Cavaliers ‘Sniffing Around’ DeAndre Jordan

The Cavaliers are keeping a close eye on the DeAndre Jordan situation in Los Angeles, and have “quietly explored” the possibility of a deal, league sources tell Sam Amico of Amico cautions that the Cavs haven’t aggressively pursued Jordan, with one source suggesting that the club is simply “sniffing around” the idea.

This is the second time this week that a report has linked the Cavaliers to Jordan. On Tuesday, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders wrote that the veteran center’s future in Los Angeles is “anything but clear,” adding that the Cavs may be willing to offer Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, and a first-round pick.

Sources informed Kyler that the Cavs were only open to discussing their own first-round pick in trade talks, rather than the Nets’ 2018 first-rounder, which is consistent with what we’ve heard elsewhere. Sean Deveney of The Sporting News reported last week that the Cavs aren’t believed to have put that Brooklyn pick on the table at all so far.

The Clippers, who lost Chris Paul in the summer and have been hit hard by injuries this season, currently have an 11-18 record and have been slowly slipping out of playoff contention in the Western Conference. There’s still time for the club to turn things around, but if the losses continue to pile up, there’s an expectation that the front office will at least consider trading Jordan, who can opt out of his contract at season’s end.

It’s worth noting that after operating without an agent for a couple years, Jordan recently hired Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports Management. Jordan may have simply made the move with an eye toward his upcoming free agency, but an agent can get involved in trade discussions as well, acting as a facilitator if a potential suitor wants to assess its chances of locking up a trade target long-term.

In addition to the Cavs, the Bucks have also been linked to Jordan.

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12 thoughts on “Cavaliers ‘Sniffing Around’ DeAndre Jordan

  1. This is just as much trying to dump Thompson’s contract as it is trying to improve with DeAndre Jordan, who has an expiring contract conveniently.

    Able to start the rebuild right away next year with the Nets pick and plenty of cap space available.

    • brewcrew08

      I’m confused. If the Clippers trade Deandre they would most likely want the Nets pick back in the deal from the Cavs.

      • The Cavs wouldn’t trade the nets pick for Jordan. Maybe a 2035 1st round pick. But they should just keep the picks and trade their crap for benefit of Clippers trading their crap. IF Jordan wasn’t crap, LA wouldn’t want to trade him.

  2. Spyglass1

    Amico is always reaching. Hard to take anything concrete from that source

    • I think the one reaching is Steve Kyler. Sounds like he’s the one trying to make a deal for LA. IMHO, Jordan is far from worth a 1st round pick. If he was, why does LA want to get rid of him?

    • x%sure

      “Sniffing around” is not much of a commitment, or stretch.
      CLE: Too bad about those fires. Thompson, Shump and the lower #1?
      LA: Serious? Higher #1.
      CLE: That stinks.
      LA: k bye

  3. neworleanstaints

    Yeah and the Clippers “sniffing around” the Cavs picks from the Nets. DJ won’t be in CLE and that pick won’t be in LAC.

  4. Thomas Swanson

    Tristan needs to be traded to Los Angeles now (like Lamar Odom). He got Khloe Kardashian pregnant.

  5. x%sure

    Cavs don’t want Jordan that much, but likely they don’t want the Bucks to have him either.

    DJ’s blocks p/game has dropped precipitously. Any Reasons? Rim protection is one thing a team would want from him.

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