Pacific Notes: Griffin, Divac, Suns Pre-Draft Workouts

The Clippers could be a drastically different team next season as Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and J.J. Redick could leave for greener pastures this offseason. While Paul is a long shot to depart, Griffin and Redick are far from guaranteed to stay in Los Angeles. James Blancarte of Basketball Insiders examines Griffin’s options as he considers potential suitors.

The Celtics are an intriguing possibility as they have the No.1 pick in the NBA Draft, a budding superstar in Isaiah Thomas, and a young core of talented assets. Griffin, 28, can think long-term with a younger team in Boston and if Thomas departs after next season, he could become the primary option in Beantown.

Additionally, the Heat are a possibility as the team’s history luring LeBron James and Chris Bosh to Miami shows a commitment to winning. While the Heat lack Boston’s young assets, Blancarte explains that playing under Erik Spoelstra — who is known to bring out the best in his players — and being the definitive centerpiece in South Beach is an appealing proposition.

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16 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Griffin, Divac, Suns Pre-Draft Workouts

  1. The Kings should just keep both picks unless they can find some miraculous way to move the 10th pick into a higher pick without mortgaging too much of their future (as in not giving up the #5 pick or another first round pick). The Kings need as much help as they can get and having two top 10 picks is better than packaging #5 and #10 to acquire a top 4 pick (unless that guy is Fultz). Even then, they are still in position to add a solid guard and wing player if they keep both picks (I’m going to assume they’re not targeting bigs since they have WCS, Labissere, and Papagiannis).

      • kylewait89

        Isaac shouldn’t be drafted by a team high. The dude has asthma. While it can be managed, it’s always going to be a hindrance. That’s not a top 10 pick.

        You treat most guys with medical concerns as a flier player, not a top tier player. He might be talented, but you can’t overlook his current medical problem.

        • formerlyz

          Considering g I know enough about asthma, I say that’s fair, although I have reason to believe it could be managed, barring the severity of his case.

          So I’ll say again, Tatum and Mitchell, and then someone like Frank Jackson or Jawun Evans or maybe even Jonathan Motley, if he’s there, or Josh Hart, in the 2nd round…

          Donovan Mitchell, Buddy Heild, Ben Mclemore, Jayson Tatum, WCS
          Langston Galloway, Aaron Afflalo, Skal, Temple, Richardson, Koufos, Frank Jackson

          That’s a super young team, with a couple of potential trade pieces, and a need at the forward spots, with cap space. Maybe they pay Paul Milsap? The funny thing is that Rudy Gay would actually fit them if healthy.

    • As I heat fan I think they should trade for George. I don’t think the Pacers have that much leverage. Granted that could always change towards the trade deadline. However I think a package of Tyler Johnson, Winslow, and a 1st rounder would get it done. Of course if George leaves after 1 yr it would not be good but may be worth the risk and hope he would resign.

      • formerlyz

        I would not trade Tyler Johnson, Justise Winslow, and a 1st round pick for Paul George, as a Heat fan. I’d rather see what Winslow does for us as a combo forward next year. I might be willing to do TylerJohnson, Rodney McGruder, Josh McRoberts, Wayne Ellington, and a 1st round pick though, but that’s only if I think I can keep Paul George after the season

  2. SD Speak For Myself

    The author of this article needs to get back on his daily Meds. Blake Griffin…primary option in Beantown…AYFKM? He has way too many limitations and is constantly injured. He won’t be a primary option on any team. Any team that takes him will not be a contender. Jerry West coming to Clippers…goodbye Blake. Mr Logo knows!

  3. kylewait89

    Honestly, I would say yes to Blake and his tissue paper toughness in Sacramento. I have taunted that dude for years but honestly, I’m at the point where I want the team to have talent. Even if it is at the risk of major injury. At least it would look like a real attempt to compete.

    That plus the 5, 10, Hield and the other players on the roster could at least be fun to watch.

  4. Corleone

    Come on Suns we need Tatum and Fox for a bright future.

    Not Issac Collins or anyone

    • SuperSinker

      Isaac and Fox? Bledsoe/Knight/Ulis not enough 1’s on a roster for you? Tatum I could see helping.

  5. Corleone

    Trade Bledsoe knight and Dudley for young core like Tatum Fox Ball

    I love my Suns but the last years was very hard for me and I’ from Germany I miss the time with Marbury Marion and Amare and joe Johnson my man

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