Woj’s Latest: Celtics, Griffin, CP3, LeBron, Snell

The Celtics are expected to be the Clippers‘ biggest threat for Blake Griffin this summer, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, who discussed 2017 free agency on a podcast with Bobby Marks. Wojnarowski suggests that Griffin and Gordon Hayward are expected to be the Celtics’ top two targets next month, adding that if Hayward leaves the Jazz, it would be a “tortured” decision.

As for the Clippers, Wojnarowski doesn’t see a scenario in which the club is able to bring back Griffin, Chris Paul, and J.J. Redick. And while Redick is probably the most likely of the three to change teams, Woj thinks there’s a “real chance” the Clippers would move on from from Paul if the two sides can’t come to a quick agreement when free agency begins. Wojnarowski names the Spurs, Heat, Lakers, and Rockets as teams that could get involved in the CP3 sweepstakes if the veteran point guard seriously considers leaving the Clips.

Here are some of the other highlights from Wojnarowski’s conversation with Marks:

  • The Cavaliers aren’t necessarily assuming it’s a given that LeBron James will re-sign with them in 2018. A move out west – possibly to the Lakers or Clippers – a year from now is “very much in play” for LeBron, according to Wojnarowski.
  • Wojnarowski suggests that Tony Snell may be a popular restricted free agent this summer, since teams may feel like they can put pressure on the Bucks, who won’t want to approach tax territory. An annual salary in the $11-13MM range is within range for Snell, says Wojnarowski.
  • During a discussion of possible Nets RFA targets, Wojnarowski mentions Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and notes that the Pistons don’t really want to max him out. However, the idea of losing KCP for nothing would likely be even less appealing to Detroit.
  • While the Lakers haven’t necessarily made any decisions yet, they’re “looking hard” at Josh Jackson with the No. 2 pick. Wojnarowski observes that there are a lot of voices in the team’s front office, so Jackson has support from some execs.
  • Wojnarowski and Marks dismiss the idea that the Kings would trade the fifth and 10th overall picks to move up to No. 3 to nab a top point guard. However, they acknowledge that Sacramento packaging the No. 5 pick with something a little less valuable in order to trade up wouldn’t be unrealistic.
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35 thoughts on “Woj’s Latest: Celtics, Griffin, CP3, LeBron, Snell

  1. socalbum

    I do not understand the Blake Griffin interest, if true. Not a rim protector, not a very good defensive player, injuries, and expensive. Perhaps an Ainge smokescreen.

    • ernski4

      Agreed. Griffin does not address the issues the Celtics have. They need a big rebounder who can play defense at the 5 so you can move Horford to the 4. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of those types of players available…

      Would love to see them trade for Anthony Davis, but I can’t see New Orleans moving him for any package.

      I would offer IT4, Crowder and the Nets 2018 1st round pick for Davis. Thoughts?

      Then sign Hayward and draft Fultz.


      Smart, Brown, and your draft and stash guys off the bench.

      • Boston2AZ

        Nice thought, but I don’t think you’d ever get Davis for that package.

        • downeysoft42

          Yeah probably need to add another 1st round and a few 2nd rounders along with maybe rosier and or brown.

        • socalbum

          clarification, love to have Davis on the C’s but New Orleans will not trade him

      • T-Dawg

        Ernski4 like you’re thought on Davis “The Brow”! He would be a difference maker for the C’s!

        • Poundsy24

          We don’t need to smoke… we’ve got any resource you can think of to land anybody… good vets, up and comers, draft and stash, desirable draft picks, and cap space…. we could whatever the hell we want if we want to bad enough

      • KnicksCavsFan

        Why in the world would they trade Davis for a draft pick and then have to reset the rebuilding process? Davis is a top 5 player in the NBA, only 24 and is signed for 4 more years. Doesn’t make sense. Now Cousins, I can see them looking to move him since he probably will walk after this season.

