Draft Notes: Bulls, Bamba, Clippers, R. Williams

There are a number of signs that the Bulls may be focusing on Mohamed Bamba as a prime target in Thursday night’s draft, according to K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune. As Johnson details, the club has had “consistent contact” with Bamba throughout the pre-draft process, with team president Michael Reinsdorf among those who has talked to the young center.

According to Johnson, the Bulls have been intrigued by Bamba’s “game-changing defensive potential” from the start of the pre-draft process. However, there’s a sense around the NBA that Chicago may have to trade up if the club wants to be assured of landing Bamba.

As we wait to see if Bamba is indeed the player Chicago covets, let’s round up a few more draft-related rumors and news items…

  • Texas A&M big man Robert Williams visited the Clippers on Tuesday and had a conversation with owner Steve Ballmer, per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com (Twitter links). Wojnarowski, who notes that the Clips have taken an extensive look at Williams, adds that the center won’t attend the draft, opting instead to watch it at home in Shreveport with friends and family.
  • Speaking of the Clippers, they’ve been rebuffed by the Kings (No. 2), Hawks (No. 3), Grizzlies (No. 4), and Mavericks (No. 5) in their efforts to move up in the draft, writes Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times. While the team will continue to explore ways to get it hands on Luka Doncic, L.A. is confident that it can get two talented players at 12 and 13.
  • Miami prospect Bruce Brown is squeezing in a second workout with the Celtics today ahead of Thursday’s draft, he tells Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe (Twitter link).
  • Aaron Holiday (UCLA), Ray Spalding (Louisville), Donte Ingram (Loyola-Chicago), and Jonathan Williams (VCU) worked out for the Knicks on Tuesday, according to Ian Begley of ESPN.com, who adds (via Twitter) that the club also auditioned Penn State’s Tony Carr this week.
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13 thoughts on “Draft Notes: Bulls, Bamba, Clippers, R. Williams

  1. Z-A

    Are they really that worried about Porter Jr’s back?

    If he falls, Sixers baby better go get him!

    The fact that Bamba is working so much on his shot, and it looks good, makes me think his bust potential is lessening. I had him sandwiched between Doncic and Trae Young as the biggest potential busts of the draft… Without a shot his upside is Capela, downside is Thabeet. I think it’s smart of him to try and prevent going to a team with a Big. He could end up like Lucas Nogueira.

    • formerlyz

      I heard him compared to a cross between Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid by Seth Greenberg the other day…obviously take that with a grain of salt at this point. The only thing I’ve heard about Bamba that is considered to be a downside is that basketball isnt necessarily the number 1 thing in his life/that he cares about, and it’s more like 4th ot 5th to other interests. He is a really well rounded and intelligent kid. I personally dont see that as a downside, but look how quickly people turned on Dwight Howard, who was also one of those guys that always had a smile on his face.

      • I give no fox

        I didn’t see the piece, but Seth Greenberg is on drugs. A guy with mid lotto projections is a comp to two elite NBA bigs? Did he comp Young as the next Jordan?

        • formerlyz

          It was an interview on nba radio. I always take comps as a grain of salt around this time of the draft. That being said, he is projected in the 3-7 range, so I wouldn’t call that mid lottery. He has game changing abilities defensively, and looks like he can guard on the perimeter. And he has offensive upside. If he reaches that upside, he’ll be really, really good. If he doesnt, he can still see minutes b/c he can switch defensively

          • I give no fox

            Sounds a lot more like Nerlens Noel than AD, who was a slam dunk generational talent pick. I don’t want to split hairs over mid lotto, but 3-7 is high to mid in my opinion. 14 picks, averages out to 4-5 picks per tier. I would say it’s a closer comp to embiid, but even that’s a stretch. He was a consensus top player and would have went #1 if it weren’t for a late injury. I wasn’t dumping on your post, moreso on the talking heads just hyping every player

            • Z-A

              If he doesnt develop a shot and is lazy then he will be Nerlens. Biyombo is a middle ground I think, no shot but effort is there. His shot did look okay, so yea upside is real.

            • formerlyz

              From all accounts he is a hard worker, so I dont expect laziness to be an issue. I was never really high on Noel in terms of offensive potential. I didnt really see it. Bamba looks like he can develop at that end if he gets the chance to. I at least think he can have a more than workable jumpshot. The one thing i would be worried about is probably his ability to play in traffic early on. His lower body might not be strong enough yet

      • x%sure

        Nbadraft.net says Bamba is good at the lateral movement necessary for assured rebounding and switch defending. His shot is not ugly. You’d think if he has any ambition he will toughen up.

        • i really like bamba and hope bulls draft him if available.but i dont think he look like ad or embiid. i think he can be better then rudy gobert.in defense and offense. he can shoot, not a great shooter but good enough.give him much minutes in nba, then he will be the beast defender.

  2. Are the Clippers been tight or what? No one wants what they offer, would be nice to know what it is, cannot be that good, if they really want up they have to do better, but that is typical of West trying to fleece people, but ain’t that easy to do.

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