Cavs Pick Up Perkins’ Option For Trade Purposes

JUNE 28: The move is now official, according to RealGM’s NBA transactions log.

JUNE 27: The Cavaliers have decided to pick up their $2.445MM option on center Kendrick Perkins contract, Dave McMenamin of ESPN reports. Cleveland had to make a decision by Friday whether to pick up his option.

The move was made to give the Cavs the option of adding his contract for a potential trade, McMenamin continues. Perkins’ salary is still non-guaranteed, but it would become guaranteed if he’s included in a trade. This also signals that Cleveland isn’t afraid to add to its already bloated payroll in order to improve the team, despite the uncertainty of LeBron James‘ future with the franchise.

A no-trade restriction on Perkins will be lifted on July 11.

Perkins, 33, was signed the last day of the regular season and appeared in that game but didn’t play in the postseason. He also played for Cleveland during the preseason.

He hadn’t appeared an NBA game since the 2015/16 season with the Pelicans.

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18 thoughts on “Cavs Pick Up Perkins’ Option For Trade Purposes

  1. cba93

    Good for kendrick. Wish I got 2.5 million to talk trash for a couple months. I’d be damn good at it

  2. DynamiteAdams

    That’s why all these old heads want back in the league. Stupid money to be made for minimal effort.

  3. Dodgethis

    For trade purposes? Who is trading for him? Magical mystery team that exists only to take on bad contracts from inept front offices?

    • Grant Humphrey

      He’d be included in a deal to level out salary and then the team getting would probably just buy him out.

  4. x%sure

    I just saw a new Snickers Latte ad. A grumpy old lady is on the phone, holding a grandchild’s artwork.
    “Yeah I got it. What the H. is it?”

    It was like she just acquired Perkins as a rider.

    The Cavs were better with Perkins than without, so there’s that.

    How nice of Perk to waive his NTC July 11. Why did he get any NTC at all?? What is the point of that?

    • Luke Adams

      It wasn’t a no-trade clause — there’s a rule that players can’t be traded within three months after they sign as free agents. Perk signed at the very end of the season (April 11).

  5. Perkins to Boston, he always sucked but they did like him ther so… go home Perk.

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