Mavs Looking To Acquire DeAndre Jordan

JUNE 28, 1:42pm: Jordan is the Mavericks’ primary target as free agency approaches, reports Tim MacMahon of According to MacMahon, if a trade agreement can’t be reached and the veteran center declines his option, Dallas plans to pursue him aggressively as a free agent. The interest between Jordan and the Mavs is mutual, sources tell MacMahon.

JUNE 27, 9:28pm: The Mavericks are engaged in talks with the Clippers to acquire center DeAndre Jordan this week, sources told Marc Stein of the New York Times.

This is a case of forgive and forget, as Jordan notoriously backed out on a free-agent deal with Dallas during the summer of 2015 to stay in L.A.

Jordan has a Friday night deadline to decide whether to exercise his $24.1MM player option for next season. If he opts in, Dallas can trade for him before free agency begins on Sunday. Swingman Wesley Matthews and his $18.6MM contract would likely be the centerpiece of any offer, according to Stein.

If Jordan opts out, Dallas could pursue him in free agency along with two other centers, unrestricted free agent DeMarcus Cousins and restricted free agent Clint Capela.

The Clippers have granted permission to Jordan and agent Jeff Schwartz to explore trade scenarios with other teams. It’s a similar scenario to All-Star guard Chris Paul opting in with the team and then getting traded to the Rockets last summer.

Dallas passed on drafting a big man last Thursday and instead made a deal with the Hawks for EuroLeague guard Luka Doncic.

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32 thoughts on “Mavs Looking To Acquire DeAndre Jordan

  1. D-NBA

    The Clippers are flooded with guards and I don’t see what they would possibly take from the Mavericks. I don’t see anything of value the Clips would want from Dallas, aside from Doncic,Dennis,Dirk, and Barnes their roster is pretty much trash.

      • Natergater77

        The guy has no clue, he follows high lights obviously to decide who is good.

        Not to mention understanding that the Clips would be taking Matthews expiring contract so that next summer they can make move for big FA names. Trading DJ is final nail to LOB City. and LAC wants to chase guys like Kahwi needing cap space.

  2. I remember when Doc wanted to leave Boston because he didn’t want to be apart of a rebuild.

    • mazzith

      Mavs would be stupid to give up anyone of talent like Barnes when he can opt out and sign without giving up an asset.

      No thanks to a trade.

      • SuperSinker

        Doncic is a 2/3 who can have the offence go through him. He won’t be guarding 1’s.

      • Michael A. Gould

        Doncic is basically a white Ben Simmons. 6’8 ballhandler who can shoot and play positions 1-4 (PF in a small-ball lineup).

  3. bennyg

    Dallas sound more promising than the Clippers.
    As a Laker, I’d personally prefer you with us. Ball-Ingram-Kuzma-Randle-DAJ…. I’d be happy with that!


      Umm not at all. DeAndre makes 13 Mil more than Powell

      • hiflew

        It still works because of Dallas’s cap room. I think it would take more than just Powell though. Maybe Matthews and Powell for Jordan would work though.

            • Natergater77

              You understand the LAC want Matthews because he’s off the books next year. If the Mavs “threw” him in for Powell when they aren’t guaranteed to have DJ back next summer they want a 2nd round pick to offset Powell.

            • x%sure

              There is a reason the article describes Mathews as the “centerpiece”.
              This trade is being arranged by a third party, DJ’s agent, who does not care about anyone else but DJ. By including Powell, it gets complicated and DJ has a deadline.

              On android this post will be about three words wide so, later.

  4. Z-A

    This will be for a future 1st that turns into 2s. Both expiring contracts and both have no long term future with their current club.

    • brewpackbuckbadg

      Because he will not command that much per year in a signing anymore. He might get more because of more years but not more this year .

      • Z-A

        If they can swap Matthew’s for Jordan, it only cost them 6M overall versus maybe 30M overall. They will have ~16M left to sign another player if they make no other moves.

  5. Matthews contract is valuable as an expiring, is an asset not a negative… PLEASE, PLEASE Dallas go get DMC, with him you can have an amazing team with DJ just a good one, aim high for big rewards.

  6. tatumszn2018

    I like the probability of this getting done if another team got involved but wonder would it be cheaper for Mavs to sign Dallas as a FA or get him via opt in and trade? If I’m Clips, I’m trying to get something done asap (expirings, draft picks)

  7. Chris

    DJ would fit well next to Dirk but I’m not sure why Dallas wants an offensively limited center about to turn 30. They look lottery bound again if that’s the major move

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