Begley’s Latest: Walker, Knicks, Warriors, Capela

The latest article from Ian Begley of ostensibly focuses on the Knicks as they consider their approach to the trade deadline. However, in the process of exploring potential trade partners for New York, Begley also slips in a couple tidbits of interest related to other teams around the NBA. Let’s dive in and round up a few highlights from the piece…

  • If the Hornets move Kemba Walker at the deadline, there’s an expectation that they’ll also look to move other players on long-term contracts, according to Begley, who identifies Jeremy Lamb as one such trade candidate.
  • Speaking of Walker, while the Knicks are viewed as a possible trade partner for the Hornets, Begley says opposing executives have gotten the impression that New York doesn’t want to trade draft picks or take on long-term salary unless it means acquiring a “transformative” player. It’s not clear if Walker qualifies.
  • Opposing execs think the Knicks will deal at least one of their four centers at the deadline. Enes Kanter, Willy Hernangomez, and Kyle O’Quinn have all received interest, with the Warriors among the teams inquiring on O’Quinn, sources tell Begley. League execs believe O’Quinn will turn down his player option for 2018/19 this summer, which may impact his trade value.
  • Members of the Clippers and Rockets discussed the possibility of a DeAndre Jordan deal. However, those talks went nowhere after Clint Capela‘s name came up, since Houston doesn’t want to move Capela, writes Begley.
  • Knicks forwards Courtney Lee and Lance Thomas continue to draw trade interest , but opposing execs have come away with the impression that New York would only move Lee if it results in a “significant” return. According to Begley, Lee has been a strong presence in the Knicks’ locker room, and the club views that sort of veteran as important for building a winning culture.
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4 thoughts on “Begley’s Latest: Walker, Knicks, Warriors, Capela

  1. realistnotsucker

    There’s probably only 10 players in this league that are transformative, as much as I love him Kemba is not that, stay away Knicks

  2. It’s quite clear that Walker is not a transformative player (in anyone’s mind). He’s not even a top 10 PG. He also doesn’t fit with the Knicks rebuilding timeline or approach (which is trying to inject “team” skills like defense and ball movement). Knicks also don’t have the expiring contracts to take on CHA’s bad contracts. The only fit is Walker is from NY and CHA figures that they might goose the market a bit by getting prone to overpay Knicks involved. Rebuilding requires patience to first accumulate sufficient aggregate talent before you start rearranging it. It doesn’t take forever, but it doesn’t happen midway through the first season either.

    • dust44

      Walker fits the best with the Cavs. But he’s not close to worth the Nets pick… so they don’t have the ammo to get him.

      • Also, Jordan indicated he wanted first and foremost to unload some bad contracts in any deal for Walker.
        Another thing the Cavs can’t help with. Not even sure he fits, as he’s a ball dominant/volume shotting PG. Can he be a third option which is his ceiling on championship team.

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