Rival Teams Keeping Eye On Karl-Anthony Towns

After discussing rumors of potential tension between Karl-Anthony Towns and the Timberwolves on a podcast last week, Brian Windhorst appeared on ESPN to further address the situation in Minnesota, as Dan Feldman of NBC Sports relays. According to Windhorst, rival teams around the NBA appear to be keeping a close eye on Towns.

“Let’s just put it this way: I didn’t make this up,” Windhorst said, per Feldman. “People in the league have been saying, ‘You know, maybe we should call and take a look and see what’s going on with Karl Towns.’ Now, he and Tom Thibodeau did not have the greatest season together. I think that’s far to say. They recently fired Vince Legarza, who’s his strength and conditioning coach – or he’s actually his workout coach – with the Wolves and, according to The Athletic, didn’t tell him about it. He found out when everybody else did.

“I don’t think that the Wolves are looking to trade him,” Windhorst continued. “But teams are definitely sniffing around as if maybe there’s something here.”

Windhorst also alluded to a report from back in January about the Clippers calling the Timberwolves and offering Blake Griffin in a deal for Towns before they ultimately sent Griffin to Detroit. At the time, the proposal seemed like an out-of-nowhere Hail Mary by the Clips, but the latest rumblings out of Minnesota put that offer into a clearer context.

According to Windhorst, the Timberwolves have already received some calls on Towns, including that one from the Clippers, and they’ll likely keep getting more inquiries. Still, that doesn’t mean that anything will happen on this front. Towns is one of the most valuable young players in the NBA, and Minnesota is well positioned to keep him under team control for years to come.

The former first overall pick will be extension-eligible for the first time during this offseason, and fourth-year players rarely turn down maximum-salary contract offers. Even if the Wolves decide not to put such an offer on the table this year, or Towns passes on it, he’d be a restricted free agent in 2019, giving Minnesota the opportunity to match any offer sheet he signs.

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32 thoughts on “Rival Teams Keeping Eye On Karl-Anthony Towns

  1. Z-A

    KAT + Dieng probably how they will want to structure any trade. Dumping Dieng should be a priority. Was a dumb contract to begin with.

    So that rules out the Lakers – no one wants Loul Deng back in a trade.

    Clippers, so it’s 12, 13, and 1 year of DJ? Not really a great return for KAT.

    Would the Sixers try an experiment with KAT and Embiid? That would be scary. They have 6 picks in this draft.

    Phx this is a no-brainer trade. Chandler, Chriss/Bender, #1 overall for KAT and Dieng.

    • Aircool

      That Phoenix trade is horrible. Why would someone overpay for KAT and take a ad contract? Insane.

      • Z-A

        Where’s the overpay? Chandler is cooked. Chriss or Bender take your pick? Aren’t really assets. Starting to sound like a bad trade for the Wolves actually…

  2. formerlyz

    This is insane. I’ll reiterate b/c I just dont believe this. If they trade KAT, I dont see what they’re trying to do. He is the face of the franchise, or should be. I’d fire Thibs and trade everyone else before doing that. It would take a crazy amount to get him.

    Wiggins deals should at least be explored. He hasnt improved in any area, and he still shies away. He also took the most shots on the team and still complained about his role/touches, and then still shies away as I said. No reason he shouldn’t be a great defender. He needs to continue to improve his jumpshot, and especially at the free throw line. And he needs to improve his ability as a playmaker

    • moazetongue

      Yup. Wiggins is one of those guys that would’ve should’ve or could’ve. He has all the physical skills in the world. He must not work hard. Like in what ever it takes to be great. It’s not like he’s had broken bones or torn ligaments to set him back. I think he feels entitled.

  3. southbeachbully

    Towns is in his last year of his rookie deal. The Wolves can offer him more money than any other team. Even though they didn’t go past the 1st round vs the Rockets they have…made…progress. What team can he go to that can afford him, have a need for him and posses a top coach and teammates like Butler, Wiggins and Teague?

