Nets Acquire Allen Crabbe From Blazers

A year after aggressively pursuing shooting guard Allen Crabbe as a restricted free agent, the Nets have landed their man. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (Twitter link), the Trail Blazers are trading Crabbe to Brooklyn in exchange for forward Andrew Nicholson. Upon acquiring Nicholson, Portland will waive him and stretch his contract, Wojnarowski reports (via Twitter).Allen Crabbe vertical

When Crabbe reached restricted free agency in 2016, he was one of a handful of players to sign an offer sheet with the Nets. That deal, worth nearly $75MM over four years, looked like an awfully steep price to pay for a player with 17 career starts to his name. However, the Blazers thwarted Brooklyn’s attempts to poach Crabbe, matching the Nets’ offer sheet and bringing him back to Portland.

A year later, that decision to match Crabbe’s deal – while retaining other RFAs and adding Evan Turner – looks like it may have been a mistake. The Trail Blazers were in position to pay a huge tax penalty in 2018 if team salary remained as high as it was, and dumping a contract or two appeared to be an inevitability. By swapping Crabbe for Nicholson and stretching the $19MM+ left on Nicholson’s contract over the next seven seasons, the Blazers will clear approximately $16.5MM from their 2017/18 cap, ending up only about $3MM above the tax threshold.

It remains to be seen if the Blazers have another move up their sleeves — the club has been linked to Carmelo Anthony, despite Carmelo’s apparent unwillingness to waive his no-trade clause and accept a deal to Portland. Even if no second deal is coming though, the Blazers should be happy with this trade from a financial perspective. It will allow the club to shed more than $50MM in total projected salary and tax penalties.

From the Nets’ perspective, the deal will allow them to land a player they loved at a slightly lesser cost, albeit a year after they had hoped to acquire him. Once the Blazers matched Crabbe’s offer sheet last July, he was ineligible to be traded to Brooklyn for a full year, but once those 365 days passed, it made sense for the two teams to engage on trade discussions.

By sending out Nicholson in the swap, the Nets appear to have the cap room necessary to absorb Crabbe’s salary without having to make any corresponding roster moves. According to Wojnarowski (via Twitter), Crabbe also waived his trade kicker, making things a little simpler for both teams. That decision will cost the 25-year-old some money, but he’ll have a chance to assume a larger role in Brooklyn than he had in Portland.

In 79 games last season for the Blazers, Crabbe set new career bests with 10.7 PPG, 2.9 RPG, a .468 FG%, and a .444 3PT%. While it remains to be seen how Brooklyn’s starting lineup will shake out, Crabbe figures to see plenty of minutes alongside D’Angelo Russell in a new-look Nets backcourt.

The Blazers will generate a trade exception worth $12,969,502 in the deal. That figures represents the difference between Crabbe’s and Nicholson’s salaries for 2017/18.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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34 thoughts on “Nets Acquire Allen Crabbe From Blazers

  1. Byoung505

    Good job nets you did something this offseason besides trade Lopez for Russell

      • NYfan0043

        It’s a start better than what they had, and they have the cap space for it

      • Connorsoxfan

        Yep. He’s not an awful player, and honestly what else was that going to be used for? I like what Brooklyn is building here.

          • Connorsoxfan

            Well ha yeah me too but as far as what Marks has done I like where the team is headed. If they wanted to tank this year that would be great tho lol

      • Man seeing the Nets are taking salaries
        We have a package deal! Take loul Deng and the lakers will include Jordan
        Clarkson or Julius Randle

  2. kingcong95

    At least ask for a draft pick. No way this couldn’t have been done on draft night, they had 3 firsts.

    • hiflew

      There as a way it couldn’t have been done on draft night. It specifically says in the article that the trade couldn’t have been made until a year after the Blazers matched the Nets offer sheet. That was AFTER the draft was completed.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Yeah but they could’ve agreed on terms and finalized it after the 365 day mark.

        • hiflew

          True, but they could just as easily have added a draftee to this package if they had wanted to.

    • ND1234

      I feel Brooklyn is making moves, but I agree with you. They could have used a second rounder or maybe two.

  3. Bob Knob

    What’s the starting 5 & second team for the Nets look like right now ???

  4. Z-A

    Who’s the turd that poo pooed me saying the Nets would take Crabbe in a 3 team trade yesterday that involved Melo? I said the offered him the contract he’s on now, which is why they would be inclined to trade for him.

    • bravesfan88

      My guess is that they were probably disagreeing with the series of trades as a whole, not just Crabbe to the Nets…

      If they were complaining about just trading Crabbe to the Nets, and calling you an idiot…that just doesn’t make any sense…Because this deal males alot of sense for both sides involved…

      The Nets acquire a fairly young backcourt mate for D-Russ to grow with, and Portland sheds a good chunk of salary in the process…It’s a win-win for both sides really…And, personally, I think Crabbe very well could have a breakout year for the Nets!!

    • formerlyz

      I’m not going to lie, I did say much earlier in the off-season that I didn’t think Portland would just give him away, even to clear salary, and I was apparently wrong. So good call on your part back then

  5. Dionis

    Wow I know the Nets are high on Levert but man a starting lineup of

    Lin-Russell-Crabbe-Hollis-Jefferson-Mozgov could make the playoffs.

    • Connorsoxfan

      They’d be like the 6 seed lol. Only mostly kidding. But yeah I could see that. Boston might have lost its oppurtunity to move the Nets pick while it’s valuable.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Those teams are better than the bottom 4 seeds of the eastern conference will be lol

  6. kahnkobra

    how the Knicks get torched for giving TH.JR that contract but all I see is praise for the nets trading for Crabbe who’s making 18.75 mil for the next 3 yrs

    • emac22

      Then you need to look a little more closely.

      Crabbes better.

      The Nets dumped a contract in the deal.

      What’s left of Crabbes contract is better than THJR’s contract.

  7. Getting rid of Nicholson’s deal was the Nets compensation (they weren’t getting a 1st on top of that). They didn’t get a 1st from Wiz last year just for sending them BB as a rental. Taking Nicholson’s deal was part of it as well. With the waiver of the trade kicker and the fact that Crabbe’s salary goes down after this season for the final two (vs escalating), they’re getting Crabbe at 36 mm (net of Nicholson) for 3 years. Worth it? Not based on performance to date, but he’s young and now gets a chance to start. 3 year time horizon works. Decent move.

  8. formerlyz

    I honestly didn’t think they’d just give Crabbe away to shed his salary.

  9. Nick Burreci

    link to

    Now the Knicks can complete the Melo trade.

    Knicks receive: Tobias Harris, Ish Smith, Tarik Black and 1st round pick from Rockets

    Pistons receive : Moe Harkless, Myles Leonard, Isaiah Taylor and 1st round pick from Blazers

    Rockets receive : Carmelo Anthony & Kyle O’ Quinn

    Blazers receive : Ryan Anderson & Tim Quarterman (Blazers will waive him)

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