Suns Considering ‘Handful’ Of Options For Top Pick

While the early consensus is that there are two players in the running to get drafted first overall, the Suns are considering a handful of options ahead of the big day. Adam Zagoria of ZAGSBLOG writes that the club met with No. 3-ranked Marvin Bagley III at the Draft Combine.

It is difficult and I think people are jumping to conclusions as far as [thinking] there’s only one or two guys in the mix for us,” general manager Ryan McDonough said in an interview with ESPN. “There are more than that. There are a handful of guys.

Of course it will be hard to imagine the perceived values of DeAndre Ayton and Luka Doncic dropping enough that the No. 1 pick goes to somebody else, even if that means the Suns end up trading it.

If you look around the NBA as far as the veteran players, there are probably a few players we would consider trading the pick for,” McDonough said. “It will be a busy month for us.

Perhaps that’s just McDonough doing his diligence and broadcasting that he’s open to high-value offers involving young stars with multiple years of team control left on their contracts.

For now, it’s reasonable to assume that the team will take advantage of the luck bestowed upon them at the Draft Lottery and, with that in mind, it’s worth noting that not only was Suns VP of Basketball Operations James Jones in attendance to watch Doncic play in the EuroLeague Final Four (h/t international hoops reporter David Pick) but franchise owner Robert Sarver was too (h/t Jonathan Givony of ESPN).

Couple that with the first-overall buzz that for months has surrounded Ayton, the Arizona Wildcat with whom the Suns are already quite familiar, and it’s hard to imagine the team turning down the opportunity to draft a potential franchise player at No. 1.

It’s still early and plenty can change in the weeks leading up to June 21. For now, it’s worth recognizing that Ayton and Doncic remain the conventional choices for the top two picks but that any team in the Suns’ position would be foolish not to explore all possible options.

If, when the dust settles, the team somehow still isn’t convinced about either Ayton or Doncic, there’s always the possibility of McDonough taking a page from Danny Ainge‘s book and swapping the first overall pick for a lower pick and additional assets, as Luke Adams wrote in a Suns feature yesterday.

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24 thoughts on “Suns Considering ‘Handful’ Of Options For Top Pick

  1. acarneglia

    I go back to a rumor that has been floated around for a while regarding Kemba Walker to the Suns.

    Suns receive: Kemba, Marvin Williams, Malik Monk, Kidd-Gilchrist, 11th overall pick
    Hornets receive: TJ Warren, Tyson Chandler, 1st overall pick

    • camdenyards46

      That is so trash for the Suns
      Pick 1 and Warren for
      Pick 11 and Monk
      That is so bad.

      • acarneglia

        They get an all star PG, a strong defender to help hide Bookers defensive deficiencies, and they get Chandler off the books.

        • Philly Fan

          They get a PG who was an all-star only because multiple players were injured, two decent role players on bad contracts (Kidd-Gilchrist and Williams), a volume shooter who is also undersized and a bad defender who plays the same position as their current franchise player, and the #11 Pick in exchange for the #1 Pick? Would go down as the worst trade in NBA History if it happened

    • PasswordIsPassword

      Talking Stick Resort Arena would be burned to the ground if they made that trade

  2. buffalofan

    Bagley should be the Suns #1. Why him? Duke plays a much tougher schedule than UofA and yet they put up identical numbers. Also, Bagley play much better D, which the Suns need. Suns have never had a franchise center that can dominate and they can build around. Don’t blow it Suns (looks like they can and will though).

    • SuperSinker

      Ayton is such a better scorer, can create on his own and has significantly more dynamic qualities to his game than Bagley.

    • Joe Covert

      Ayton also has a better free throw percentage at 73% vs Bagley’s 63%

  3. tatumszn2018

    We get this tease every year. Would be nice to see one of these annual lottery teams do something to improve and potentially make the playoffs. Was nice seeing Minnesota make it. Now gotta build on in.

      • Connorsoxfan

        Philly isn’t in the same boat. How long was their rebuild? 5 years? SAC, MIN, PHX, have had much longer playoff droughts.

        • azentropy

          The only reason why the 76ers made the playoffs in more recent years was because they were in the East. This is the first time they won more than 45 games in 15 years. The Suns have 7 times but didn’t even make the playoffs two of them because of being in the West (including 48 wins just 4 years ago).

          • Z-A

            Dude the best player on the Sixers from 2007 to 2012 was Iggy, who has always been an average player that plays defense. The Suns had a 2x MVP. Iverson was gone in 07. They got boned by Andrew Bynum and Evan Turner. A 36 yr old Shaq was still better than ANYONE the Sixers had on the court between 2007 and 2016. Suns also had fringe HOF players like Stoudemire and Marion. Iverson is the only HOF type player they had on the squad in his prime during the last 18 years. Dragic was better than anyone they had. If you say… Jrue Holiday, well he was barely on the court when they had him.

            The Suns have been in tank-mode since 15-16.

  4. Z-A

    Maybe they get a dumb GM to trick like Aigne did to my sixers. Ugh still hate that trade from Day 1.

  5. Definitely they should pick either Ayton or Bagley III, not Doncic, the reality of Basketball is that point guards, playmakers or wings are aplenty but centers or bigs with quality to change a franchise are always few & far in between, so don’t screw pick a big.

    • Z-A

      Top Player? I mean you’re already biasing the question. The “top players” in the league haven’t really been Bigs for a few years.

      LeBron, Durant, Harden, Curry, Westbrook, Kawhi, CP3 have pretty much been considered the top players in the league for a few years.

      Anthony Davis Top-5. Boogie, Gasol brothers, DJ have been among the Top-15 though during the last 4 or 5 years.

      There have been Bigs that were stars or pivotal to championships though. Just no traditional Bigs for 4 years in a row.

      Bosh 12 & 13
      Duncan 14 07 05 and 03
      Dirk 11
      Gasol & Bynum 09-10
      Garnett 08
      Shaq 06 02 01 00
      Wallace Boys 04

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