Official Early Entrants List For 2018 NBA Draft

The NBA has officially announced that 91 early entrant prospects will be eligible to be selected in the 2018 NBA draft next week. Although the number of early entrants is much higher than the number of picks in the draft (60), the list of early entrants is still significantly smaller than it was at the entry deadline in April. At that point, 236 early entrants had declared for the draft. Nearly 150 have withdrawn since then after testing the waters.

Here’s the complete list of early entrant prospects eligible for the 2018 NBA draft:

College Underclassmen:

International Early Entrants:

The NBA’s final list of early entrants doesn’t include Brian Bowen (South Carolina), Micah Seaborn (Monmouth), and Tavarius Shine (Oklahoma State), despite the fact that they had remained in the draft past the NCAA’s withdrawal deadline last month. Because those players pulled out of the draft between the NCAA and NBA deadlines, they won’t be draft-eligible yet, but also won’t be able to continue their college careers. They can begin their professional careers in the G League or in an international league.

For details on which prospects originally declared for the draft, then withdrew their names, be sure to check out our previous unofficial early entrant list.

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