Forward Ben Bentil Signs With French Team

Forward Ben Bentil has signed overseas with Champagne Chalons-Reims, Chris Reichert of The Step Back tweets via a press release from the French club.

Bentil had a brief stay in the NBA last season. The 6’9” Bentil appeared in three games with the Mavericks after signing a 10-day contract in February, but didn’t score a point in 10 minutes of action. He wasn’t offered another 10-day deal.

The Pistons brought him in for a June mini-camp but didn’t sign him.

Bentil played a couple of months in China last season before rejoining the G-League’s Fort Wayne Mad Ants. He played 22 games for the Pacers’ affiliate last season, averaging 12.1 PPG and 4.5 RPG.

Bentil was an early entrant to the 2016 draft, exiting Providence after his sophomore season. He was drafted in the second round with the 51st overall pick by the Celtics. Bentil received a partially guaranteed contract but was cut during training camp. The Pacers briefly picked him up in October and gave him $50K before waiving him.

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4 thoughts on “Forward Ben Bentil Signs With French Team

  1. hiflew

    Bentil is a perfect example of a player that should have never left school early. Not only could he have gotten the same NBA time and overseas contract in a couple of years, but he would have also had a degree to fall back on when his career ends. Plus there is always the chance he pulls a Buddy Hield and drastically improves his stock in his junior and/or senior year. There really needs to be some kind of independent organization set up to provide advice without having any connection to either the league or an agent or anyone else with something to gain from the player that is blinded by the lure of fame and fortune which will probably never even come.

    • Grant

      There is. Its called good family and friends who aren’t going to try to profit off you and just want what’s best for you. They are hard to find but sadly I don’t see another outside organization giving that kind of advice

    • Smugger7

      At least he’s making more money than an average American playing the game he loves, that’s better than having to get up early for work everyday he’s driving through all that traffic and deal with horrible bosses. I am sure most players can still find life after the NBA such as playing ball overseas or even go back and coach. Some can take courses online if they really want a degree. Honestly most of the players that go to college already have a goal set and it is playing basketball professionally. Once you reach to that stage then you feel like you accomplished your goal and you just need to keep working harder doing something you love doing. It’s priceless!

      • hiflew

        And that idea is precisely why so many former NBA players, that made far more money than the average American, are now broke. You always need a fall back option in life, especially when your goal is one that is very hard to thrive in like professional sports.

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