Wolves Rumors: Butler, Wiggins, Jones, Dieng

Jimmy Butler will have the opportunity to opt out and sign a new contract with the Timberwolves a year from now, but Sean Deveney of The Sporting News hears from sources familiar with the situation that Butler is uncertain about playing alongside Andrew Wiggins in the long term. According to Deveney, Butler had issues last season related to Wiggins’ work ethic and defensive approach.

As Deveney details, head coach Tom Thibodeau has had similar gripes with Wiggins in the past, and had hoped that bringing in a “tough-minded” veteran like Butler would motivate the former No. 1 pick to improve. However, it didn’t seem to help much.

While the Wolves figure to explore the trade market for Wiggins this summer, it will be hard to find a viable deal with his five-year, maximum-salary contract set to take effect, Deveney notes.

Here’s more from Deveney on the Wolves:

  • Thibodeau’s use of his bench continues to be a source of friction in Minnesota, with Tyus Jones among the backups adversely affected. A source tells Deveney that Jeff Teague suggested to Thibodeau last season that Jones should play more.
  • According to Deveney, Jones considered requesting a trade out of Minnesota, but Thibodeau “reasserted his support” of the young guard following the season, assuring Jones that his role will increase next season even if Derrick Rose is re-signed, due to the presumed departure of Jamal Crawford.
  • While the Wolves don’t appear likely to move Jones, they’ll look to deal highly-priced backup Gorgui Dieng, per Deveney.
  • I touched on several of these topics earlier this week in my preview of the Timberwolves’ offseason.
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15 thoughts on “Wolves Rumors: Butler, Wiggins, Jones, Dieng

  1. Z-A

    Butler would be ideal in Philly. Looking back, trading #3 would have been wise.

  2. oriolesravenstimberwolves04

    Well no doubt the wolves attempt to make an offer for Kawhi

  3. Djones246890

    Butler has issues with anyone that isn’t in his clique, and who doesn’t lick his boots.

    The guy thinks he’s Michael Jordan. He always thinks he’s the best player on every team he plays on.

    I’m so happy the Bulls shipped him out. He’s nothing but an arrogant clubhouse cancer.

    • Dodgethis

      I thought butler was the guy who said he didn’t want to be the best player/face of the franchise like Chicago wanted him to, and he was glad to be in Minnesota where KAT is the star.

      • Djones246890

        He’s full of it. He wanted to be the star in Chicago, and basically strong-armed his way into that roll.

        • Pablo

          Nah, he’s just a grit and toughness guy that hate when players are late for crap like manicures. I understand his frustrations. I also understand not everyone can learn the same way. Threatening the belt makes some of these kids rebel, but some it motives em.

          They’re living in different philosophical worlds. Some want participation trophies, some think a coach giving extra laps after a loss makes them better.

          • Djones246890

            He’s a “grit and toughness guy”? The guy literally wore nail polish his last year with the Bulls.

            He a pompous primadonna. I saw it first-hand, for many years, in Chicago. He’s a glorified sidekick, who has zero leadership skills.

            He has divided every single locker room he has had. He divided the D-Rose/Noah-era Bulls. He divided the him, Wade and Rondo-era Bulls, and now he divided the T-Wolves locker room.

            See a pattern and a common denominator yet?

  4. Don’t know if Butler wants to be the star of Minny or not, but unfortunately this year he was, he should stop shooting & playing so much in offence, this is KAT’s team, he should be having the lions share of the attack, that is the only way if Minny wants to challenge one day, because no other possible contending team, apart of Philly has got a 5 like him, & that is the difference, great 5’s win titles, make difference, I am not sold with all this small ball game, that is what teams play when they are not good enough to play through their 5, Minny can KAT is gonna be an MVP one day, so if Butler wants to be useful & go as far as possible with Minny, just defend & give the ball to the KAT & happy days.

    • Pablo

      Play time is an issue here. Thibs has people on the court way to long. There’s more opportunity for everyone when it’s not Wiggins, KAT and Butler out there together most of the game.

      He needs to learn how to work the bench more. Which is why no one wants to be a bench player for him. You could go games without seeing the court and then he doesn’t call on you because the one time you saw competition was the first time in days, and I wasn’t good predictably.

      • Djones246890

        Thibs is just a hard head, and that’s why he’s never going to win a championship.

        I still have love for him, because he is a good coach, and he revived Chicago basketball, but this is a HUGE weakness of his.

        You have to rest your players, otherwise they burn out. It just is what it is.

  5. Trade everybody, execpt towns. Build around him .
    Butler to new orleans for cousins and a pick.
    Wiggins to chicago for lavine and a pick.
    Teague to Milwaukee for parker.
    Taj, jones, and a pick to L.A. for kuzma .
    Sign I thomas .
    Starting 5 : thomas lavine parker towns cousins
    Resign rose. Sign noel. Sign exum. Sign T evans.
    Bench : exum rose evans kuzma noel dieng patton
    And draft picks.
    Dump thibs, as he is absolutely horrendous at developing young players and using his bench.
    Dump aldrich and co. Most likely stretch him.
    keep dieng, hope to rebuild some and easier to move when in contract year.

    • kleppy12

      You understand no GM in the world would make those deals, right? The wolves will be lucky if they can get half that in return.

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