Knicks To Host Trae Young For Private Workout

Oklahoma guard Trae Young has elected to grant the Knicks a private workout, a source tells Marc Berman of The New York Post. Young, who intends to work out for “a handful” of clubs, is still figuring out his schedule, so the date of the workout remains unclear, per Berman.

Young, widely viewed as a top-eight prospect, isn’t expected to be on the board when the Knicks pick at No. 9. Even if he’s available, he may not be the first choice for a New York club with multiple point guards already on the roster and a more glaring need on the wing. Still, Young is very much on the Knicks’ radar due to his high upside, sources tell Berman.

According to Adam Zagoria of (Twitter link), the Suns, Kings, Hawks, Grizzlies, Knicks, and Sixers have already “passed through” Oklahoma to talk to staff and faculty about Young. The Cavaliers have also been in touch with the program about Young, Zagoria adds.

In Jonathan Givony’s latest mock draft for, he has Young coming off the board at No. 6 to Orlando, writing that the 19-year-old is a “highly skilled scorer and passer with unlimited range on his jump shot and tremendous instincts in the pick-and-roll.”

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9 thoughts on “Knicks To Host Trae Young For Private Workout

  1. Hopefully the workout will include him going up against an NBA level player, defending the guy and being defended by him. That should take Young off their board.

  2. H.Henderson

    I think its a bad idea to even entertain the idea of drafting a guard, unless that guard is the best player available when its the knicks turn to pick. That would mean both Carter and Mikal Bridges were already picked. Honestly I don’t see Young falling past both Orlando and Cleveland. Both teams are in dire need of a PG.

  3. So is NY in dire need of a PG. I know you have Mudiay, Ntilikina, Burke & Jack. But realistically, Burke to me is the one with more desire for it, I was impressed with him, but I think is a bit of score first PG, don’t buy much into that, Mudiay, isn’t really good enough & Frank, well I don’t know if he will ever be a star, but he seems very far off just now, so if Knicks can get Trae Young, they must, forget about wings & so on, you are rebuilding so you getting the best assets not filling gaps, you are not about to start winning next year, maybe in 2-3 years you might start contending for the playoffs, you have to go slow, cannot rush a rebuild, as Knicks done so often & always is gone bad, that’s why you cannot ever truly contend. Be patient.

    • H.Henderson

      Ntlikina I agree is not a star but is a great defender. If he continues to work on his shot, he will be a solid shooter next to Hardaway Jr. Ntlikina wasn’t given real playing time until the last 10 games of the season. He showed improvement.

      As for Burke, it’s his defense that stops him from being a starter. But as a back up, the Knicks struck gold. Mudiay is the biggest question mark. He’s not great at anything. I see Mudiay being traded by the trade deadline.

      So at the guard spots, the Knicks have:
      Ntlikina, Hardaway Jr, Burke, Mudiay, Lee, Dotson, Baker, and Jack. That’s eight guards. The Knicks I say again do not need another guard.

      • padam

        None of the Knicks guards are ‘quality’ starters. Hardaway, the best of the bunch, would be better suited as a ‘sixth man’ off the bench. Ntilikina can’t shoot, nor can he dribble with his left hand – qualities necessary for shooting or point guards respectively. He’s Michael Cooper at best.

        I’m thinking Orlando grabs Young with the 6th pick – saving the Knicks from making that pick. The Knicks do need to pick the most talented player, no matter the position. You think Portland still takes Sam Bowie over MJ, though they needed a center?

        Carter, Porter Jr, and Mikal B. are all great picks for the Knicks if they fall that far, but if not and Young is the most talented available player, you take him and move forward.

        • x%sure

          That’s possible, after those 3 Carter Porter MikalB, and Ayton Doncic Bagley Bomba Jackson.
          It would then be Young vs Sexton Walker Williams Aleaxander Knox MilesB.

          Orlando could go Doncic, Cleveland Porter and NY Young; could happen. But Knox could work right in, like Mikal, the likely pick IMO.

    • Drafting Young is giving up on the rebuild, at least one that aspires to more than a middle of the road playoff team. The best player available is not necessarily the most hyped player available. At #9, it’s more about the player you can best develop in conjunction with developing the rest of the talented young players you have. Position flexibility and completeness are prime qualities in prospects for rebuilding teams. Young lacks both in the extreme. He’s a one position player, who can’t defend that position. On offense he’s a ball dominant, turnover prone, low percentage, volume shooter, who can’t even go the rim effectively. His way below baseline athleticism makes it difficult to see these changing much.

      If you want a team that has 2 “bench” guys like Young and THJ throw up 40 plus shots a game at a low percentage, with no ball movement, no backcourt defense, and a lot of bored/annoyed teammates stuck watching them and not developing, then Young is your man.

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