Celtics Sign Kadeem Allen To Two-Way Deal

The Celtics have signed Kadeem Allen to a two-way deal, according to a team press release. Allen is the first player to sign that type of deal with the franchise.

Players on two-way deals will spend most of their season in the G-League since they cannot spend more than 45 days with an NBA club, as our glossary page on two-way contracts shows.

Allen, who was the No. 53 overall selection in the 2017 draft, came out of the University of Arizona where he earned Second Team All-Pac 12 honors last season. He played for both of Boston’s Summer League teams this offseason.

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6 thoughts on “Celtics Sign Kadeem Allen To Two-Way Deal

  1. formerlyz

    Great for them to get him on a 2 way contract, so they don’t risk losing him. Hard nosed defender and hard worker. I liked what I saw from him in college, and I think what we saw in summer league will translate.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Yeah but if he signed a purely NBA deal he could’ve been cut like what happened with Bentil 1 or 2 years ago, whenever that was.

        • formerlyz

          Also, it will allow him to play and develop in the d-league, and you don’t risk losing him, like Jackson, and you can use that roster spot on someone else.

  2. crazysull

    I really like this deal. It gives them the ability to develop him and in case they lose Smart next offseason they have a guy who can step in and kind of fill his role. I am not saying that Allen will be as good as Smart(not right away at least) but he is a defensive minded guard which is what Smart is and he can fill that role and have his offensive game grow as he matures.

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