Iman Shumpert Talks Between Rockets, Cavs Stalled

JULY 2, 8:40am: Shumpert talks between the Cavs and Rockets have “significantly stalled” for now, tweets Shams Charania of The Vertical. Having reached an agreement with P.J. Tucker on Saturday night, Houston now has less of a need for a defensive-minded wing, reducing Cleveland’s leverage.

JULY 1, 3:40pm: The Rockets and Cavaliers are discussing a trade that would send Iman Shumpert to Houston, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN (via Twitter), the proposed deal would net the Cavs a draft pick and a trade exception. Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter link) classifies the trade talks as “serious.”

Shumpert has been mentioned for weeks as a trade candidate for Cleveland, particularly with the team trying to reduce its potential repeater tax penalties. Sam Amico of reports (via Twitter) that the Cavs have spent much of the day discussing Shumpert deals with various teams.

Houston currently doesn’t have the cap room necessary to absorb Shumpert’s $10,337,079 salary, but the team stockpiled non-guaranteed contracts last week that could be used for salary-matching purposes.

A package of Tim Quarterman, Ryan Kelly, Isaiah Taylor, Shawn Long, and Chinanu Onuaku would theoretically be enough to acquire Shumpert from a cap perspective. Of those players, only Onuaku has a guaranteed salary for 2017/18, so the Cavs could waive the rest and clear approximately $9MM from their cap while creating a sizable trade exception.

According to Wojnarowski, one sticking point in Cleveland’s trade discussions involving Shumpert is his 2018/19 player option — the veteran has thus far been unwilling to waive that option.

Shumpert, 27, averaged 7.5 PPG and 2.9 RPG in 76 games (31 starts) for the Cavs last season, shooting 36.0% on three-point attempts.

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10 thoughts on “Iman Shumpert Talks Between Rockets, Cavs Stalled

  1. TheMissing18thBanner

    We need to define what “serious” means, because it seems like every team has “seriously” been talking to everyone for everybody this offseason.

    • Connorsoxfan

      Cleveland is looking to clear salary to lessen their luxury tax bill. Korver needs a new deal, and it’s beneficial for Houston because they are looking to threaten GSW in the west and they can add a quality rotation piece for what is not going to be a high acquisition cost.

  2. rxbrgr

    I thought under the new CBA only the guaranteed portion of contracts could count towards salary matching… So wouldn’t these outgoing players from HOU all need to have their contracts guaranteed prior to being traded?

  3. KnicksCavsFan

    I like Shump and he had a really good year but if we want to improve the team then we need to try and find every bit of couch change as possible for new salary, and if possible, to lower or avoid going any higher with our tax bill.

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