Lakers Notes: Ball Family, Allen, Workouts

LiAngelo Ball, the younger brother of Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball, will take part in a pre-draft workout with the team on Tuesday, per ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk. St. Bonaventure’s Jaylen Adams, UCLA’s Thomas Welsh, Virginia’s Devon Hall, Syracuse’s Tyus Battle and Arizona’s Dusan Ristic are also scheduled for the workout.

LiAngelo returned to the United States recently after completing his first professional season overseas with Vytautas Prienu of the Lithuanian league. He averaged 12.6 PPG during his stint. LiAngelo’s year got off to a rough start after he was arrested in China along with two other UCLA teammates on suspicion of shoplifting. Following his release, LiAngelo left the NCAA and, along with younger brother LaMelo, signed contracts with Vytautas.

“The Lakers are my priority, for sure,” LiAngelo said during a recent appearance on the Marcellus and Travis show on ESPNLA radio. “I want to play with my brother. Ever since I played with Zo, we went undefeated. When we get older, we will get stronger, faster and a better feel for the game. I’m willing to play for other teams, but my priority is to play with my brother.”

Check out more Lakers notes below:

  • LaVar Ball, the patriarch of the Ball family, has never been shy to speak his mind when it comes to his sons and his latest comments are no different. During an interview with Hoops Hype’s Alex Kennedy, LaVar said that Lonzo’s health was compromised due to the Lakers’ training tactics. “My expectation for Lonzo is for him to be twice as good as he was this year, and to be more healthy,” he said. “He understands, he went through it. If you’re going to be doing those [workouts with] rubber-bands like that dude Gunnar has him doing, that [is] bulls–t training. That’s what I call it. S–t, he wasn’t like that when I brought him over there. When he first came [to the Lakers], he never got hurt. He was never hurt.”
  • Duke’s Grayson Allen, one of the more controversial players in this year’s NBA Draft, has shown on-court potential but his composure and attitude have long been questioned. Allen worked out for the Lakers on Friday and Bill Oram of the Orange County Register examined a potential fit between L.A. and the sharpshooting Blue Devil.
  • In addition to Allen, here is the latest list of players to have participated in pre-draft workouts for the Lakers.
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14 thoughts on “Lakers Notes: Ball Family, Allen, Workouts

  1. Lonzo really needs to grow a set of grapefruits and get off his Dad’s teat. Be a big boy and tell the old man to sit down.

    • yoyo137

      I haven’t heard anything from Lavar Ball in what seems like a year, but probably is a couple months. I don’t think that’s really a problem anymore.

      • the sterling don

        He’ll no doubt start up again once the season starts. People like that don’t change.

      • stug14

        They don’t have internet in Lithuania. We’re still waiting for the carrier pigeon he sent in February.

  2. padam

    Grayson Allen… I’d love to see him attempt his antics in the NBA. Personally, I’d pass on him in the draft, but I’m sure someone is going to roll the dice and pick him. He’s the type of character you want to keep out of the locker room.

    • Gary

      That and what does he really excel at? He’s just a guy. Doesn’t handle it that well shoots it only okay.

      Allen’s a pretty good athlete and you have to be at only 6-4. NBA GM’s look for a guy like this with okay skills to have an exceptional attitude. Well there go his chances at a pic in the teens or early 20s

  3. thegutsscrambler

    LiAngelo is the only Ball kid I’m rooting for. He gets clowned so hard and looked over, I’d love if he ended up being the most talented. That video of him shooting that came out a few days ago actually looked pretty good. With that said, I still think he’s a dummy, but I can’t help but root for the underdog.

  4. Greg

    yoyo, the reason you had heard from LaVar in a few months was that he was overseas with his kids. They’re back, he’s back, and now the s_i_ show begins again.

    Calling out the Lakers trainer, smooth move A-hole. Seriously, either his kids need to tell him to back the heck off, or someone needs to drop this guy hard with a punch.

  5. all in ad

    The Ball circus keeps rolling. His big mouth will be a cancer in that clubhouse and Tragic Johnson can’t control him. PG will come and his choking will get called out by the old man. LBJ…no way. Leonard…no way. Fade the Fakers!!!

  6. all in ad

    Casey did a nice job….except he forgot the Association is a players league and benched DeRozen in 4th quarter/playoffs. Stupid. Utah didn’t fire jerry Sloan when he couldn’t beat MJ….raptors need to stick together and out live LBJ. Father Time is undefeated.

  7. JrodFunk5

    If the Lakers are going to let the ball circus become even more intertwined in their franchise, they can count on damaging their brand. Lavar Ball is bad for his kids, fans, our kids, and our culture. He’s the Donald Trump of sports.

  8. Dodgethis

    Don’t lie, you guys put Lonzo ball on your nba2k18 teams like i did, only to have him tear through traffic and miss the wide open layup. Every. Single. Time.

  9. OCTraveler

    A Ball with talent on a roster might be ok but to add his brother is just a publicity stunt rather than a basketball decision.

    There are too many better options in the drat – Trent Jr., Allen or even Billy Preston to name a few.

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