Hornets Notes: Monk, FA Targets, Coaching Staff

A disappointing 2017/18 put the Hornets in an awkward position, staffed with enough talent to compete for one of the East’s final playoff spots, yet financially compelled to blow things up and start fresh. This season stands to be different. In a recent interview with Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer, newly appointed head coach James Borrego discusses his vision for the club heading forward.

The biggest change heading into 2018/19 is Borrego’s willingness to incorporate 2017 pick Malik Monk heavily in the team’s rotation. Whereas previous head coach Steve Clifford opted to play veterans over youth, Borrego sees Monk as “major player for the team” with the potential to be an elite shooter.

Borrego also notes that it’s a priority of the Hornets to add a ballhandler that can serve as the primary backup point guard to Kemba Walker.

There’s more out of Charlotte tonight:

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12 thoughts on “Hornets Notes: Monk, FA Targets, Coaching Staff

  1. Dionis

    I’ve been saying this for over 6 months here talking about Monk’s potential. All you trolls here, understand your negativity towards me means nothing when I post on here I know what I’m talking about.

    • bravesfan88

      I don’t think any educated fan would deny Monk has great potential. To say otherwise is really just ignorant. He’s a up and coming talented scorer, but he needs to work tremendously on his defense, his team defense, and his defensive effort as a whole.

      He really didn’t get a good chance last year, so it should be intriguing to see what Monk can do in year two, ESPECIALLY with a coach that’s going to have his back..!!! That alone, very well could make a big difference..

      • Dionis

        I’ve been backing Monk here for months and I’ve been trashed and called a clueless idiot who knows nothing. We’ll see next season.

          • Dionis

            You people just get annoyed because you can’t express yourselves the way I do, that’s not my problem. It’s my opinion on whatever I comment on, no one is forcing you to talk crap.

            • dirtydan

              This is such an awkward comment section Dionis, bud, learn to let things go lol

            • oriolesravenstimberwolves04

              Bra ya said that LeBron might go to Charlotte because he wants to play with Monk and Walker. That’s not really a comment of an educated fan.

  2. the dude

    Woo I get to be a basketball nerd!!! Johnson was actually traded to Memphis for James Ennis and then waived a bit later.

  3. Monk deserved better last year & for that alone Clifford had to go. I don’t get teams that keep on playing vets, this is a young man’s game, & Charlotte had Monk & Willy wasted in the bench last year, hopefully this year they play the young guys instead of the vets that cannot excite anyone.

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