Bucks Make Concerted Push For DeAndre Jordan

The Bucks are making a concerted push to acquire DeAndre Jordan from the Clippers, Gery Woelfel of the Woelfel’s Press Box writes.

According to the scribe’s sources, the Clips seek a partial or even full complement of John Henson, Malcolm Brogdon and Khris Middleton in return.

While there hasn’t been any direct indication that the Clippers are shopping Jordan, he’s eligible for free agency this summer, making him the most logical trade chip if the team does decide to become a seller ahead of the trade deadline.

Considering that trading Jordan would at least appear to be the opening salvo in a rebuild, it makes sense that the squad would pursue the reigning Rookie of the Year and, if possible, shed salary while they were at it.

While the Bucks had long sought to organically develop their young talent, they’re eager to more aggressively compete for a title now, as evidenced by their acquisition of Eric Bledsoe from the Suns earlier in the season.

Slotting Jordan into the starting lineup ahead of (or in place of) Henson would give the team an imposing starting five as they continue on their quest to usurp the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference.

In addition to the Bucks, Woelfel writes, the Raptors, Wizards and Timberwolves are said to have shown the most interest in Jordan.

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16 thoughts on “Bucks Make Concerted Push For DeAndre Jordan

    • hamelin4mvp

      Spot on. He just makes wild claims to gain attention to the Racine paper because it can’t compete with the JS

  1. bravesfan88

    Giving up Middleton and Brogdon makes zero sense for the Bucks. They need both to ultimately make a long playoff run, and moving either player or both for Jordan would not pit them any closer to competing. Even moreso, it would put them further away from becoming legit challengers for the battle of the East..

    They need to offer Henson, Vaughn, and a future 1st. Anything more, other then maybe other spare parts, and they wouldn’t be improving their roster..

    Clippers fans might want more for Jordan, but they have to realize he’s only a rental for the remainder of the season. He’s definitely going to free agency, so whichever team acquires him, is only going to get him for a few months..

    With that being said, Henson, Vaughn, and a 1st rounder should be adequate value for DJ..If someone offers more, then simply let them have him..He certainly is NOT worth Middleton nor Brogdan…

  2. chi007

    Bucks already have trouble scoring n spacing you now trying to add a guy who can’t score or Space!! He will get you 16Rebs/2blks a game I’m not giving up all that for Dj

    • The biggest problem of Buck is rebound.With Jordan will become easy the best defensive team in the league(Bledsoe,Snell,Middleton,Giannis,Jordan and Liggins,Dellavedova are all great defenders.They have a problem in pick n roll defence with Henson).Also with the easy rebound and Giannis,Jabari,Bledsoe will be a nighmare to stop them in transision.They will can play pick n roll(Henson is not good and set better screens with DJ).Middleton,Snell,Japari and Teletovic are good shooter,if they give Brogdon they will have one less.The biggest problem for the trade is Buck’s cap space.

  3. Z-A

    You already know what Henson is, he’s mediocre. Henson plus Brogdon. Sell high on Brogdon a la Sixers and MCW. While Brogdon is a nice player, DJ is an all pro type player. A legit big man can take your team over the top in the East, look what Drummond did to the Cs. You keep Middleton bc Parker is such a ? health wise. You have Bledsoe for another year, and you can always draft a PG, since the roster is pretty set with DJ, Greek, Parker sort of, Middleton, Bledsoe.

  4. acarneglia

    Middleton shouldn’t be apart of any DeAndre trade. I’d do Jordan and a 2nd for Henson and Brogdon

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