Trail Blazers Interested In DeAndre Jordan

Add the Trail Blazers to the list of teams with interest in potential trade candidate DeAndre Jordan, according to Marc Stein of The New York Times, who reports (via Twitter) that Portland is among the clubs that have tried to engage the Clippers in trade discussions.

Besides the Blazers, the Cavaliers and Bucks are a couple of the other teams that are reportedly interested in making a play for Jordan. However, league sources tell Stein (Twitter link) that the Clippers have yet to receive a trade offer for Jordan that they’ve found “seriously tempting.”

While Jordan will be eligible to reach unrestricted free agency this summer and the Clippers won’t want to risk losing him for nothing, the team also won’t want to throw in the towel on the playoff hunt — L.A. currently holds the No. 8 seed in the West. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that this will be the final year of Jordan’s contract, since he has a $24MM+ player option for next season that isn’t necessarily a lock to be declined.

Of course, potential uncertainty about that option decision may cloud Jordan’s value on the trade market — some teams may not want to acquire him as a rental, while others may not want to be locked into that $24MM+ commitment for next season.

Jordan would be an interesting target for the Trail Blazers, who currently have Jusuf Nurkic manning the middle. Nurkic has been solid at center for Portland, but Jordan has a more extensive track record and is viewed as a stronger rim protector and rebounder. It’s also worth noting that current Blazers president Neil Olshey was part of the Clippers’ front office when the team drafted Jordan in 2008.

If the Clips and Blazers were to negotiate a deal involving Jordan, Portland would likely need to include at least one of Evan Turner, Maurice Harkless, and Meyers Leonard in order to make the salaries work. All three of those players are under contract through 2019/20.

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10 thoughts on “Trail Blazers Interested In DeAndre Jordan

  1. SamThinkie

    I wonder if the Blazers proposed a deal where they gave up Nurkic and dumped a bunch of other salaries in exchange for Jordan.

    • bdpecore

      Blazers still need to add more value since Jordan > Nurkic and even more so once they attach a bad contract. Maybe something like Jordan and Rivers for Nurkic, Harkless and Leonard

      • SamThinkie

        I’m honestly unsure how valuable Jordan is though compared to Nurkic. Jordan’s block numbers have declined sharply the last 2 years and he’s 29 and depends tremendously on athleticism and durability while Nurkic is 23. That said though, the Clippers should hold out until the last minute to find out what everyone’s best offers for DJ are.

        • x%sure

          “Best offers” are consisting of salary dumps. Hmm I see you hinted that already

  2. Lionel Muggeridge

    Lol yeah right. Why not lillard and McCollum as well for Jordan? Hehe. Jordan is beginning to decline and is definitely not worth the amount he’ll want as a free agent. Any team that trades for him this season will probably lose him in free agency. He can’t be trusted as the Dallas episode showed

    • Dodgethis

      Pretty sure the Dallas episode showed that Mr Cuban is not only untrustworthy, but actually repelling free agents. Name a real free agent who has signed with Dallas in recent memory?

      • doughnutz99

        why would anyone want to go to Dal as a FA now a days anyway.. doesn’t look attractive any longer ,exsp with DN. done after this yr..(had a great 20!!). they need to strike gold in the draft for the next best future,,

  3. doughnutz99

    I predict he goes to the east coast,Bos, or CLE..Boston has the 8+mil exempt and one of there Rookie bigs(Yues.) and possibly a 2nd Rd pick there should get it done.

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