Kings, Mavs Open To Trading Down In Draft?

The Kings and Mavericks are open to the possibility of moving down in the draft, multiple NBA front-office executives tell Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer. Sacramento holds the No. 2 pick, while Dallas owns the No. 5 overall selection.

As O’Connor observes, the Kings are in the “asset-stacking business,” so if they can still nab a player they like with a later pick and acquire an extra asset or two in the process, that could appeal to them. Sacramento has shown a willingness to move down in each of the last two drafts, trading the No. 8 pick in 2016 and the No. 10 pick in 2017. The Kings have also reportedly shown “significant interest” in Michael Porter Jr. over the past year, and Porter isn’t expected to go as high as No. 2.

As for the Mavericks, they’ll be trying to compete for the playoffs next season, according to O’Connor. I get the sense that Dallas would be happy to keep that No. 5 pick to pair Dennis Smith Jr. with another potential franchise cornerstone, and GM Donnie Nelson has suggested as much. However, it sounds like the Mavs wouldn’t rule out trading down if the right offer came along.

We’ve now heard rumors that all five teams picking in the top five might be open to moving down. A May report indicated that the Grizzlies would listen to offers for the No. 4 pick, and the general managers in Phoenix and Atlanta have both left the door open to potential deals for No. 1 and No. 3, respectively.

As ESPN’s Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz wrote today, while Deandre Ayton is the strong frontrunner to be picked first overall, there are several prospects at the top of this year’s draft class that certain teams are very high on. Givony notes that some clubs love Luka Doncic, for instance, while others only have him sixth and seventh on their boards. “You hear similar things about [Mohamed] Bamba, [Jaren] Jackson, [Marvin] Bagley, Porter and even Ayton at times,” Givony writes.

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In other words, the possibility that a team picking in the top five might view a top prospect much differently than a team outside the top five could create some interesting trade opportunities next week.

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27 thoughts on “Kings, Mavs Open To Trading Down In Draft?

  1. acarneglia

    If I’m the Kings and Mavs I’d be calling teams with All Stars like Charlotte(Kemba) and the Cavs(Love) and try and hammer something out.

    • I could see Kemba being an appealing option for either of those teams, but I doubt Love is. Maybe Love plus the 8th pick would hold some value for Dallas.

      • tyork21

        Kemba or Love for the Kings pick at 2 hell no that isn’t gonna set the Kings ship right no way I make a trade like that .. plus they have two young PGs in Fox and Mason that they love .. the only way I trade that 2 pick is for someone like the Celtics young small forward Tatum ..

        • bcard12

          Won’t happen. Celts wouldn’t trade a proven Tatum for an unproven player unless they get another pick in return. Since the celts hold Sacramento’s pick next year, I don’t see it happening unless they give the Celtics the 2020 unprotected first rounder.

          • tyork21

            I know it won’t happen I’m just saying that’s the type of trade you would make with the 2nd pick not for anyone like kemba or love.. but Tatum yes I’d do it for him young and rising talent.

        • southbeachbully

          You are insane. Never in NBA history has a team traded a young talent like Tatum (one who’s had significant success his rookie year) just to move up a few spots. You draft a guy at #5 HOPING they turn out to be like Tatum.

      • southbeachbully

        Sac shouldn’t be trading for ANY vets at all.

        Dallas on the other hand would be a GREAT fit for Dallas especially if Cuban wants them to be competitive as the article indicated. He can easily slide into the role that Dirk played. I could absolutely see a trade like..

        It just depends on who’s around at #5. I would want more than Love/#8 for Barnes/#5 tho.

