Free Agent Rumors: Afflalo, Timberwolves, Yanyuhang

Veteran swingman Arron Afflalo has remained on vine through the first week of free agency but TNTs David Aldridge suspects that he’ll be picked up soon.

The 31-year-old was waived by the Kings last month after putting up 8.4 points per game in his 10th pro season. In the right situation, Afflalo could be a valuable defensive presence out on the perimeter. In Sacramento he was an established, veteran piece on a team that hit the rebuild button part-way through the regular season.

Aldridge notes that the Timberwolves took a good look at him prior to signing Jamal Crawford, a testament to his value as a 3-and-D option for teams in win now mode.

There’s more free agency buzz from around the league:

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9 thoughts on “Free Agent Rumors: Afflalo, Timberwolves, Yanyuhang

  1. White Mamba

    Aflame would seem to have “Clippers” written all over him. Just the type of one to two years past has prime vet that Doc likes on the bench.

  2. yoyo137

    “Veteran swingman Arron Afflalo has been on vine through the first week of free agency” I seriously thought Arron Afflalo had been posting Vine videos for a week until I read the whole first paragraph lol

  3. formerlyz

    Ding really plays hard, plays good defense, gets after loose balls, and he seems to have a good basketball IQ. He also seems like he can handle the ball pretty decently for his size. Crowd loved him the other day for that reason, plus his name is literally perfect. He also looks like one of the dudes from kurokos basketball lol. Hope he gets a camp invite

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