Sixers Hope To Keep Brett Brown Long-Term

Coach Brett Brown has only one season left on his contract after this year’s campaign, but the Sixers hope to keep him on the sideline for the foreseeable future.

“I’m invested in keeping Brett here for a long time,” owner Josh Harris told Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer prior to Saturday’s 27-point Game 1 win.

He added that the Sixers are different than other sports franchises, as it places an emphasis on longevity and creating a positive culture. Harris, who also owns a majority stake in the NHL’s New Jersey Devils, believes that Brown has proven to be the right man for the job, despite having a career 127-283 regular season record.

“I think he should be coach of the year,” Harris said. “I think that Brett was clearly an amazing coach before this year in terms of his player development skills, and his vision and the culture that he built.

“This year was the first year that he was really tested in terms of his in-game tactics and how he ran the team and wins. We were judging him by wins. Go win some games. He delivered in spades. We over-exceeded expectations. …I hope he’s here for a long time.”

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9 thoughts on “Sixers Hope To Keep Brett Brown Long-Term

  1. Alex Graboyes

    Bretg brown is goat coach. There is a reason why pop really wanted to keep him and constantly praises him. I think brown will be the next pop and build. A dynast in philly

    • dust44

      Is goat coach? Pump the breaks. And the next pop? Slam the breaks. Coaching in the NBA is literally all about the talent u have. End of story.

      • blakeh11

        He made a team with a high school roster that shouldn’t have won a single game, semi competitive and took a largely unproven roster and won over 50 games. They winning without their BEST player. He has to completely change his rotations to compensate and you would’ve seen that if you watched them blow out the heat by almost 30 points.

  2. Connorsoxfan

    Good. After all the losing he endured it would be tragic for him not to stick around and watch this team win.

  3. Lefty_Orioles_Fan

    Sixers Hope To Keep Brett Brown Long-Term

    Oh good heavens!!!
    However if he wins this opening series against the Heat, he should be signed, if he doesn’t the Heave – Ho should be given.

    • Philly Fan

      No matter the outcome, he should be kept. Even forgetting the brutal seasons he went through, Brett’s offensive schemes are the main reason the Sixers are a 50+ win team already. Plus, he’s loved by the players and fanbase

  4. They should bring Hinkie back into the fold in some capacity. If they win a championship, I’d say Bronze Statue out front.

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