Knicks To Interview Juwan Howard

Heat assistant coach Juwan Howard has emerged as a candidate for the Knicks’ head coaching job, tweets ESPN’s Zach Lowe. New York may interview Howard as early as this weekend.

Howard, 45, played 19 NBA seasons before retiring in 2013. He accepted a spot on Miami’s coaching staff and has remained there for five seasons.

He is part of a growing field of candidates hoping to take over for Jeff Hornacek, who was fired at the end of the season. Also interviewing for the position were Jerry StackhouseMark JacksonMike WoodsonKenny SmithDavid FizdaleMike BudenholzerDavid BlattJames Borrego and Jay Larranaga. A report last night indicated the Knicks have particular interest in Budenholzer and Blatt.

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7 thoughts on “Knicks To Interview Juwan Howard

  1. SouthsideSlugger

    It’s getting almost ridiculous at this point. I think they need to just go with Blatt, Bud, or Fiz personally. They’ve made enough mistakes with coaching decisions in recent years.

  2. Djones246890

    Is there any red-blooded male human being not being interviewed for the Knicks’ coaching job? How about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? I think they deserve a shot, too. Narrow it down to 2 or 3, and end this circus.

    • Hate to say it, but you know how it goes. When they hire Mike Budenholzer, people will say, did others, all people, get a chance for interviews. You know what I mean? I think the Knicks are avoiding those conversations from even starting.

  3. I doubt it’s for show (not after a dozen guys are interviewed). More likely they’re not totally sold on MB or Blatt. MB over Blatt, but neither is a perfect fit.

    • They offered Budenholzer the job at such-and-such salary. Mike’s trying to beat that with a couple of interviews and if he can’t he’ll take the Knicks job.

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