Cavs, Kings Continue To Discuss George Hill

4:05pm: The Kings would receive some sort of draft compensation from the Cavs in the proposed deal for Hill, tweets Marc Stein of The New York Times. Meanwhile, Frye would likely become a buyout candidate if he’s dealt to Sacramento, Stein adds.

If a deal happens and the Kings and Cavs agree on a second-round pick rather than a first-rounder, it would have to change hands sometime down the road — Cleveland has traded its next three second-round selections, though the club does hold Miami’s 2020 second-rounder.

3:32pm: The Cavaliers’ reported interest in Kings guard George Hill is “real,” according to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders, who tweets that the Cavs appear more open to taking on money beyond 2017/18 than they were two months ago. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via Twitter), Cleveland and Sacramento continue to talk about a possible deal involving Hill, with Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye among the probable outgoing pieces for the Cavs.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (video link) also hears that Cleveland has made legit progress in talks on Hill, suggesting today during an appearance on The Jump that the two teams are “way down the road” on a potential trade. It’s at the “one-yard line,” according to Windhorst.

Of course, the last time we heard that sort of NFL-inspired metaphor applied to NBA trade talks was in an offseason report suggesting that the Rockets were getting close to acquiring Carmelo Anthony — obviously, that swap didn’t pan out. Still, it appears that the Cavs are in position to potentially pull the trigger on a deal for Hill before the February 8 deadline, if they so choose.

Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee (Twitter link) hears that the Kings – who have a full 15-man roster – are looking to move a player or two to clear the roster space necessary to complete an unbalanced trade. According to Sam Amico of, a deal for Hill could include Derrick Rose in addition to Shumpert and Frye, in which case Sacramento would need to open up two roster spots.

A trade along those lines would make sense for both clubs. Shumpert, Frye, and Rose have a combined cap hit of $19.23MM this season, which nearly matches Hill’s $20MM cap charge. Both Frye and Rose are on expiring contracts, which would appeal to the rebuilding Kings, who would subsequently be on the hook for Shumpert’s $11MM player option for 2018/19 instead of Hill’s fully guaranteed $19MM salary. The Cavs, meanwhile, would add a reliable veteran guard who has had a down year but would be a very good fit in their rotation if he can recapture his previous form.

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41 thoughts on “Cavs, Kings Continue To Discuss George Hill

  1. It’s a good deal for both teams. Kings get to erase a huge FA mistake, for only 11 mm after this year (vs 37 mm). Frye might even net them something with his expiring contract. Rose can be released. Shumpert, maybe too, with a buyout at a bit under the 11 mm. Cavs get a perfect fit (other than being a bit long in the tooth) at PG for the way their team is structured. Hill can still defend and hit the 3 at plus levels from the point.

    • hiflew

      It’s sad that a 31 year old man is described as “long in the tooth” in any regard.

    • Thomas Swanson

      You haven’t been watching the same Hill as me. With IT and LeBron he’ll be lucky to score 5 points a game. The only good thing out of this is Hill is guaranteed next year, but only $1 million is guaranteed the following year. He won’t help them catch up with the Warriors, let alone stay ahead of the Bucks.

      • You’ve been watching box scores, not games. It’s completely irrelevant how many points he scores. He’s a plus defender at a position where they are currently the worst defensive team I’ve seen in awhile. He’s shooting over 40% from 3, which means he spaces the floor regardless of if he scores at all. Though not a creator, he’s an excellent passer/ball mover (which is why until this year his teams win) and most importantly he is NOT ball dominant (which is what makes IT and Rose horrible fits). The Warrior gap isn’t going to be closed by any single deal they make, but this makes them stronger without giving up prime assets.

        • Thomas Swanson

          Sorry. I’ve been watching games. “Every single Cavs game on Fox Sports Ohio.” I have a buddy on this site who also got to watch all of Hill’s games with the Pacers. He’s one of the most inconsistent players in the NBA. He disappeared a lot for the Pacers. With IT and LeBron he’ll be a non-entity. I just can’t fathom J.R. and Hill scoring less than 10 points a game and a couple assists while getting $34 million a year, and that’s exactly what will happen. You want stats. Hill is having his worst year defensively in the NBA this year. I remember with the Pacers he had a career high 38 one night. He gave up 37 to Damon Lilliard. When I talk about Cavs it comes straight from the horses mouth. For Hill, “I’ve watched him play a whole lot more games than you have.”

          • Thomas Swanson

            For Hill’s shooting, he’s averaging 10 points a game and it’s dropping. With LeBron, Love, IT, Wade, and Jeff Green he wouldn’t shoot very much. Kyle Korver is the Cavs 3 point shooter and is actually the instructor for the team. Hill is undersized. Like CBS said the Cavs are desperate now. He won’t score. The Cavs can get a better defender than Hill for a whole lot less money. They had DeAndre Liggons once. He would have suited the Cavs same purpose at the minimum.

  2. cba93

    Shump and frye make sense but if they toss in rose they’ll never get a friendly vet contract again

    • Michael Chaney

      Rose has been a problem for the Cavs this year even when he’s been with the team…if they traded him I’d find it hard to believe that it would be their fault

      • cba93

        I’m not sure how he’s been a problem but I guess if they do move him you’re probably right. I just think having him and his ability to push the ball up the court as an option come playoff time is still valuable

        • Thomas Swanson

          They are saying Frye would be waived if he goes to Sacramento. I’ve read if Shumpert stays here, he’ll be waived. I can see the Cavs giving Andrew Bogut another shot after the trade deadline.

    • Not really. Sac will release Rose if that’s what he wants and he can go home or sign with anyone he wants.

