Western Notes: Irving, Clippers, Parker, Spurs, Smith Jr., Randolph

Kyrie Irving reportedly would like to play for the Clippers, relays Bryan Kalbrosky of Hoops Hype. While speaking with Alex Kennedy on the HoopsHype Podcast, Peter Vecsey said this about Irving:

“He loves L.A. and he’s been working out there a lot this summer. Do they have the assets they get him? I don’t see how. But they also have Jerry West and he’s been able to figure out before … the Lakers didn’t have the assets to get Shaq and he wheeled and dealed and figured out and they got him … he was able to get Kobe for Divac in the draft.”

Vecsey added that Irving does not have leverage and that a trade does not appear doable despite the disgruntled point guard’s reported preference to play for Doc Rivers in Los Angeles.

Here are some more notes from the Western Conference:

  • Spurs point guard Tony Parker expects to be back on the court in four to five months, reports Tom Orsborn of MySA.com. “It’s OK. It’s getting better and better,” Parker said regarding his recovery from the left quadriceps injury that cost him the last four games of the second round of the playoffs and the entire Western Conference Finals this past postseason. “I’m starting to run like a little bit. I’m walking pretty well. I think it’s still going to be a long process. It’s still going to take like another four or five months, but I am very happy with the progresses. I am advancing in my rehab.”
  • Sean Deveney of SportingNews writes that, despite the Spurs’ fairly quiet offseason thus far, the team could make some bigger moves in 2018. Deveney argues that what the Spurs may have planned down the line could make this offseason, which was marked by a continuation of the status quo, worth it for San Antonio basketball faithful.
  • The Mavericks‘ starting point guard position will be up for grabs in training camp, reports Earl K. Sneed of Mavs.com. Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson further explained that Dennis Smith Jr. must put in the work to earn the job: “Those keys are earned. You know, it’s going to be an interesting training camp. I think Dennis is going to play for one of the best coaches in the NBA. That being said, I think internally you can’t help but be excited by the potential, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. Just knowing the character of Dennis and knowing his family and surrounding structure, he’s going to want to earn those minutes. He’s truly a winner in every sense of the word.”
  • Zach Randolph could be banned by the NBA if he is convicted of his felony marijuana charge, writes Ronald Tillery of The Commercial Appeal. Randolph’s former teammate O.J. Mayo was previously banned from the NBA for violating the league’s anti-drug policy.
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15 thoughts on “Western Notes: Irving, Clippers, Parker, Spurs, Smith Jr., Randolph

  1. yoyo137

    Wasn’t OJ Mayo’s banishment for the NBA for a substance of abuse? Z-Bo doesn’t deserve to get banned for weed smh

    • MILWBrewersFan

      Is he’s convicted of selling weed he will be in jail so it really wouldn’t matter in they ban him or not.

      • yoyo137

        True, but logically who signs a $24 million contract and sells weed afterwards? He was probably just smoking weed with his friends, he should just get charged for possession but the law is gonna try to screw him over.

        • yoyo137

          It should just be a misdemeanor, I hate how like anything over an ounce it’s intent to sell. Some people just smoke a lot of weed! Especially people who just got paid!!

          • Solo Beard

            He won’t be convicted of intent to sell. His lawyers will argue he is to rich to do that and he was just trying to get baked. He will probably just get community service and a fine or something small. His charges will be brought down to a misdemeanor

      • He wasn’t selling weed. He was just found with over a certain amount of weed and a scale (I think it is 24 ounces but I’m not sure.) and so the law charges it with “intent to distribute”

  2. Dionis

    Murray is practicing with Isaiah. I expect him to average 17-18 next season.

  3. bravesfan88

    I am curious if Randolph is actually going to get convicted with the felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute…

    Some people are saying his lawyers will say he’s too rich to sell weed…BUT

    My main question is this, does the “intent to distribute” actually mean having the intent to sell, or can it just imply that you are providing others with a certain illegal drug??

    I know the reason why “distributing” carries such a harsh penalty is because you are involving other people in the community…And because you are allowing an illegal substance to be spread throughout the community…

    I am just curious does the legal term “distribute” cover just providing others with a drug, or does it solely imply a person is in fact selling a drug??

    The cops could then basically convict him with that felony charge, basically implying no one person should have that much weed in their possession…And by having that much, you are eirher sharing if with others or selling it…

    I have no idea, honestly I am ignorant to the facts of these possible charges…Like I said, I’m just curious…

    • southbeachbully

      The intent to sell simply speaks to the amount of weed the person is in possession of. The thought is, any weed below 1 ounce (or 28.5 grams) is for personal use and is a misdemeanor. It’s assumed that anything above 1 ounce is for purposed of distribution. He allegedly had 2 pounds which is equivalent to 32 ounces which is 32x the legal amount you can posses. So, if it were for his own use then he was stocking up or about to have one heck of a party. Ironically, I heard the cops were tipped of by a local 7/11 employee who was suspicous of groups of large men buying up all the inventory of funions, hostess cupcakes, nutella, fanta, bottled water and cigarellos. (joking)

      • southbeachbully

        btw, that’s just California law which is one of the most liberal states with regards to weed possession.

    • H.Henderson

      I don’t know California’s marijuana laws but I’m pretty sure intent to distribute is a by law of conspiracy. My point being he’s not being charged with conspiracy to sell marijuana, so his intent to sell charge can be dropped with a decent lawyer. But do not make the mistake of thinking the NBA will not make an example of Randolph. Marijuana is still federally illegal and the NBA is a family friendly business. They don’t want to lose any money over a players off court actions.

  4. TrustTheProcess

    Yes duh they didn’t have the assets to get Shaq they signed him not traded for him

    • fettichico shiznilty

      Exactly. The only wheeling and deeling Jerry West did to get Shaq was to give away Anthony Peeler and George Lynch so they could throw the extra cash at Shaq.

  5. RockHard

    The Smith Jr. hype in Dallas is really high. Mavs will be mediocre at best but he should make them a more fun team to watch hopefully

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