Dwayne Bacon Signs Three-Year Deal With Hornets

Dwayne Bacon, the 40th pick in this year’s draft, has officially signed with the Hornets, the team announced on its website.

Bacon received a three-year deal, with the first two seasons fully guaranteed, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com, who adds that Bacon is making a positive impression in summer league play and posted a 29-point performance this afternoon.

The Hornets acquired Bacon’s rights, along with cash, in a draft-night trade with the Pelicans.

Bacon was an All-ACC Second Team choice this season after averaging 17.2 points and 4.2 rebounds at Florida State. He was a finalist for the Julius Erving award, which goes to the nation’s best small forward.

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10 thoughts on “Dwayne Bacon Signs Three-Year Deal With Hornets

  1. Wow incredible. You have a great afternoon in summer league and you get two years guaranteed by the Hornets. All right Michael Jordan is at it again. Another heady decision by our wonderful owner.

    What happened to the days when we need to see a little more? Sure this guy is going to score in the D-League and in bunches, but can he play a lick of NBA Defense and how is he going to react riding the pine in the NBA at 6-4 ?

    Reminds me of Dwight Anderson 1983 USC. Prolific scoring machine. But buying into the NBA scheme, being a good teammate, playing second upon second, moment by moment defense, riding the pine till your time comes, if it ever does…,not so much.

    • halos101

      dude they didn’t give this guy a max deal. It would be pretty easy to waive him if he isn’t good. cheer up

      • Two years guaranteed. Why not watch a guy a little bit. .. watch him play a little bit ….there’s 15 guys on a summer league team. .. give it a week or two not just one single afternoon when one guy scores 29 Points LOL.

    • Emmanuel U

      How are you going to talk about someone’s defensive ability when you don’t even know his height. He is literally a 6-7 shooting guard who has great length and athleticism. He can guard the 1-3 and has great potential to be a great defensive stopper. In my opinion, he should’ve went in the 1st round and he is honestly one of the best propspects in the 2017
      draft class.

  2. A guy like this is going to know he’s better than half his teammates, and he’s probably right, on the offense of end, but he doesn’t quite grasp what it takes to make it as a reliable rotation player in the league.

      • The greatest thing would be for this guy to prove me wrong. To work hard have a good reputation and prove to all that he belongs.

      • Plus the guy is a little bit cocky. Let your game proof it not your mouth.

        Summer league a couple years ago Sam Dekker was crying about not getting a foul call. He didn’t get fouled. He was just whining and that turn me off of him right away. Chump. Play ball, show us you belong then talk about getting foul calls your way.

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