Kenny Smith To Interview With Knicks

Kenny Smith is the latest addition to the Knicks’ coaching search, according to an ESPN report. The TNT analyst, who has no NBA coaching experience, will reportedly interview with the team Friday. Smith played in the league for 10 seasons and joined Turner Sports in 1998.

The Knicks have already held interviews with Mark Jackson and Jerry Stackhouse and plan to bring in David Fizdale later this week. That will be followed next week by a session with David Blatt.

They have also received permission from the Clippers to talk to assistant coach Mike Woodson, but he’s not in the top tier of candidates, according to ESPN.

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12 thoughts on “Kenny Smith To Interview With Knicks

  1. diller79

    Kenny Smith should be a coach in the NBA. If not with the Knicks then with someone else

  2. acarneglia

    Kenny Smith and Stephen Silas were very likely the head coaches in Houston before D’Antoni was hired

  3. padam

    Love the idea of Kenny coaching the Knicks. Fellow Queens boy who I had the privilege to play against in high school. Smart guy and a student of the game. He’d have to grow along with the team as a coach, but that’s ok. Miracles aren’t going to happen over night.

    • the dude

      Miracles kind of do happen over night. Hard work is what you’re talking about

      • padam

        Was referring to the Knicks, not Kenny. Knicks can work hard, but there isn’t enough talent yet to take them to the promised land.

  4. madmanTX

    Take him: tired of listening to his ragging on Houston maybe getting LeBron.

  5. PLEASE give him the job so we don’t to hear him on TNT. He’s one of the most inarticulate and annoying people on tv

  6. Tomorrow they will be interviewing my high schools jv coach. Heard they have an offer out to Spike Lee. “If we bring in everyone, LeBron has to like one of them right??”

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