    Here’s a wild idea. LBJ to the Wolves in a sign and trade for Wiggins? Who says no first?


    I hope he stays in Cleveland and I doubt that he would go to Min but if he did, I think that team can compete with the Warriors, especially if LBJ can convince a shooter to join them.

    • stug14

      I don’t see LBJ wanting to go to MIN. Not a Philly fan, but that destination makes more sense. LA also does because it’s a big media market.

      • southbeachbully

        I think the last thing LBJ cares about is market size. It’s about winning. Cleveland is a small market but TV stations clamor to feature as many games as possible. His presence literally improves the local economy.

        • moazetongue

          I say no first. The GOAT for the player that has done absolutely nothing and is underperforming. The only way I see that is if James tells Gilbert he’s leaving and to get what you can. then and only then would the Cavs consider an underachiever like Wiggins plus like the next 5 1st round kicks in alternating years.

          However James to Philly in a similar situation but Philly would have to pony up as well. That makes more sense.

          You can compare market size all you want but Cleveland is home. Is why he’s there now.

          LA is feasible with cap space
          But that’s where it ends. There is absolutely no talent on that team that would make James say, “I’d love to play for the Ball family and do what papa Bell says. I’d love to start all over again with one other max player. He and I alone could challenge the warriors.” It’s not happening. It’d smarter to stay home where there is actually talent already and chemistry. And no one else can offer him that Supermax contract.

          With all those saying James he’s leaving, he might, just not realistic the way things are structured in the nba. He’s on the wrong side of 30 and isn’t looking to start over with getting a coach he likes which would mean fire Thibs, and the other coaches. Then get rid of all the younger players sonJames can play with veterans he trusts. That’s the way it works for James.

  4. acarneglia

    Kemba, Zeller, Monk, Hornets 11, 2020 Charlotte 1st for KAT

    Kawhi and Kyle Anderson for KAT

    • FromTheCheapSeats

      Minnesota should be talking to Charlotte. It just shouldn’t be about unloading KAT.

      Teague and Wiggins for Kemba and Batum would be an excellent deal for both teams.

  5. ppyxmb

    Dallas could consider relieving Minnesota of Dieng (in a trade for Kleber, for example) if the wolves attach their #20th pick

  6. KAT isn’t going anywhere except on Minn’s terms. He’s controlled for a minimum of 2 years, and, 99.99% that he’ll be controlled for 5-6 years after he signs his extension this Fall. Since these rules came into effect, not a single player has turned down the 150 mm plus in advance to play for 10 mm or so a year for two years just to get to a point where another team can pay them less going forward. So, it really doesn’t matter what his relationship is with Thibs. It’s his relationship with sanity that’s the test. Nobody’s failed it yet in two decades.

    Trading a player of this magnitude (top 5 asset) isn’t going to turn on the number of pieces a team can add or getting rid of a bad contract (comical), or, if Minn is smart, remote draft picks. It’s not a 1 year decision, it’s a 10 plus year decision, and I don’t see how any team can put together a package to entice Minn and have enough left to put a team around KAT.

  7. KP6 & the 9? What do you think that KAT comes on the sale… seriously!!! That is no where near the value of KAT, he is already a superstar in this league, while KP6 is still a potential… & after the injury, who knows really…
    Minny could never say yes, this trade is obviously thought by a Knick fan.

  8. The common threat is that everyone is offering rubish basically for a superstar, why do all the fans overvalue their players & undervalue the other teams? You see I think Lebron maybe is the best player ever, but I wouldn’t even take him for KAT, just because Lebron is 33 & KAT is the future, couldn’t swap him straight for many stars, not Kawhi, PG13 or any of the usual names come close to KAT, he is the man.

    • Z-A

      You can’t swap him straight up for stars b/c of salary matching. So any deal for a “star” type player would have to include Dieng, which is a bad contract, since KAT will be maxed out in a year.

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