    • tyork21

      I’m glad your not the Kings GM cause for one We have our PG in Fox and Walker isn’t a game changer for the Kings and neither is Love .. I wouldn’t trade the 2 pick for either one

      • bobaganoosh5

        Tatum is better than anyone in this draft – no chance the 2 pick is worth Tatum ……

        • Craig James

          That’s a strong statement considering this is supposed to be the best draft in years. Tatum is a nice player but I wouldn’t say he’s better than any ‘18 draftee before seeing how they begin their careers

          • I hear this every year. But there’s always so many players that never develop

    • acarneglia

      I meant to say Love or Kemba along with their respective teams 1st round pick

  2. tatumszn2018

    So anything past 8 doesn’t have much of a chance of moving up assuming said team feels the player they want will still be available after trading down.

  3. Clearly these teams, just like us as viewers are having a difficult time evaluating amongst the top level talent. Why? Because they don’t stay in school long enough and/or were part of an offensive system that didn’t allow them to show their full repertoires. Not a slight on anyone. You just see from last year’s draft how many misses there was and teams wanna be able to get that instant star (Tatum and Mitchell)

    • Senioreditor

      That’s the problem with today’s NBA, everyone wants an instant star. Championship teams use to be built now they’re created.

  4. formerlyz

    Ayton, Bagley, Jackson Jr, Porter jr, Bamba, Doncic, Carter jr, Mikal Bridges, Kevin Knox, Trae Young, SGA, Miles Bridges, Lonnie Walker, Troy Brown, Robert Williams, Colin Sexton, Zaihre Smith is how I can see it going the first 17 picks, although obviously trades will likely be involved and that could easily move certain guys, like Sexton up

    I’ve been saying though that I could see Sacramento being interested in Porter, and either drafting him there, trading down for him, looking for one of the Bridges, Knox, or 1 of the wings in the late teens/early 20s. They have a lot of possibilities.

    For Dallas, it really depends on who is there, but they might actually make sense to trade down, as they can generally use someone in multiple areas, and there are some wings/guards later in the 1st that could help them, and they can then sign a FA big, if they’re so inclined. I just think Smith and Bamba would be a fun tandem

    I feel like the idea of trading back could make sense for a few teams. I’m having a harder time trying to figure out who wants to, and can, trade up

  5. Without specifics, it’s meaningless. Of course, any team would be willing to trade down if they think they can still get the guy they want to take, and all teams have to do their due diligence on what’s available in a trade down. What are they supposed to say, “no we’re not going to listen to trade down offers.”

  6. My guess is if Porter falls, Bulls trade #7 pick of Porter, along with Kris Dunn and their later first rounder, to the Kings for the rights to Doncic at 2..

    • skogs14

      Why would the Bulls trade Dunn in that Deal? That would leave them without any legitimate PG on the roster.

      • In this scenario, they’d be picking up Doncic at #2. The Bulls are reportedly down on Dunn after his lack of effort to improve over the offseason, and if they don’t address starting PG in the draft they will sign someone to start over him. Dunn is probably done in Chicago.

    • tyork21

      Also the Kings don’t need a PG they just drafted Fox and Mason last year why would they want Dunn that wouldn’t happen

      • Dunn would be the backup in this scenario. This is predicated on Porter falling, as this is the guy the Kings want (and would be an extreme reach at #2).

  7. Luckylefty2

    Oh lord if the kings either pick doncic or get rid of their #2 pick the GM needs to get fired ASAP

    • tyork21

      Doncic can play period all the people who think he can’t just because he’s euro don’t know the game.. the League he plays in is better than our college leagues and he’s been doing it since 16

  8. I don’t understand that in such a talented draft teams want to trade down, missing in future superstars, to get a good player, or accumulate a couple assets more, what better asset than great player, that can excite the fans too.
    Tatum was quite good this year, (though I had him in the 2nd All-rookie team) I can see him been a star in this league, but I wouldn’t say he is gonna be better than all the players in this draft… I think guys like Ayton, Doncic, Bagley & Porter Jr at least they have the potential to be much better, & then Jackson Jr, Bamba, Young & Carter Jr, who knows they can become stars in the league too, so I think that was very bold to say, must be a Celtic fan.

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