Suns Push Back Tyler Ulis’ Guarantee Date

Suns’ point guard Tyler Ulis’ salary guarantee date has been pushed back to June 30, reports Scott Bordow of The Arizona Republic. As our list of upcoming salary guarantee dates shows, Ulis’ 2018/19 salary of $1.54MM was originally set to be guaranteed in full if he remained on the Suns’ roster through today, June 24.

As Bordow notes, the decision by Phoenix to move Ulis’ guarantee date back by six days gives the front office more time to allow for other potential moves that could influence their decision as to whether they want to keep Ulis on the roster next season.

Bordow reported just yesterday that the Suns are ready to make aggressive moves in free agency, but that additional cap room needs to be added in order to do so. By delaying the decision on Ulis’ contract, the Suns were able to avoid having to decide whether or not to waive Ulis until next week.

For example, while nothing has been reported, it’s possible that the Suns have found a team interested in trading for Ulis without sending Phoenix any salary in return, thereby allowing Phoenix to rid their cap of Ulis’ salary without losing him for nothing.

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