-year-old combo guard whose season ended in early February when he suffered a torn ACL in his left knee; and Dunn, the fifth overall pick last year. Both players are on rookie contracts and were discussed when the two teams talked about a Butler trade a year ago. Chicago will also land Lauri Markkanen, the seventh overall pick.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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96 thoughts on “Bulls Trade Jimmy Butler To Timberwolves

    • Why? LaVine is coming off an ACL tear so who knows if he’ll be the same. Trading Dunn and the #7 will hurt, but its not like they’ve created a hole in their roster now (outside of maybe backup PG).

        • I doubt they trade Rubio now since he would be the best option to start. Not unless Thibs really wants Rose back too.

          • Connorsoxfan

            Not a bad choice. I liked Isaac but he was gone and the rest of the Butler return was two guards. I think it was the right pick. Monk I guess but I would wait and see what Dunn can do before taking another PG. bulls should have a couple high lottery picks coming up but they got the rebuild off on the right foot as far as I’m concerned. Take on Clarkson and Deng from LAL if they will give you something of value with them. They don’t have a current use for the cap space, Clarkson is a pretty good young asset, a Deng reunion might appease some of the fans who are angry, and the additional asset would be pretty good at the minimum.

            • justinept

              Agreed. Wish they got Isaac. But the next best players were PGs and Monk, a small SG. Don’t like two under 6-4 guards in same lineup …

            • KCelts

              I actually would have liked Lauri on the Cs… if they would have traded back to like 9 or so. Lauri is a bit of a reach for the Bulls. May be just a Mirotic 2.0.

  1. toby312

    If this was done last year then what that got today would be a start plus more? They’ll f up pick 7! Or maybe they’ll dejavu us and trade both first rd picks for white dude who couldn’t shoot or play d

    • Priggs89

      Doug McDermott couldn’t shoot? That’s news to me. Pretty sure that’s ALL he could do…

      • justinept

        He couldn’t shoot st a high enough clip to justify keeping him with those deficiencies.

        • Priggs89

          Not disagreeing with that, but saying he “couldn’t shoot” is absolutely ridiculous. He shot 39.9% from 3 in his Bulls career.

        • AdamPatterson123

          Remember when you said Butler would fetch Brown, top 3 pick, and future picks? And he was dealt for a terrible rookie, a guy coming off a major ACL injury, and a pick swap? Who was right?

    • Thronson5

      I can’t believe this trade. Seems like a lot for Butler. Good for the Bulls. I mean the Timberwolves are still going to be a good team and Butler is teamed up with his old coach but I still am shocked. Wonder if there is more to this trade.

  2. Butler and the 16th pick? Minnesota definitely won this trade. Still a decent haul for Chicago but LaVine is a huge question mark coming back.

  3. Byoung5


  4. padam


    Not bad. And money to go after a PF.

  5. Djones246890

    I actually think this was a good trade for both teams. I mean, I can’t stand Gar/Pax, but if I’m in their position, and this trade comes across my desk, I’m pulling the trigger.

    Butler is a really good two-way player, but he just isn’t a leader, and he’s a little too arrogant for my liking. Maybe Thins can mold him into a leader, but it wasn’t going to happen with this Bulls team.

    He rubbed every single young guy the wrong way, and they grew to resent him. Same with primadonna Wade.

    He needed to go. He needs a Thibs kind of coach. An old school (tough guy) that keeps him in check.

    The Bulls just weren’t going to be much better with him, and he would probably walk when his contract expires in a few years. He’s good, but I’m sorry, he’s not worth a supermax $45-50 million dollar deal, that he would command.

    The Wolves get the veteran piece they need, and the Bulls get young talent that they can rebuild with.

    • Scott

      This just set the Bulls back 5-10 years. Markannen, Lavine, nor Dunn are starting caliber players in the NBA. Bulls are entering a Philly level tank job that could be delayed another year due to to Wade opting in.

      • Djones246890

        You’re being ridiculous. It didn’t set them back at all. They definitely ARE starting caliber. Thibs just isn’t big on relying on extremely young kids in his starting lineups. He was the same way with the Bulls.

      • Detlef kempf

        Lavine averaged 20points per game last year, he is 7 years younger than butler and better at his age than butler was, he played on twolves and he is maybe best athlete in nba he can shoot the 3 and pull up over anyone, t wolves didnt play defense as a team, wiggins is a horrible defender and lavine did it on a team where he didnt dominate the ball cuz of wiggins and towns. Dunn might not be great but he got drafted 5 for a reason, people give up so soon on guys nowdays, 1 year and you just know for sure guy is garbage. Same with draft people act like they know and want to think they know but they dont, watch the 12th pick become the best player, look at last 10 drafts and the top 10 is full of players who didnt do well the same guys people were saying were a great pick, so many variables its impossible to count anyone out after a year especially a top 5 pick. And knee surgeries are great now a days, they have them mastered, could name several top players who came back and even better.
        The #7 pick might not seem great but really people are just repeating what they have heard million times on tv from people they like listening to

    • Djones246890

      They don’t need a future pick. Look at it this way, they just got 3 picks, and they know 2 of the 3 can ball in the NBA.

      Lavine and Dunn are young enough to still be considered picks, and they have proven that they can play.

  6. SayItLoud

    Ok, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD let’s stop hearing about Jimmy Butler three times a day WITH THE SAME PICTURE EVERY TIME. Good luck Jimmy Butler, no offense.

