Cavs Emerge As Suitor For George Hill

The Cavaliers have emerged as a suitor for George Hill, expressing interest in the Kings guard Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports writes. The Cavs are said to be envisioning Hill in a dual role out of their backcourt.

Hill has had an underwhelming first season with the rebuilding Kings, admitting months after signing a three-year, $57MM contract that he didn’t expect suiting up as a mentor on a forlorn young roster to be so difficult.

In 37 games with Sacramento this season, Hill has averaged 10.5 points, 3.0 rebounds and 2.7 assists per game. Those marks are considerably lower than what he posted in a stellar season for the Jazz in 2016/17.

If a trade materializes, Hill would join a logjam of veterans in Cleveland’s backcourt, considering that the team already has Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose and Jose Calderon in the mix.

Of course, in addition to depth chart issues, there are logistic issues to consider as well. If the Cavs were to land Hill and his $20MM contract, they’d likely have to send back a package of Channing Frye and either J.R. Smith or Iman Shumpert. None are particularly compelling assets for a team in Sacramento’s position, though Frye is at least on an expiring deal.

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22 thoughts on “Cavs Emerge As Suitor For George Hill

      • That’s the best they’re going to get. Another team might be willing to throw a second rounder or two in there, but the Kings aren’t going to be getting much. If anything, that deal is worse for the Cavs as they now have an extra two years of Hill’s contract as opposed to the expiring deals of Frye and Rose. Hill is a bad contract at this point, the only thing another team would be willing to move in exchange is another bad contract.

      • KCelts

        They’d get out of Hill’s contract and they’d get expiring deals. Attach a pick and that is a very real scenario.

  1. He would be fine at the 2, and the Kings don’t make a Hill for Rose, Frye and Shump deal without an additional asset (ie. Cavs 1st) included.

    • A first round pick straight up would be too much for Hill. Nobody wants that contract, especially for a slightly undersized combo guard who doesn’t really have one good skill (he’s pretty average everywhere). A second rounder or two seems more likely. Realistically, Hill is kind of out of a position. He’s not a great ball-distributor so he’s not an ideal point guard (unless your team has a point forward). And he’s slightly undersized (depending on the matchup) and not enough of a shooting threat to really make defenses scared of him on the offensive end. Yeah he can hit threes, but he’s never really been a guy who makes teams pay for leaving him open out there.

      The appeal for the Kings in that proposed deal is the cap. Rose, Frye, Shump combined make about the same as Hill will make this year. Rose and Frye are free agents at the end of the year with Shump under contract for one more year at $11m (while Hill’s contract goes $19m next year and $18m the final year). So the Kings would clear $8m off their cap next year and $18m two years from now. If anything, this deal is worse for the Cavs as it does nothing to solve their luxury tax problems (and puts them in a bigger hole for the next two seasons), shortens their bench, and adds yet another part that would need to be integrated into the rotation (not to mention any potential free agent they sign with the now open roster spots).

      • Thomas Swanson

        You might want to consider watching Hill play. There’s a lot better alternatives, like Wade and Korver. I don’t think he’s better than IT or Rose. The only reason he was playing in Sacramento is because their rookie was injured. The Cavs can get out of a $12 million bad contract. Getting out of a $20 million bad contract is another story. Ask Melo.

        • I don’t disagree with what you said, just stating what could happen since the Cavs have interest. I don’t think he warrants any interest at his price but who knows.

          • Thomas Swanson

            If LeBron were to leave, the Cavs would still have cap problems with Hill’s $20 million on the books. They’ll need the cap space until LeBron signs a new contract. It is true the Kings prefer De”Aaron Fox over Hill. That pretty much sums it up. Hill seriously has not played shooting guard since he left San Antonio and he’s 6’2″ and 10 years older since then. Sacramento wants youth. The Cavs can’t help them there.

  2. Thomas Swanson

    I watched Hill when he was in Indianapolis. He was the point guard and Lance Stephenson brought the ball up the court. He disappears a lot. He’s undersized for the 2 guard. He made $8 million last year and $20 million this year. He’s another bad contract. I’d pass and keep looking for a center.

    • nsideindy

      Yes – – overpaid, very average and disappears a lot. And they already have a full backcourt.

      • Thomas Swanson

        If the Cavs traded for Hill, they’d never get rid of him. I remember the Pacers trading him to Utah in the 3 team trade hoping Jeff Teague could convince Paul George to stay. I don’t see it. The Kings would be down to 1 point guard unless IT was included, and he played there once before.

  3. Hill has serious negative value at this point. I can’t imagine the Kings getting back anything other than a package which also has negative value, although maybe less $ and lesser players. Shumpert and Frye would be a home run. 10 mm obligation to Shumpert next year vs 20 mm to Hill for each of the next two years.

    • Thomas Swanson

      Shumpert is injured, and if LeBron left the Cavs would be stuck with a $20 million bad contract. Won’t happen.

      • It may not happen for that reason. But if Cavs are interested, then taking on the difference in the contracts (next 2 years) is more than enough compensation for the Kings. Shumpert’s injury is irrelevant, as it’s a salary dump from Kings perspective.

        • Thomas Swanson

          Try doing an ESPN trade machine and see if it works. No. Hill is a bust. I watched him in Indiana several years. Playing with IT, LeBron, and Love he’d be averaging 5 points, 1 assist, and 1 rebound a game making $20 million a year. Dan Gilbert already has those.

          • It works under TM. link to
            Cavs would want to add a Calderon type for tax purposes, but not needed for matching.
            Hill would play as a defensive alternative to IT at the point, he’s still an ace defender against PGs and 3 pt shooter (Cavs don’t look much to PG for play making). It’s a fit, but the contract is a problem.

  4. Thomas Swanson

    We’ll see if Cavs General Manager wants to add his contract. It would be great if Cavs could get somebody to take J.R. Smith, Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, and Channing Frye off their hands. At least Shumpert, Frye, and Smith? fall off at end of year. I read the Kings were interested in Ante Zizic and Cedi Osman. Google NBA trades-Kemba Walker, USA Today, January 12. They have 8 different scenarios that pass using the trade machine. They’re not likely but interesting.

    • Thomas Swanson

      Smith, Thompson, Korver, and Crowder are all signed through 2019-2020. That could be a problem.

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