East Notes: Ball, Knicks, Caldwell-Pope

Any NBA team considering drafting Lonzo Ball later this month will do so knowing full well that the UCLA product comes part and parcel with his boisterous father. One Sixers executive, special adviser Jerry Colangelo, thinks that Lavar Ball could make things “challenging”.

Colangelo spoke with CBS Sports radio (h/t Chase Hughes of CSN Mid-Atlantic) and discussed the point guard from the Sixers’ perspective. As critical as Colangelo was, however, he was sure to acknowledge Ball as a terrific prospect and said that teams wouldn’t likely bypass the player because of it.

Though it’s merely our speculation, the comments could be little more than a Sixers smokescreen, a common tactic in the weeks leading up to the draft. Philadelphia, of course, would benefit from the Lakers having second thoughts and opting against drafting the acclaimed prospect.

Just yesterday it was reported that Los Angeles was supposedly leaning against drafting Ball, with their interest in prospects Josh Jackson and De’Aaron Fox allegedly growing.

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8 thoughts on “East Notes: Ball, Knicks, Caldwell-Pope

  1. Mikel Grady

    One Sixers executive, special adviser Jerry Colangelo, thinks that Lavar Ball could make things “challenging”.

    I’m guessing he isn’t the only one thinking this?

  2. mcase7187

    I can see Ball drop to #5 he has a poor shot and the baggage with his dad is going to make things worse just think he has 2 more sons so it’s going to be the same stuff all over again and you know he’s going to Truman for make it so all 3 are on the same team

    • Z-A

      He made the shot at a 41% clip… it’s the technique that no one thinks will translate. How he shoots it now actually works against college kids. But he had to use that step back against 24hr fitness guys lol. If he can make that technique work without getting blocked hell be fine otherwise he’s going to have a rough short career and a lot of extra basketball shoes to wear.

      • GuruGray

        3 point shots just don’t really get blocked that often. Ball has an unconventional shot and a low release point, but he’s also a 6’6″ point guard who will primarily be defended by players who are 3″ shorter than him

  3. dust44

    The only way I c him dropping is if the Lakers pass on him and Lavar causes enough of a stink for him to get to Sacramento to b close to him… the best thing that could happen is him go to the 76ers or Suns far away from dad on the daily

  4. Himmy1

    Ball will burn out in the league because of all the baggage and just an average shot. I hope the Sixers if given the opportunity pass on him or trade their pick to a foolish GM. He doesn’t change the future of the sixers. Jo Jo if healthy is the man and an even bigger question mark is Ben Simmons. Can he really play the point? Does he have an outside Shot? Who is he going to defend? Too many questions here. Move back with the pick this year and take a top 8 for next year to go along with the lakers pick and probably our own pick. 2018/19 you’re ready to spend and have answers along with a high 2019 pick from the kings coming. I’d also take all 4 of those 2nd round picks and try to trade them in a package for a 1st rounder in 2019.

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