Kings Make Max Offer To Otto Porter

7:26pm: Porter will schedule meetings with two more teams, Chris Haynes of ESPN tweets. Then he’ll decide which offer sheet to sign.

5:03pm: The Kings offered a maximum deal today to Wizards forward Otto Porter, tweets Chris Haynes of That would amount to a four-deal contract valued at about $106.5MM.

If Porter formally signs an offer sheet with Sacramento, Washington would have 48 hours to decide whether to match, beginning when the moratorium ends at 11 a.m. Central on Thursday.

The Wizards have proclaimed in the past that they intend to match any offer for Porter. However, he met with Washington officials early Saturday morning without reaching a new deal, indicating that the Wizards were reluctant to pay the maximum — or at least wanted to make sure he could get it on the open market.

The Kings still have more than $43MM in available cap space and a need for a small forward, notes Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee. They already missed out on two targets with Andre Iguodala re-signing with the Warriors and P.J. Tucker opting for the Rockets.

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38 thoughts on “Kings Make Max Offer To Otto Porter

  1. KnicksCavsFan

    that is the exact problem with the nba. The stars legitimately deserve to mane the bug bucks not the Otto Porters of the world.

    • Table

      Otto Porter is worth the current max, the problem is that the superstars are actually worth 2 or 3 times more than what they currently make. Guys like Lebron and Curry are actually worth even more than that to their current teams.

      • KnicksCavsFan

        No….Otto Porter is not worth the max. There is a market determined by the best players in the game. While there are restrictions on what can be earned by certain players according to age and years in the NBA the market is there. Deals like Otto Porter are born NOT because of their performance but by the offering team’s cap situation. Just as there’s a salary ceiling there is also a salary floor. If a team like the Kings are under the floor then they have money they MUST spend. The Kings currently have just $38 mil in salary for 2017-18. The cap is $99 mil. The floor is $89 mil. That means that the Kings MUST find a way to spend another $50 mil in salary for the 2017 season. They would probably like to spend it on a legit star but none of them want to come to the Kings. Thus, they can afford to thro a ridiculous contract that unless he becomes a star in 2017-18 will automatically be one of the worst contracts in basketball. It’s a rule that is flawed.

        So the argument that Porter is worth $25 mil because Curry and LBJ should really be earning some multiple of what they currently earn is laughable.

        • jkbuckets

          No but a team like the king needs to spend money Like the guys above said no star wants to come to Sacramento so the kings need to spend money on a player who could become a star. Even though Otto porter at his best is a highly efficient role player

    • Retired NFL Player

      I think the whole system is broken. I think it should be a “earn your salary” type of system. Meaning… the more points/rebounds/assists/steals/blocks, etc. that you get….the more you are paid. If you’re an all star or all NBA team, that’s also more money. If you lead your team to the playoffs – more money. And so on. That’s how all sports should be. Players would certainly play a lot harder and it would prevent people from being overpaid or underpaid.

      • triumph13

        Sounds like the NFL system. Play for a signing bonus and guaranteed money- after that earn the remainder of the contract.
        That league is the least player-friendly. I think NBA players should be allowed to make MORE – the majority of owners would pay it to put a competitive team out there.

  2. ric7744

    The Kings are going to have to overpay until they prove they are becoming a winner. Sacramento is not a bad destination, it is a better place to play than a lot of the cities in the NBA, you are close the Bay Area and close to Tahoe. It does get hot in the summer but none of the horrible humidity of most of the Country.

  3. sirgant

    This is why SacTown will always be mired in mediocrity. Washington will be smart to pass, I don’t know why they didn’t go after Paul Milsap.

    • ric7744

      They may rise up and be good. Like I said earlier I would rather live in Sac than Oklahoma, Atlanta or a lot of other crappy cities with crappy weather.

    • They have $43 million in cap space, have to reach the cap floor, and have a need at the 3 spot. Porter is young enough to fit into their core as they grow. So is it smarter to offer a player at a position of need a lot of money, or offer smaller, but overpriced contracts to a bunch of veterans who will be gone in a year? Even after offering this deal to Porter, they could likely still carve out enough space to offer a contract to Millsap. Even then, there’s no guarantee Millsap would go to Sacramento and a max contract for him might look ugly in 2-3 years when they likely look to trade him.

    • kylewait89

      So pay Milsap more than the 90M that he received at age 32 instead of the 24 year old kid who may have figured it out? Literally the biggest difference was his 3 point shooting. The rest of his FG% are around his career norms. It’s honestly stupid that you think they needed Milsap over Porter at around the same price.

  4. Table

    Otto Porter is a perfect supporting 3 and d player at a time when that’s exactly what NBA teams are need. He’s only 23 years old so each year of his next contract you can expect production, if not also growth. Makes sense that a team like Kings would offer max. They have nothing to lose since they won’t attract elite free agents, and they’d otherwise divide up the Porter money on a couple lesser talents.

  5. SouthsideSlugger

    sorry Otto you are not a max player. I honestly hope the Wiz do not match. Granted he has improved, he’s no where near max $.

  6. JFactor

    He could probably put up 20 a night in the perfect offense, but I’m surprised.

  7. EmbiidiatelyBetter

    This is why parody will never work in the NBA. Great players want to play with other great players. And when your team doesn’t have one, you have to pick a fringe guy to overpay in hopes he turns into one. At the end of the day Owner’s and GM’s with a bunch of money sitting around can’t be trusted.

      • EmbiidiatelyBetter

        Touché Sirgant. Unless the CBA finds a way to get a lot more detailed and slot every player into very, very specific pay slots. You will never be able to stop owners with $40M in annual salary burning a hole in their pocket from overspending on a player.

  8. GuruGray

    You guys are crazy and don’t understand how the cap works. The Wizards are over the cap, so if they don’t match then they have no way of getting a player anywhere near his caliber. They’re trying to convince Wall to sign an extension. Helps to have a more competitive team while going through those discussions

  9. natsgm

    If the Kings really like Porter that much the Wizards should have been able to deal him for Cousins in season. Would the draft picks make that impossible? Porter is way better than Buddy Hield.

    • GuruGray

      That wouldn’t have worked because Porter and Cousins salaries didn’t match. Wiz would have had to attach a contract like Mahinmi’s. Wizards also were destined to have a much worse draft pick to offer up than the Kings did

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