Cavaliers Sign Derrick Rose

JULY 25: The Cavaliers have officially signed Rose, the team announced today in a press release.

“We are very excited to be able to add a player of Derrick’s caliber and experience to the team,” new Cavs GM Koby Altman said in a statement. “Derrick could have gone to a number of other teams, but his specific mindset, goals and total focus and commitment to winning are what resulted in him signing with the Cavaliers. We are confident he will be a very good fit with our organization and we look forward to the many ways he will contribute to the team.”

JULY 24: The Cavaliers will sign Derrick Rose, Shams Charania of The Vertical reports (Twitter link). The point guard met with the organization earlier today and Charania adds that Rose has already completed his physical with the team.Derrick Rose vertical

The pact will be a one-year, minimum salary arrangement, David Aldridge of tweets. It was previously reported that the two sides were in serious discussions about a one-year deal.

Rumors of Rose earning a max contract swirled earlier this season, but it appeared increasingly unlikely that he would land that kind of offer, particularly after suffering another knee injury late in the 2016/17 campaign.

Rose’s decision to join Cleveland comes just days after news of Kyrie Irving‘s trade demands became public. If the team intends to give Irving a new home, Rose should be able to get an opportunity to win as well as a chance to play a meaningful role.

The 2010/11 MVP was also considering the Lakers, a team in which he met with last week. Los Angeles may have been able to offer him an increased role, but the organization isn’t close to being championship contenders.

The Cavaliers will be Rose’s third team as he enters his 10th season. He spent eight years in Chicago before being dealt to the Knicks.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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41 thoughts on “Cavaliers Sign Derrick Rose

  1. Thronson5

    Looks like he may get more playing time than we all thought when it was first reported that he was close to signing with them or in serious talks since now we know Kyrie wants out and may be traded soon.

  2. josc2

    Alright Rose truthers, can we now all agree he’s not seeing $15-$20M a season again?

  3. Didn’t want to join the Lakers, whatever.
    Tell LeBron not to join to! Rather have
    Boogie cousins.

      • Well the reason we have 16 championships is because we’re the
        Lakers we get what we WANT!! boy

        • beany_boy

          Joke of the NBA for the past seven years. Nobody is going to that dysfunctional franchise “BOY”.

          • Hannibal8us

            5 years of dysfunction over the last 70 years, I’ll take it. Plus we finally got the cancer out of the organization. Sounds like you’re scared.

              • Philly Fan

                Just playing, I like what the Lakers are doing. They’ll be good in a year or two depending on free agency next year

    • Thronson5

      Something tells Boogie and Lebron are coming to LA and George may end up staying in OKC. But maybe I’m wrong.

      • Michael Chaney

        Whatever it is that’s telling you that is only legal in Colorado and a few other states

        • Thronson5

          Yea because you know everything right? Just like everyone else on here? Funny how everyone swears they know everything. I’m just saying what I THINK not that I know anything and I clearly said I could be wrong because I’m not delusional by thinking I know everything like most of you on here lol

  4. Dave4585

    The ultimate bargain for a guy who can still put up around 20 a game with efficiency. In a world where guys like Luol Deng, Mozgov, and Biyombo are making 16 mil a year this deal is amazing.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      I like the signing but “20 a game with “efficiency” is a stretch.

    • kylewait89

      He hasn’t hit for 20 a game since his MVP days in Chicago and when was he ever efficient? 47% last year while he shot 21% from beyond the arc. So clog the lane because he can’t shoot. Which doesn’t help LeBron at all. This is why Kyrie isn’t going anywhere. His backup is garbage.

      • x%sure

        James is happy doing the distance shooting. And with Rose penetrating I’m happy James won’t get beat up as much going to the basket to get his points… he doesn’t always avoid contact well.
        As usual he will be needed for many minutes.

      • x%sure

        So after all that has happened– if nothing more crazy happens– the Cavs offseason can now be called a success!

        Some would say the Cavs’ agedness was not addressed… that’s too bad for 2020 but not 2018.
        And Irving is unlikely to start tanking.

  5. yoyo137

    It would be crazy if they got Melo cause that would be 4 recent former Knicks on the Cavs.

    • agentx

      Tgat scenario would offer glimpse of what the Knicks of a few years ago may have looked like with LeBron, though I suspect Shumpert and/or Smith would be part of any Cavs-Knicks trade involving Carmelo.

  6. Pihc123

    Should be good for he player and team. However they better not be selling bananas at the Q his season.

  7. Tribe 217

    As a Cavs fan I’m happy. Ship kyrie off to the nets or some garbage team. If kyrie wants to go off on his own so be it. I personally believe he got wind Lebron was staying and wants to lead his own team. Good riddance. Go get Melo and D-wade.

    • That would be interesting if they could get Russell + some other pieces for Kyrie.

  8. Archie M.

    When healthy & IF his body holds up, D-Rose is clearly still a top-notch guard whether starting or coming off-the-bench. If Kyrie stays & if Rose’s body holds up, the Cavs will be rock solid @PG. If Kyrie will be traded, the Cavs will need to sign a proven, veteran PG like Ty Lawson or Rajon Rondo to split minutes with Rose & add depth to their PG position. They can also address this by demanding the other team to add a PG in a trade package offer for Kyrie.

  9. rycm131

    I know he’s hurt all the time but it’s crazy how little money he got considering his numbers and how ridiculous the contracts that have been given out are

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