  7. justinept

    This is already a better start to this Bulls rebuild than the last one. Just sayin…

  8. Great trade for the Wolves. On top of Butler’s ability to score the ball this gives them two great wing defenders (Butler and Wiggins) which is needed when facing teams like GSW and HOU. Also if they can upload Rubio and sign Hill then that gives them the 3rd perimeter defender..

    • yoyo137

      U just made me get scared of the Twolves as a legit contender with George Hill. Pls stop

      • Dionis

        They are a legit title contender because KAT will be otherworldly next season and the best center in the game and expect Wiggins to play WAY better now that Butler will mentor him and help him out on defense. This team is scary, they have two elite defenders in Wiggins and Butler to throw at KD, not even the Cavs had that. And they are being coached by Thibs? The Wolves are officially a team to he reckoned with.

        • yoyo137

          You are right on all those points man. Wonder what they’ll do with Rubio now though, I’m not sure if they just keep him as a starter but they did just trade Dunn and Lavine so they have to address the PG position. They are straight up scary to think about though.

          • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

            No he’s not Wiggins is an awful defender and Rubio is a better defender than hill

  9. adshadbolt

    The twolves should have tried to keep Lavine by not getting the no. 16 and giving future picks instead of him

  10. formerlyz

    They need to trade Robin Lopez at this point. They need wing players. Maybe they can sign and trade Mirotic somewhere too

  11. formerlyz

    Just really an amazing deal for Minnesota. They got Justin Patton in the draft too. Lol if he turns into Chris Bosh/Chris Webber that’s an insane team. Jrue Holliday or George Hill would fit well there if they can pull that off, and they could use a couple of backup wing shooters that they can likely grab in FA

  12. Scott

    Butler for a bunch of scrubs, what am I missing? This is just a terrible deal for Chicago and they had to give up the 16th pick. Someone needs to be fired immediately.

    • Djones246890

      You’re missing a lot, because your posts are (consistently) some of the worst — and most misinformed — on this app.

  13. halos101

    i’m suprised that this was all the bulls could get for butler. great trade by minny

    • Dionis

      They got a 20 ppg scorer, a top 5 pick, and a stretch 4 with unlimited range.

  14. Dionis

    Love the trade for both teams. The Bulls got themselves an all around point guard in Dunn, a stretch 4 in Lauri, and a super young wing in Lavine who just yells all-star once healthy. I dont understand why Bulls fans are so frustrated, they were a second round exit at best with Butler, plus Butler is not a franchise leader more of a second option.

    • yoyo137

      Because Jimmy Butler is the only real talent the Bulls had and now he’s not there anymore, instead they have a guy coming off an ACL tear, a sophomore point guard, and a player in Markannen that they’ll have to develop. Let’s be serious though the Bulls can not develop talent. Bad trade

      • Dionis

        Lavine was a 20 ppg scorer dude, George recovered from a severe injury why can’t Lavine? Worst case they play Valentine, plus Markkanen was arguably the best shooter in the draft and is a legit stretch 4. I was also huge on Dunn coming out of the draft, the dude is a big point guard can make plays, rebound and push the pace. I’m a huge fan of his potential and you Bulls fans should stop being so close minded, you got 3 lottery picks to build with in Lavine,Dunn, and Markkanen. Not like you were going anywhere with Butler anyways, he’s got to be the most overrated franchise player in the league. Nothing against him just think he’s better suited as a second option behind KAT because yes he developed very nicely but he can’t carry a franchise.

        • Djones246890

          Agree. Can’t stand Gar/Pax, but I’ll give credit where credit is due. They did the right thing with this trade.

          Most Bulls fans are just going to wail out at anything that Gar/Pax does. I can’t say I blame them. But this move was the right one.

  15. Alkis

    Getting closer to NY and Kings management level…Gar/Pax seriously??? Rebuild by keeping Wade, Rondo, Lopez?

    • Dionis

      Dude they’ll likely get rid of Wade, Rondo, and Lopez. I’m looking forward to seeing Markkanen.

      • Alkis

        They should have gotten rid of them first instead of trading 1 of the best 2 way players in the game. Butler was our cornerstone and we got an injured dunker and 2 suspect prospects…

      • Bulls4life

        Lets see. Hopes where also high on Dunn but 1st season was quite a disappointment

  16. Brody

    Who do y’all think the wolves could/should get at center/PF to play with towns

    Drummond, Aldridge, Milsap, griffin, jordan, Ibaka?

    And who would we have to give up. 1st round pick next year and Shabbaz Muhammad, dieng. Be enough?

    Imagine this team in the playoffs
    Rubio. Or Rubio
    Butler. Butler
    Wiggins Wiggins
    Towns. Griffin
    Aldridge Towns

    • Millsap in free agency would be the best fit by far. Wouldn’t have to give anything up to get him. Let bazz walk to free cap space. None of those other guys would fit besides ibaka. There’s only one basketball and you need to keep towns at center.

      • Brody

        I love Milsap too. But I want deandre Jordan the most now. Do you think the wolves could get him if we traded
        1st round, 2nd round, Shabbaz, Cole Aldridge(7mil) to get him?

        • Not a chance. He is their third best player. Our first rounders in the future are likely out of the lottery, so not a whole lot of value. It would probably take dieng and Ricky, with future picks to get it done. BUT, the clips would have zero interest in that because they have Paul, and jordan is better than dieng and around the same age.

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