Grizzlies Plan Minimum Offer For Tony Allen?

The Grizzlies aren’t prepared to offer veteran guard Tony Allen more than the veteran’s minimum this summer, tweets Peter Edmiston of WHBQ 87.7 in Memphis. His source is Ronald Tillery of The Commercial Appeal, who was a guest on the radio show.

Allen, 35, has spent the past seven years in Memphis, where he has developed a reputation as one of the league’s best defenders. He appeared in 71 games this season, starting 66, and contributed 9.1 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.6 steals per night.

Allen just completed a four-year deal that paid him $20MM and could get offers well above the veteran’s minimum on the open market. If the report is true, he will have to decide whether he is willing to take a significant discount to remain with the Grizzlies.

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6 thoughts on “Grizzlies Plan Minimum Offer For Tony Allen?

  1. Grant

    Wow he says he is willing to take a hometown discount and they come at him with the minimum. Disrespectful

  2. formerlyz

    He can make at least 8-9 million from someone. He’d be interesting in Portland, Cleveland, Houston, Denver, Minnesota, or Washington, Phoenix and the Lakers as well, but they’re super young. I could theoretically see GS. I’d like to see them keep him b/c he fits so well with Fiz and is a longtime piece there. Its a pretty disrespectful offer, of all they have for him is the minimum. At that point, they should just openly admit they can’t pay him if they want to keep Green and add

    • Chris

      No one is gonna give a 35 y/o coming off of an injury multiple seasons of $8 million+ salary. I think the last 2 seasons were aberrations and you won’t see people overpaying just for the sake of it. You already see the Lakers and Blazers having buyers remorse

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