Central Rumors: Shumpert, Korver, Bulls, Forman

While trade talks between the Cavaliers and Rockets involving Iman Shumpert appear to have lost momentum, Cleveland continues to try to find a landing spot for the swingman, indicating that there are other possible trade partners, per Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com. According to Sam Amico of AmicoHoops.net, the Raptors, Timberwolves, Lakers, and Kings have expressed some level of interest in Shumpert, though it’s not clear how many of those clubs remain in pursuit.

As we wait to see if the Cavs can find a taker for Shumpert, let’s round up a few more Central notes and rumors…

  • The Cavaliers have made a contract offer to Kyle Korver, according to Vardon. The terms of that offer aren’t known.
  • After a Saturday report indicated that the Bulls have conveyed interest in Justin Holiday, Marc Berman of The New York Post (Twitter link) hears from a source that Chicago is one of the teams that has made Holiday a contract offer. The Knicks haven’t formally put an offer on the table for Holiday, but the situation is fluid, says Berman.
  • The Bulls may end up re-shuffling their front office this offseason, a source tells Joe Cowley of The Chicago Sun-Times. According to Cowley, GM Gar Forman could be the odd man out if the team restructures its management hierarchy, while John Paxson‘s brother Jim Paxson – the Bulls’ director of basketball operations – may take on more responsibilities.
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18 thoughts on “Central Rumors: Shumpert, Korver, Bulls, Forman

  1. D-NBA

    Lavine will average 23 ppg. Bulls fans make me sick, Dunn is a beast and Markkanen will be one of the best stretch bigs in the game.

    • I hope you’re right but what facts are you basing this off of? Lavine coming off an AzcL tear….Dunn not even being able to hold down backup PG minutes with a sad 3.8-2-1.9 slash Line? Markannen not being able to rebound or play defense?

      • justinept

        In a perfect world, all of that happens… but there are serious question marks as pointed out above. Do I think Lavine can average 20 ppg in the east? Sure. But I’ll forgive Bulls fans for being leery about pinning their hopes on an athletic guard coming off an ACL tear…

      • D-NBA

        Dude stop focusing on negatives, Lavine said he is on track to be ready and he is a really good shooter and has handle. Even if his athleticism drops he’ll still be able to create his own shot and average 20. Markkanen was arguably the best shooter in the draft and can get his own shot at the 5. Dunn never really got a chance, if you watch basketball and keep up you would know Tom rarely plays rookies.

          • Cubshoops5

            #’s as a rookie under Thibs and the other rookies’ first years. He just doesn’t trust rook’s in their first year
            (Not sure why they cut most of this off)

          • D-NBA

            Jimmy used to average like 2 ppg, Lavine is already at 18-20 and he is still super young. Is already a better ball handler, and shooter then Butler was if you compare both’s time in the NBA. I don’t want to hear you fake Bulls fans jockin and riding the Bulls when they are in a playoff chase next season. Dunn is no slouch and gets busy on defense.

            • ChiSoxCity

              Bulls fans like Dionis are to be admired. No matter who the Bulls have, these guys always see potential where most knowledgeable basketball fans see garbage. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

        • thebare

          That true Tib hate rookies don’t know why but he just won’t play them .

      • bnmllr5

        yeah he was the #1 overall pick, there was no way he was gonna be a back up

      • bnmllr5

        he was the number 1 overall pick and instantly the best player on the team. no chance he would ride the bench…name one other rookie who got minutes with thibs as a rookie

  2. GuruGray

    Sorry Dionis, but Dunn is a 23 year old point guard that hasn’t shown a glimpse of promise yet. Lavine was a trash defender before his injury and maybe Markannen has an awesome career idk. But the chances of even one of them becoming a better player than Butler is highly unlikely

    • bravesfan88

      You can’t replace a talent like Butler with any one single player..Honestly, there are only a handful of players as or more talented than Butler in professional basketball..Complete two-way all-stars like Butler don’t come around all that often..You have LBJ and Kawaii that are both better than Butler, but other than those two ARGUABLY Butler is the 3rd most complete player in basketball…

      Point being, when the Bulls acquired that package of 3 players for Butler, they weren’t solely counting on one of those three guys to eventually become better than Butler…It just doesn’t work that way…

      When you make such a trade, as a GM, you are hoping you can use those new guys to spread that talent out over a couple of roster spots…This is the case, especially, when you are rebuilding like the Bulls…

      They were solely just trying to acquire young talent, so they could ultimately find a new nucleus/core from which to build upon moving forward.

      By acquiring Dunn, LaVine, and Markkanen the Bulls have now accomplished their goal they set out when making that trade. They are going to use those three key players to build around, and hopefully their new young core can eventually lead them back to becoming a competitive team year in and year out…

      The Bulls have some intriguing talent on their roster with those 3 plus Felicio, Portis, Grant, Zipser, and Valentine..

      Now, they just need to resign or match whatever offer Mirotic receives, and then continue building for the future…

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