    • CubsRebsSaints

      He MAY want to go. Play somewhere he can hog the ball, not play D, and get 20 points in a game again. And lose every night. He’s wired differently. That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.!

  3. wright0525

    They will as long as LBJ is there. Rose just isn’t a good fit. Can’t shoot and doesn’t play D.

  4. bitterpadresfan

    Uugghh….the Kings are going to find away to fleece themselves again.

    • x%sure

      Lue isn’t playing Frye anyway, though he should. Shumpert needs a new team.
      It’s weird this looks like a good deal. Stabilization, defense, roster space, 45% 3s.
      Really only one more year at $21mil.
      Helpful, timely.

  5. Dionis

    All this movement for nothing, still not beating Golden State. The Cavs are like that kid drowning hanging for dear life lol, just give it up. Hill is a nice option for a retool in case Isaiah and Lebron skip in free agency.

    • Thomas Swanson

      They did it last year, but he got hurt his first game.
      They are thin on the frontline.

      • Thomas Swanson

        This is at cba93.
        When you’re playing with Lance Stephenson and he controls the ball while Hill stands around and doesn’t contribute, if the Cavs don’t mind throwing away $20 million, go ahead.

          • Thomas Swanson

            If they get Hill, I’ll shut up and let everyone see what I’m talking about. If LeBron leaves (probably not), the Cavs will be into the luxury tax again because of Hill. For Love I understand, but why so many bad contacts. CBS says they are desperate. Hill won’t help one iota. We’ll see.

  6. Z-A

    This wouldnt be terrible. Gives them a multi year PG stop gap. He shoots the 3 very well. And Frye / Shump have much reduced roles. Rose as a toss in, doesn’t impact FA vets, none are as bipolar as him in 2018.

  7. nsideindy

    Save those “assets” for a trade that makes a bigger impact. I guess it’s an upgrade…but not enough to make a difference.

    • Thomas Swanson

      I really wish I got Fox Sports Indiana instead of Fox Sports Ohio. Have you been to any more Pacers games? I’ll root for the Pacers vs. the Cavs Friday!

      • nsideindy

        We saw them beat Brooklyn around Christmas…but that’s it. Friday should be interesting. Maybe a “homecoming” for George Hill? Haha!

        • Thomas Swanson

          Think about it. $20 million would have paid the entire Indiana Pacers ABA Championship team. They’re going to pay J. R. Smith and Hill a combined $36 million to average less than 10 points and 5 assists a game combined and no defense from Hill this year either. I’m wondering if and when the losing will stop. They’re in danger of not making the playoffs.
          Josh McDaniels should be happy. He has Luck and Brissett. I hope they take Saquan Barkley.

          • nsideindy

            Hill is a nice off-the-bench player…but doesn’t really add much as you mention. Plus he disappears for long stretches.
            I’d love Barkley too…but have heard that McDaniel doesn’t place as high of a value on RB’s since he’s never really had a stud RB. Supposedly, pass rush is the way they would like to go. Of course, this is just “experts” on the radio speculating on things!

            • Thomas Swanson

              I’m going to have to start getting NBA League pass and NFL league pass so I can start watching Colts and Pacers. You know about Cavs team meeting. Kevin Love tweeted on his twitter today he’d like to play with his family friend Klay thompson on an all-star team some day after he leaves Cleveland. He can opt out of his contract after next season. I wonder if this his way like Paul George did of letting the Cavs know he wants out.
              So the Colts want the defensive end from North Carolina State. I read the new Colts GM intends to get wide receivers in free agency.

              • nsideindy

                It’s pretty funny that Oladipo made the All Star team and Paul George didn’t! And that PG has hurt feelings! Oladipo is everything that Pacer fans wanted PG to be – – clutch, plays hard, embraces the team and his role.
                The Cavs are a disaster…at least right now. No one seems happy there. It’s hard to read LeBron and nothing that he would do would surprise me.
                WR is a huge need…don’t care where he gets them as long as they are good.
                What are the Browns going to do with the first pick? One mock draft had them going with Barkley with the 1st pick and signing K Cousins to play QB

        • Thomas Swanson

          Have Josh Mcdaniels and Jacoby Brisett said anything about teaching Andrew Luck how to deflate a football?

    • moazetongue

      I’d assume the 1st round picks are what teams are looking to grab for bigger pieces.

      • nsideindy

        Agree — but I think they may need some of those players in a bigger trade to even out salaries. Although I guess they have others they could include.

  8. FromTheCheapSeats

    I love the “Golden State” comments. The Cavs need to worry about beating Toronto and Boston. The Warriors? Pfft. Yeah right.

    • Thomas Swanson

      And right now Miami, Washington, and Milwaukee. The Cavs are within 5 games of being out of the playoffs.

  9. Thomas Swanson

    The Browns new GM is also from Kansas City. thinks the Browns will trade for Alex Smith. They still think the Browns will take Sam Darnold first, but now are considering Josh Allen the quarterback from Wyoming. They would sit and play on practice squad next season. The Browns would then take cornerback Minka Fitzpatrick or Barkley with the 4th pick.
    Kevin Pritchard signs all these good contracts and is a genius. Cavs assistant GM LeBron gets them to get all these bad contracts and now they are sinking. They may want George Hill because all their point guards are free agents after this year.

    • nsideindy

      I don’t think Alex Smith will sign with them if he thinks there’s a shot they’ll draft a QB. Probably tired of “grooming” a rookie QB after Mahomes this year. I’m guessing he’s looking for at least a 3 year commitment as a starter.
      Hahaha…I didn’t think Pritchard was so smart this summer! But happy to admit I was wrong. When did LeBron get demoted to assistant GM?

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