Forbes Releases 2018 NBA Franchise Valuations

The Knicks are still reeling from Tuesday’s news that Kristaps Porzingis has suffered a torn ACL and will be sidelined for the rest of the season. While Porzingis’ injury essentially eliminates the Knicks from the playoff race in the East, team ownership can at least find some solace in the fact that the organization remains the highest-valued franchise in the NBA, according to a report from Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes.

For the first time, all 30 NBA teams have a perceived worth of $1 billion or more, per Forbes’ annual report. In 2017, 18 teams had a valuation exceeding $1 billion, which was up from 13 teams in 2016 and just three teams in 2015.

The league-wide average of $1.65 billion per team is also a record, with franchise valuations up 22% in total over last year’s figures. NBA franchise values have tripled over the last five years, according to Badenhausen.

Here’s the full list of NBA franchise valuations, per Forbes:

  1. New York Knicks: $3.6 billion
  2. Los Angeles Lakers: $3.3 billion
  3. Golden State Warriors: $3.1 billion
  4. Chicago Bulls: $2.6 billion
  5. Boston Celtics: $2.5 billion
  6. Brooklyn Nets: $2.3 billion
  7. Houston Rockets: $2.2 billion
  8. Los Angeles Clippers: $2.15 billion
  9. Dallas Mavericks: $1.9 billion
  10. Miami Heat: $1.7 billion
  11. San Antonio Spurs: $1.55 billion
  12. Toronto Raptors: $1.4 billion
  13. Sacramento Kings: $1.375 billion
  14. Washington Wizards: $1.35 billion
  15. Cleveland Cavaliers: $1.325 billion
  16. Portland Trail Blazers: $1.3 billion
  17. Phoenix Suns: $1.28 billion
  18. Oklahoma City Thunder: $1.25 billion
  19. Orlando Magic: $1.225 billion
  20. Utah Jazz: $1.2 billion
  21. Philadelphia 76ers: $1.18 billion
  22. Indiana Pacers: $1.175 billion
  23. Atlanta Hawks: $1.15 billion
  24. Denver Nuggets: $1.125 billion
  25. Detroit Pistons: $1.1 billion
  26. Milwaukee Bucks: $1.075 billion
  27. Minnesota Timberwolves: $1.06 billion
  28. Charlotte Hornets: $1.05 billion
  29. Memphis Grizzlies: $1.025 billion
  30. New Orleans Pelicans: $1 billion

For comparison’s sake, Forbes’ 2017 valuations can be found right here.

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17 thoughts on “Forbes Releases 2018 NBA Franchise Valuations

  1. SoCalBrave

    I always thought the Celtics and Lakers would be 1 and 2, kinda surprised Boston is that low.

      • Connorsoxfan

        I don’t see how Chicago is above Boston. The other three I understand though.

        • Guys it’s the value of the franchise. The Celtics for instance have a very small geographical area. It’s all about merchandising TV cable advertising and Global reach. Until this year who’s Celtics jersey are you going to buy in China? Porzingis is selling like crazy worldwide… the Bulls are still the kings of the Midwest with global merchandising marketing.

          • yoyo137

            He understood 3/4 things that he mentioned so I’d say he’s pretty good at understanding things

    • madmanTX

      Patriots losing Super Bowl must have knocked down the value of the Celtics and Red Sox.

    • StillMadAboutGame6

      Dallas/Fort Worth is the 4th largest metro area in the US behind Chicago LA and New York. The teams towards the top are either very good, in large metro areas, or both. The surprising entry here is Sacramento

  2. Leemitt

    With Philly’s market size, you’d think they’d be in the top 7 or 8. Shows what years of losing can do to a team’s value.

    • hiflew

      Yeah Philly surprised me more than just about any other as well. Although I was also surprised Portland was so high. I figured the Blazers would be bottom 5 easily.

    • acarneglia

      When you throw in venue(MSG), tv deal(MSG Networks), an all star player(Porzingis), and one of the biggest markets in the world. That gets 3.6 Billion

    • xabial

      Just because you own MSG Networks, doesn’t mean you can’t make bank. Dolan is trying to sell MSG Networks, but even if he doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. They charge $5 per subscriber, among highest in the country.

      Knicks’ 20-year TV deal, with MSG Networks, paid $100M+ year one. Knicks got $104.7MM from their TV rights — more than six lowest teams combined, per confidential records for the 2016-2017 NBA season.

      link to

      This type of information is difficult to find. I implore all of you to read this article — even though it’s on 2016-2017 NBA season —and assume higher revenue—for all 30 teams. Even if you don’t apply any changes to the revenues, the numbers for the Knicks — are staggering.

  3. Cara Steen

    Once the new, privately owned Warriors Arena (Chase Center?) opens expect them to jump to #1.

    • Nope.

      New York will always be the center of the universe. That will never change. And LA is extremely powerful with all the industry there the movies the Stars the port the resources and location Etc. The Bay Area has Tech and a little bit of Chinese investment. They’re peaked at number three and in fact I’m surprised my Warriors are valued that high.

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