2017/18 Buyout Market Summary

With the trade deadline in the rearview mirror, much attention is being paid to what is expected to be several weeks of busy buyout market activity. The last day that a player can be waived from their current team and still be eligible to play in the postseason with a new team is March 1.

Below are a series of lists breaking down the veterans who have already been bought out – or simply waived – by their respective teams since the trade deadline, along with those who are expected to be, and several more who really ought to be considered possible buyout candidates even if no reports have come out explicitly stating as much.

As the weeks unfold, we may see new names surface as buyout candidates, in such cases (and whenever a player is formally bought out) we’ll update the list.

Potential buyout candidates:

Expected to be bought out or released:

  • None

Veterans who have been bought out or released:

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16 thoughts on “2017/18 Buyout Market Summary

    • Austin Kent

      The list is currently only players that have been bought out since the trade deadline on Thursday.

      • nikumistry

        Also guys like DRose and Tony Allen weren’t bought out to my knowledge. They were just waived.

          • Luke Adams

            I updated some of the wording since the post was initially published, since even though we refer to as “the buyout market,” not every veteran waived by his team before March 1 will end up giving money back.

  1. norcal73

    If Joe Johnson was 26 he would not be bought out. Easy mistake, I hope the Dubs pick him up.

    • Austin Kent

      Haha, you’re right about that. Thanks for the heads up.

      Johnson was averaging 22, 5 and 6 when he was 26 years old and was named to his second of six consecutive All-Star Games!

    • Yes, Joe Johnson would have been in his prime.

      Joe Johnson is not 26 anymore.

  2. mcase7187

    Johnson and Carter are they only 2 I would like to see the C’s go after

  3. the dude

    Didn’t wright already get bought out? Uou guys were reporting he committed to houston

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