Clippers’ $7MM+ Trade Exception Set To Expire

The traded player exception created by the Clippers in their Chris Paul trade with the Rockets one year ago is set to expire if it goes unused today. The exception is worth $7,273,631.

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As we explain in our glossary entry on the subject, traded player exceptions can be used to acquire one or more players whose salaries fits within the amount of the exception. Using their TPE, the over-the-cap Clippers wouldn’t have to send out any salary if they were to acquire a player earning $7MM.

Most trade exceptions ultimately go unused, but this is a noteworthy one. As we detailed earlier this month, it’s one of just five TPEs around the NBA worth $7MM or more. The Clippers have reportedly been engaged in DeAndre Jordan trade talks with the Mavericks and have talked to the Spurs about Kawhi Leonard, but neither of those scenarios would present the club a great chance to use its TPE.

The Clippers will have three other smaller TPEs available beyond today, ranging in value from $1.33MM to $1.58MM.

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