Projected 2019 Lottery Pick Darius Bazley To Sign In G League

Projected 2019 lottery pick Darius Bazley has decommitted from Syracuse and will instead sign a G League contract when he’s eligible to do so next September, Shams Charania of Yahoo Sports writes. The decision is unprecedented for a player of Bazley’s stature coming out of high school.

Since individuals are eligible to sign G League contracts one year sooner than they’re eligible to declare for the NBA Draft, the soon-to-be 18-year-old will be free to do so in September, months after finishing high school in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Those familiar with the 2019 NBA Draft landscape may already know that Bazley has established himself as an intriguing 6’9″ playmaker. The wing’s ball handling and ability to contribute defensively will make him a tantalizing prospect as he navigates the uncharted territory.

While highly regarded high school prospects have skipped the NCAA to play overseas prior to entering the NBA Draft previously, this is the first time a player as celebrated as Bazley, a 2018 McDonald’s All-American, will forego college for a year in the G League where player salaries are capped around $30K. In contrast, Emmanuel Mudiay signed a one-year deal in China worth $1.2MM following his final year of high school in 2014.

I’m aware that this might start a trend and that’s one of the reasons why I am doing this,” Bazley told Yahoo Sports. “I’m outspoken and I like to speak on things. This is me speaking through my actions, speaking through my character. This is going to happen down the road and become more common. But someone has to start the fire — and I believe I’m going to do that, and it’s very important to me.

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10 thoughts on “Projected 2019 Lottery Pick Darius Bazley To Sign In G League

  1. camdenyards46

    I could see more and more players doing this in the coming months. It would help them get an early paycheck, and also get more familiar with NBA organizations.

    • hiflew

      An early paycheck? It’s 30k a year. They can get the same paycheck from Wal Mart. This is just a bad idea all around. These guys are unwilling to wait a single year before they become millionaires over a lousy $30,000. And it’s not like skipping college has helped Mudiay or Terrance Ferguson become better pro players or anything. It’s just greed gone wild.

      • deal1122

        Couldn’t agree more. These guys really have no idea what they’re doing.

  2. camdenyards46

    Does he still go in the draft or is he property of the g league team that signs him(and the nba team controlling that g league team)

  3. SouthsideSlugger

    This is a huge kick in the sack for Syracuse. The biggest recruit since Melo coming to a team with talent and boom. It sucks.

    • sheacrazies

      Eventually I think the NCAA is going to be forced to start sharing some of massive profits they are making off these kids. I’m a cuse fan and this sucks big time.

      • hiflew

        What about the massive profits schools make off every other student? Have you looked at the prices in a student bookstore recently?

  4. Thomas Swanson

    Still think he’s better off in the Australian League.
    I watched the McDonalds All American game last night. They said the Duke commits wanted to create a new Fab Four. All they are missing is a center, and no. 12 rated recruit E.J. Montgomery, a 6’10” center from Georgia who decommited from Auburn, has him 90% going to Duke according to 247 Sports!

  5. x%sure

    He wants to speak out but he doesn’t want to be even exposed to education. Can’t wait to hear from him.

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