    • Noooooo!
      What is the fascination, if it’s true, with J.D. Drew…er Blake Griffin?!?

    • Reflect

      Completely agree. As a Celtics fan I’d rather pass. Unless Ainge thinks he can get more out of Griffin… but if that’s the play, better to get more out of a cheaper player.

    • halos101

      yeah i love blake and want him back, and i really don’t see the fit with boston. i’m not buying it

  2. KnicksCavsFan

    I don’t believe a move to LA for LBJ makes a lot of sense. There’s 4 motivating factors that I think play into any move for any player.

    1) Financial. However, the Cavs can offer him more than any other team. Location to garner endorsements don’t matter to LBJ at this point in his career. He’ll be the biggest or top 2 or 3 regardless of where he goes,

    2) Competitiveness. He wants to get past the Warriors and win more titles. Going to the West would probably make it that much tougher. The Lakers, even with their pick and let’s say Paul George via FA would probably still need a year or two or three to put together a super team that can beat GSW. The Clippers with an older and more fragile CP3 and whomever else wouldn’t be as appealing imo as what the Cavs have and can piece together. The Cavs are currently the most qualified team to beat GSW. They have obvious issues in terms of salary cap but they have Kevin Love, an owner who has shown he has no issues going over the cap and paying the lux tax and players generally have shown they will take less to compete for a chip. If anything the Cavs need Love + more, not a replacement for Love.

    3) Proximity to family. LBJ has obvious roots in OH and his kid appears to be an up and coming baller. I’m sure LBJ would love to be around his kids, and specifically his oldest son, as he develops his hoop skills. I can’t see him uprooting his family to go to LA or to miss being away from his family that long.

    4) Life after his career. Many have suggested he would go to LA because of his desires to become a mogul. Guess what? He already is a mogul. Thru his partner Rich Paul they have a sports management company with about 15 NBA players including LBJ, Wall, Ben Simmons, Tristan Thomson, JR Smith and others. He also has a film company and has 1 movie, 1 drama cable series and a reality tv show. Also, he has Rich Paul and Maverick Carter, to very smart young business people that handle the actual negotiations and simply bring all opps to LBJ for discussion. Why would he need to move to LA for that? It’s already happening. And he can always work with Magic anytime he wants to. There’s no post career benefit that comes from playing in LA.

    • kylewait89

      The Lakers with LeBron, another big name and the current roster challenges the Warriors in the WC Finals. I don’t know if they are capable of winning but for context, look at the Cavs. Kyrie….and a bunch of turds. They had the asset in the No. 1 pick to get Love. However, if you either take Ball or trade the pick for another asset, the Lakers aren’t that far from competing. They have a lot of “B” players. Just no current players you would call an “A”.

      • KnicksCavsFan

        A “bunch of turds”? Really? The bunch of turds that went to 3 straight finals? Kevin Love is a turd @ 19 and 11 this year? You’re confusing under performing with not being talented. This team is easily the 2nd best team in the NBA. To think that the Lakers with Ball or whatever star they might acquire plus LBJ will automatically be good enough to get thru the West and the Warriors is far from a given. The question is, would LBJ want to wait another 2 or 3 years to get back to the finals? There’s ZERO chance you can tell me, that if titles are his goal, that going to LA Lakers and competing against the Warriors, Spurs, Rockets, Jazz, Grizzlies and Thunder for 40 games a year is better than staying with the Cavs and make what moves that can be made. I simply don’t think that the gap between the Cavs and Warriors would be any less than that if he went to any other team other than maybe the Spurs.

        • kylewait89

          Clearly was speaking on 2013 Cavs where they were a train wreck of a roster and then suddenly weren’t. Saying a team is however far from competing for a title is a moot point when you include the best player in the NBA.

          You honestly wouldn’t need much more than LeBron and another high profile player and that team (Lakers) are good to go.

          Again, LeBron has been to two different rosters and immediately taken them to the Finals. Why was it that way for those teams but suddenly a 2-3 year window?

