NBA Releases Future Salary Cap Projections

The NBA has informed teams that it expects the 2018/19 salary cap to be $101MM, Shams Charania of The Vertical tweets. The league also said that they forecast the 2019/20 figure to be $108MM, although both figures are subject to change.

The modest $2MM increase is a stark contrast from what teams around the league have seen over the course of the past two years. From 2015/16 the cap jumped from $70MM to $94MM and then the next year it bumped up another $5MM to the $99MM mark it sits at for the 2017/18 season.

A 2018/19 cap projection of $101MM falls short of the $108MM prior projection the league forecast back during the summer of 2016, but after the final 2017/18 figure came in $2MM below projections, it’s not all that surprising.

During the summer we wrote that the league lowered its 2017/18 projection on the heels of lower than expected playoff revenue and it’s possible we’re still seeing the impact of that.

Given the latest projections, the salary floor for the 2018/19 season would be roughly $91MM.

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  1. acarneglia

    Are you trying to tell me now trashy players like Miles Plumlee are only going to make 13-14 million instead of 17-18

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