Central Notes: Walker, Van Gundy, LaVine, Cavs

The case for the Pacers pursuing a trade for Hornets point guard Kemba Walker comes down to whether he’d mesh with another ball-dominant guard in Victor Oladipo, Jim Ayello of the Indianapolis Star opines. Indiana hasn’t been linked to Walker but needs a long-term solution at point guard, Ayello continues.  The Pacers could dangle rookie forward T.J. Leaf, a 2018 first-round pick and a handful of expiring and short-term contracts to interest the Hornets, Ayello notes. They also have some team-friendly contracts to trade if Charlotte wants to package a bad contract with Walker. Indiana needs another playmaker but Walker may not fit its scheme and he’s a subpar 3-point shooter, Ayello adds.

Also of note regarding the Central Division:

  • The Pistons have lost five straight and coach Stan Van Gundy admits he’s at a loss why the team’s effort and energy has sunk over the past month, as he told Hoops Rumors and other media members. Detroit suffered a one-point home loss Sunday to the Nets, a team they blew out 11 days earlier. “I don’t know what’s with us. We’re not playing hard enough consistently enough,” he said. “We played hard at times. … But we’re not consistent enough at the defensive end and that, I don’t understand.”
  • Zach LaVine is still trying to get back into top basketball shape, as the Bulls shooting guard admitted to Vince Goodwill of NBCSports.com. LaVine is averaging 11.2 PPG, 4.2 RPG and 2.5 APG in 19.2 MPG in four games since returning from knee surgery. “It was feeling good in practice but in games it’s seventy [percent],” LaVine said of his conditioning. “Playing defense, getting back, running the break, just getting used to it.” LaVine will be reevaluated on Wednesday and could soon see an uptick in minutes, Goodwill adds.
  • Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue doesn’t plan on making a lineup change even though his team has lost 10 of its last 14, according to Associated Press report. Lue said that group has proven it can also turn things around. “We’ve got to play better, we’ve got to be sharper and that’s what we continue to keep working on,” he said. “It’s the same team that won 18 out of 19 and 13 in a row.”
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12 thoughts on “Central Notes: Walker, Van Gundy, LaVine, Cavs

  1. acarneglia

    Walker and Batum for Leaf, Jefferson, another contract, 1st round pick?

    • Dionis

      Walker is not the point guard to put alongside Oladipo, the Pacers should be aiming for Elfryd Payton in free agency since he does not dominate the ball. I’d like to see how he performs. under Nate McMillan’s uptempo offense. Aside from that leave the team as is, it’s time to evaluate Turner and if he will develop into an all-star otherwise might be time to start shopping him around.

  2. Dionis

    I feel like I hear the same BS from Stan and Ty all the time”we have to be better”, no you just suck as a coach. Lebron manipulates Tyronn Lue into his little puppet, he can’t even run his stuff without Lebron interrupting him every timeout. Either put that egomaniac in his place or re-sign from your head coach position and let Lebron be the player-coach since he knows it all, 3-5.

    • Thomas Swanson

      People are forgetting the Cavs had a losing record the second half of last season I read now, and I’ve seen, IT and LeBron isn’t working. For both of them, it’s dribble, dribble, dribble, shoot, and everyone else stands around. They were winning with Calderon on the floor.
      If the Pacers were to lose Turner, it wouldn’t bother me. I always liked Arvidas Sabonis, and I like Domantis I read what you said. Walker might night work with Oladipo because of dominating the ball.

      • Dionis

        Isaiah needs to be the one running the offense and Lebron plays the small forward role he should be playing. There is no need for him to be a point forward, when Isaiah runs the offense the Cavs move the ball around more and everyone is moving around. When Lebron has the ball everyone is stagnant waiting for Lebron to drive and kickout, that is not basketball. IT can run an offense, give the ball off and take it back, come off a screen and make a pass out to a shooter or cutter inside. Lebron can’t do that, everyone takes contested threes with Lebron out on the court and he is so overrated as a play maker it is comical.

        • Thomas Swanson

          The Cleveland sportswriter (Pluto) says they need to start Calderon at point guard and Wade at shooting guard. Because of his defense and not coexisting with LeBron (the reason Kyrie left), Pluto says IT needs to come off the bench.

  3. bennyg

    Cavs to throw a grenade….
    Trade IT, Tat and Schumpert to Cha for Walker, Batum and Howard.
    Nets pick and JR to GSW for Klay

    • Thomas Swanson

      No offense. Golden State wouldn’t even talk to the Pacers about Paul George or Cleveland for Kyrie Irving. Klay Thompson will be with Golden State for years to come.

  4. Luckylefty2

    Lmao!! Somebody has been playing 2k ok rookie because not even HOF mode would make dumb decisions as you just mentioned. Lol !!

  5. moazetongue

    Cavs need to stop this nonsense and play the guys that were winning games. Ie Channing Frye and Kyle Korver. It’s no secret James played better when he has shooters around him that can hit the three and the midrange with consistency. During that long win streak the two i mentioned were getting about twenty a night. During this last losing segment, between them, they get twenty. DRose and several of the other SG haven’t been hitting those jumpers which collapses the D tinge paint. The other team doesn’t have to work on D and over the course of a game can light it up on the D end.

  6. Tyler Dahl

    Excited to see Lavine get back out there. It’s been too long since we’ve seen those crazy hops. Hope he comes back better than before.
    -Mitchell Channon Design

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