          The Cavs don’t have any moves they can make. They are losing money still after being to the Finals for 3 straight years. Riddle me that. Where are they making a stride with the roster without dismantling another part?

      • jak9dmb

        The Lakers are a million miles from contending. granted adding LBJ to the Washington Generals would get them to ECF, but unlile8iut of the 1st round in the West. LAL have one of the 5 worst rosters in the league. That’s why they have had so many high draft picks, and they’ve struck out on them all: Randle, Russell and Ingram have all shown zero so far. Other than Nets, is there a team further from contending?

    • JayceInCase

      If Lebron were to go to LA, it would be simply a narcissistic decision to go to third franchise, a historical one at that, and once again prove that any team he is on is an immediate title contender.

      If he leaves this time, it will be self evident that it’s about his legacy and not about playing at ‘home’ (he does have a house in LA). If he does leave it will much easier this time with a trophy in the case.

  3. houseoflords44

    Why would Chris Paul sign with the Lakers at this point of his career? The Clippers can offer him the most money & if he elects not to take that, I would think he would want to go to a team that he can win a championship with in the next few seasons. That isn’t the Lakers.

  4. kylewait89

    Woj makes me feel more comfortable about that whole situation. That people thought they would package both picks when they need assets made little sense. They aren’t a De’Aaron Fox away from being competitive. They need the two best players available from where they are drafting. If they moved the 5 and someone for the 3, sure. But trading two top 10 picks when you lack overall talent isn’t the way to go.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      The fact that it DOESN’T make sense should give you cause to worry because that franchize thrives on bad moves. I could absolutely see them trading the 5 and 10 for the 1st overall to draft Ball and try and make a splash move.

      • kylewait89

        The Kings have shown no indication on wanting Lonzo Ball. And yeah, it would make sense if they could get the No.1 for 5 and 10. It doesn’t to get the 3.

        And if Woj reports it, it is likely an indication of what a team is looking at.

        • KnicksCavsFan

          Why would the Kings NOT want Ball, or for that matter WHOMEVER, they consider to be the best overall player? I get it, they need more than 1 player. However, they would need even more than the 5 and 10 to even think about being a 40 win team. However, the talent at #1 may be 2x more impactful than the 5 and 10 combined,

          Comparatively, the Celtics would benefit from trading their #1 for the Kings 5 and 10 because they already have an excellent set of guards in Isiaha and Avery. They can trade down, probably still get a great guard if they want at #5 and then choose a SF/PF/C at the 10.

          • gibba192471

            If they trade the #1 they are getting a player not more picks …. the Celtics don’t need more youth they need star players!

            • KnicksCavsFan

              Ainge has shown that he will not waste assets. If he feels committed to Isaiah and Avery and can’t find a partner to trade the #1 and get what he wants then trading down for the 5 and 10 makes perfect sense. Why draft the player you want @ #1 unless it’s Fultz or Ball? If not, trade down, get the player you want and more assets.

  5. TheMissing18thBanner

    Griffin is now, and was as trade bait, nothing more than a smokescreen for Ainge. Lowering the price of other targets he has his eye on.

    Heyward is the only big fish we’re after this free agency.

  6. ohiodevil

    Here we go again with the “Lebron leaving” crap. Just like he was leaving after Finals loss the first time….and then after they won last year he was leaving…..

  7. Z-A

    If the Lakers r somehow in the East then sure. Knicks could have been a possibility but the waybthey have dealt with Melo would give any player pause before signing there until the team cleans house owner and Phil. Whichever East team with cap space in 2018-19 with the best up n comers is the best bet. If the Cavs haven’t moved Thompson JR and Shumpert it’ll be tough to stay. Would be crazy if he went to the Bucks or Sixers with their potential upside by that time.

  8. Andrewc62

    Blake Griffin isn’t ideal, but id much rather have him playing the four next year then having Amir Johnson come back to the role that he had this year.

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