Sixers Sign Marco Belinelli

FEBRUARY 12, 4:28pm: The Sixers have officially signed Belinelli, the team announced in a press release.

FEBRUARY 10, 9:58pm: Belinelli seemed to confirm his intentions to go to Philadelphia by sending out a tweet that read, “TRUST THE PROCESS”.

FEBRUARY 10, 9:15pm: Free agent Marco Belinelli will sign with the Sixers once he clears waivers, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Several teams were competing to attract the 31-year-old shooting guard, Woj adds, with Philadelphia promising significant playing time in a reserve role.

Belinelli agreed to a buyout with the Hawks on Friday, and should pass through the waiver wire by Monday. He will bolster the outside shooting for the Sixers, who have been looking for another 3-point threat.

Belinelli averaged 11.4 points in 52 games with the Hawks while shooting .372 from behind the arc. Atlanta pulled him from its lineup last week in anticipation of a trade before the deadline, but when nothing worked out he became a prime buyout candidate.

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21 thoughts on “Sixers Sign Marco Belinelli

  1. Bryzzo2016

    Oh, I like it! Didn’t anticipate this, but it’s a good fit especially with J.J. hurtin.

    • He is not garbage. He’s not an A signing, but a B signing and provides plenty of offense and shooting. Good play by the Sixers.

  2. DVail1979

    Does anyone know if he’s just signing for the rest of the year or will he get a couple years so he can really become a part of the Process?

  3. Papa Keef

    Would the Sixers need to release anyone to open a roster spot for Belinelli if this signing was to become official?

    • Coach Him

      Yes they will have to release someone. This will push Bayless deeper down the bench which will keep that gunner from costing the team possessions.

  4. Armaday

    Sixers doing all the right moves…This is a team that will seriously compete very soon! LBJ should consider joining these kids and stay in the East, if he really plans on changing his destination.

  5. Hey, 1 move makes it possible to have LBJ and CP3 next year… Trade Bayless + 2 2nd round picks to…. Idk maybe New Orleans – no 1st round pick. Idk NBA Trade Machine is useless at this stage of the year. BUT before the trade deadline… it was possible to trade LBJ and CP3 to the Sixers for Redick, Johnson, Booker, and Bayless.

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