Central Notes: Hood, Cavs, Pacers, Maker

While reports in the wake of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals indicated that Rodney Hoodrefused” to enter the game for the Cavaliers, he classified it a little differently in his explanation to reporters, as Nick Schwartz of USA Today details.

“They called my name, they did call my name, but I was like, ‘Just let Jose (Calderon play),'” Hood said. “He was warm and ready to play, so I said, ‘Just let him.’ I should have took it more serious, went in there, got some reps up.”

It may be a matter of semantics whether Hood “refused” to enter the game or just politely passed on the opportunity, but for what it’s worth, the rest of the Cavs don’t seem to be holding a grudge. According to Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com, after he apologized on Thursday, Hood said that his teammates just laughed at him, pointing out that after all the drama the team has been through this season, they didn’t need to blow the Game 4 incident out of proportion.

“Things like that happen in the course of a season,” Kevin Love said. “I mean, I’ve only known Rodney for a short period of time, but I know he’s a great guy. I know he’s here to win. Was that a great decision? Maybe not. But he came in today, said he’s all in and we believe him.”

While we wait to see if Hood regains a spot in the Cavs’ rotation in the Eastern Conference Finals, here are a few more notes from around the Central:

  • The Cavaliers were praised after the trade deadline for acquiring young, controllable players like Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr., but given how little they contributed during the Cavs’ four-game sweep of Toronto, Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman wonders whether that trade was a mistake for Cleveland.
  • Sean Deveney of The Sporting News previews the Pacers‘ offseason, observing that president of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard will have a narrow line to walk as he looks to improve Indiana’s roster without handing out or taking on any bad long-term contracts.
  • It’s possible that All-Star caliber players like Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker will be on the trade market this offseason, prompting J. Michael of The Indianapolis Star to explore whether it would be worth it for the Pacers to pursue any big-time trade candidates.
  • Bucks big man Thon Maker intends to suit up for Australia during the FIBA 2019 World Cup qualifiers this summer, as he tells FIBA.basketball.
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10 thoughts on “Central Notes: Hood, Cavs, Pacers, Maker

    • Horrible – all three need the ball in their hands all the time to be effective. Don’t remember Victor in OKC? Shaky spot-up shooter

  1. I can’t remember a single commentator “praising” the Clarkson-Nance trade. In fact, it was pretty universally considered the worst deal made at the deadline. Taking on Clarkson’s bad contract, and giving up a 1st, to get Nance? Athletic PF, but not big/long enough to guard the paint or the rim, and he can’t shoot. The Hill /Hood deal got good reviews.

    • moazetongue

      Actually they did get good reviews in Cleveland especially Nance. In fact the Cleveland media gushed about it all the way to the playoffs.

      They’re learning. It takes awhile to gain chemistry with a team. Having a very short time to do so has hurt that duo in the play offs.

      Let’s see how things go in this next round. I’m more likely to blame Lue for not having a clear role for the new guys. I wish Lue was still recovering from his illness as The assistant coach had them playing and winning consistently.

      • x%sure

        There was four ‘trades’ in one day, and the whole of it looked good because something had to be done. But Altman’s trades have yet to make the team better, though George Hill is key. An offense was found that he really operates in.

        There’s still a pick at around #9, however, there is also a chance the Laker trade could enable a James shift to LA.

      • ESPN gave Cavs a “D” for Lakers-Cavs trade, and I saw between C- and F in other places. NOT sure who gave it a good review. The Hill-Hood deal was separate. Nance was given every opportunity, as had Clarkson. Hood is the guy who has had a real short leash, and he’s better than the other two at least in terms of what the Cavs need now.
        link to espn.com

        • Luke Adams

          The trade itself definitely wasn’t universally praised in terms of value because of the first-round pick and Clarkson’s contract (though some people did still give it positive reviews — I remember Bill Simmons saying he liked that one but not the Hill/Hood deal). But the narrative for weeks afterward was that the Cavs looked rejuvenated after having swapped out some older veterans for younger players (Nance especially), and they were praised for having acquired guys that could keep improving next year with or without LeBron.

        • moazetongue

          As I posted. The Cavs media. I’ll assume you don’t get Fox Sports Ohio, the Cleveland Plain DeAler et al. For Cleveland, dumping IT, a cancer, was worth whatever lakers can pick at #26 cause Frye only played a couple of games.

          Why would I look at espn? As I posted “Rhe Cleveland media”! Who gives a crap what espn has to say? Grades? How do you grade dumping a cancer and a nice guy but old and slow Frye for a shooter and an athletic big?

          Clarkson has been a scoring lift off the bench and Nance, when used has had some game changing moments for the Cavs.

          Hill has been a breath of breath of fresh air at the 1 and Hood needs to realize he’s auditioning for the Cavs and whomever else is watching. He is a really athletic wing player that could make a difference.

  2. yoyo137

    Kevin Love is a great dude for saying that about Rodney Hood. His value was going down after such a stupid incident in the first place. I love when players look out for other players. LeBron getting Tristan that money was legendary.

  3. He should have played. Can’t understand a player that doesn’t. More so a young one looking for a contract. They should get rid of him.

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