Knicks Acquire Emmanuel Mudiay In Three-Team Trade

7:51pm: The three-way trade is now official, according to press releases issued by the Knicks and Nuggets.Emmanuel Mudiay vertical

1:09pm: Denver, New York and Dallas have reached agreement on a three-team trade that will send Emmanuel Mudiay to the Knicks, Devin Harris to the Nuggets and Doug McDermott to the Mavericks, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The deal also includes a swap of second-round picks, Woj adds, with Denver receiving the Clippers’ 2018 second-rounder from the Knicks. The Mavericks will be getting the Trail Blazers’ 2018 second-round pick from the Nuggets.

The Knicks are adding to their options at point guard by taking on Mudiay, who was the seventh player selected in the 2015 draft. He was given the starting spot as a rookie, but has drifted into a reserve role as shooting problems have slowed his progress. He joins 2017 first-rounder Frank Ntilikina in New York’s backcourt, along with veteran Jarrett Jack and Trey Burke. Mudiay is owed nearly $4.3MM for next season and is eligible for a rookie contract extension in the summer of 2019.

Harris, who will turn 35 later this month, brings a veteran presence to Denver’s backcourt for the rest of the season. He is averaging 8.5 points in 44 games and has an expiring contract worth a little more than $4.4MM.

McDermott, part of the package the Knicks received in exchange for Carmelo Anthony, averaged 7.2 points and shot .387 from 3-point range in 55 games for New York. This is the third trade in the past 12 months for McDermott, who will be a restricted free agent this summer.

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24 thoughts on “Knicks Acquire Emmanuel Mudiay In Three-Team Trade

  1. If all they gave up is McD, I think it makes sense. I like McD, but he wasn’t getting the minutes to justify signing him as a RFA. EM can’t shoot (tough league for that), but he’s a good defender, and could be a great one, and has good true PG skills. A flyer, but one with some chance to make good.

    • Ralow

      Have you seen Mudiay play? He’s not a good PG. He’s a scoring combo guard who can’t score. Now all that could change since he’s only 21 but there is a reason Denver gave up on him after only 2.5 years. He could be Chauncy Billups 2.0 or Marcus Smart….

      • I have, including in college, I disagree on his PG skills. He’s too loose with his passes, but you can’t teach court vision. Unfortunately, I’m not sure you can improve a guy’s shooting all that much either. But the Knicks can give him minutes, or they shouldn’t have made the trade.

          • x%sure

            Well I saw him in Africa, so there. Did anyone see him in China?

            Maybe a preseason tourney is not a fair test, but based on that and oh yes, Denver, I think NY got the least from the trade.

            The African tourney did predict that Drummond and Jalen Brown would have improved years.

        • Yes. LOL. It was him I was watching, but likely in HS all star games, including McD game, and 1st year in Denver.

  2. Trade away a Center, create a new logjam at the point. Better be more moving coming.

    • Paves the way for them to buyout Jack (or stash him at the end of the bench). Rumors have it that the Knicks want to start playing the younger guys at the PG spot. Gives them three guys to rotate between to see who they want to keep around (aside from Ntilikina).

      • padam

        Buy out Jack? He’s at the league minimum. If there’s anyone they need to buyout it’s Noah.

  3. padam

    Scott Perry…burying the Knicks deeper one move at a time.

    Yes, let’s trade for the useless player who is a bust. We already have a few of those on the roster.

    • Did you expect them to move McBuckets for a superstar? The Knicks aren’t going anywhere this year, next year, or the year after. McD isn’t a long term piece and while Mudiay has been bad, he’s still young. The Knicks need to bring in young players to see if any of them turn out to be good. At the very least this makes them worse so they can get a better lottery pick. Is that so bad?

      • padam

        McBuckets was young too. Considering they just used a high draft pick on a PG, explain to me where this helps/works? At least McBuckets can do something – shoot, unlike the bust they just traded for.

        • I agree should have kept Dougie. And the Knicks gave up a second round pick in the deal too LOL

  4. Ezra77

    Now Stephan A. Smith Knicks have who he thought they would have drafted instead of PorzinGod back in the draft lmao

  5. xabial

    Doug isn’t a “sexy brand name” like Mudiay, who just comes with draft pedigree. That’s it. With limited number of teams, Cap space this off-season, and Doug’s RFA status, Knicks could’ve signed him to below-market deal, especially if kept missing those 3’s we were so accustomed to seeing him make. Despite ice cold streak last 2 weeks or so, Doug could still do one thing well. Shoot! Strange seeing so many people in favor of this trade.

  6. xabial

    I think Knicks are being graded on a curve, and Mudiay will be out of the league soon, despite being 21. Hope I’m wrong but guy’s been bust, since being drafted #7 in 2015 NBA draft. DEN should’ve gotten what ORL got for Peyton (Another bust)– 1 second round pick– Instead NY gives up a solid bench player, 3PT guy, plus a 2nd round pick… At least it was only a 2nd round

    First 2 seasons: Mudiay shot .364%, .377%!!!

    Current .40% FG is career-high. Career 3pt% of .328, inflated by .373% this season.

    Sucks at almost everything, but “athleticism”? Lol Reminds me of Joe Alexander.

    Please make me a fool out of me Mudiay…. Turn into a MVP… or just stay in the league..

    • kenneth cole

      Joe Alexander the West Virginia product? What kind of comp is that? LMAO

      • xabial

        Did you read? The only part of their game that stood out was “athleticism”

        Everything else was garbage.

        Who cares about college? Mudiay played in China.

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